Wiko View5 review: here is a new battery phone, for less than 150 euros

wiko view5

There are several smartphones that we have tried in the last period, but we were missing something. On closer inspection, in fact, some new products have been launched more or less always by the same companies, giving the idea of ​​an increasingly narrow market. This is absolutely not the case, however, because there are many brands out there trying to win a good slice of the market in this sector. Among these, therefore, we certainly also find Wiko , which has already launched the new Wiko View5 for some time. It is, therefore, a mid-range that promises to offer an excellent ratio between performance and autonomy. Will he really succeed? Find out with us, in this complete review .

Wiko View5 review


Going to look inside the package we find several accessories, but nothing so shocking compared to normal. Inside the sales box, therefore, we find:

  • Wiko View5;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable for charging;
  • wall power supply, with European socket;
  • short instruction manual;
  • wired earphones, with 3.5mm audio jack.

Design & Materials

Wiko View5 is definitely not one of the most comfortable devices to hold, however showing rather generous dimensions. This smartphone, in fact, measures 165.95 x 76.84 x 9.3 mm , with a weight of 201 grams . You understand well, therefore, how in daily use its presence makes itself felt anyway and that it is impossible, then, to use with one hand. Beyond this, however, its surface is not too slippery, also because the rear body tends to retain several fingerprints, getting dirty very quickly. Not that the situation improves with the front glass, which shows a very mild oleophobic treatment. Thanks to the curvature along the side edges, right at the back, it is possible to grip the product slightly better, without the risk of it falling continuously on the ground.

wiko view5

The entire side frame is made of metal, with a blue satin finish that reflects the color of the smartphone. Taking a look at all the inputs, keys, and ports present, we find a rather complete equipment. There is, in fact, the volume rocker and the on / off button , as well as an additional button that in our case automatically activates Google Assistant. Beyond this, then, at the bottom we have the main microphone , the system speaker and the USB Type-C input. On the left, however, there is the SIM slot , while at the top there is only the 3.5mm mini jack hole for headphones.

wiko view5wiko view5wiko view5wiko view5

At the rear we have the fingerprint sensor and a photographic module consisting of a 48MP quad-camera , which we will talk about later. This component, however, protrudes a good millimeter from the profile of the device, making it necessary in my opinion to use a protective cover. Furthermore, no certification against water and dust is mentioned. But I must still point out the presence of a thin strip of plastic to divide the display from the body.

wiko view5


Wiko has decided to include on this smartphone a 6.55 ″ IPS LCD display with HD + resolution (720 x 1,600 pixels) from 450 nits and density of 267 PPI . Not one of the best units, to be honest, I have been able to test in the last period. Not so much for the color rendering of the panel, which all in all is satisfactory, but more precisely for the definition of the images which are not exactly the best. Let’s say, therefore, that this figure can be found better, also in other respects, Here, in fact, we find a fixed refresh rate at 60Hz.

wiko view5

Although I have not impress, I think that for this product the display is sufficiently good, with colors just too little on. Probably also thanks to a rather lazy brightness sensor, which even when needed does not calibrate the display lighting in the right way, keeping it either too high or too low. Therefore, it is not so easy to manage the situation outdoors, even if in this case even at maximum brightness it is a bit difficult to see all the contents on the screen.

I was not convinced, then, even the touchscreen panel which, as far as I’m concerned, is not up to the situation. I believe that part of the demerits are also to be attributed to the software but, beyond that, everything moves in a rather cumbersome way. During the most excited writing phases the smartphone loses a few touches and it is very easy, therefore, to miss entire words. Certainly more could have been done.

Release Systems

Although there are two unlocking systems, I find it useful to talk mainly about the first, that is the fingerprint sensor . Analyzing its performance, therefore, our footprint is recognized 7/8 times out of 10, having to position our finger on this surface quite precisely. Therefore, it is not a fast and reliable method as on other competing devices, which often manage to do better.

Obviously there is also the face unlock, which mainly uses the front camera. With this method, therefore, we will almost always be able, in optimal conditions, to unlock the device during the day. The same is not true, however, when night falls, since this lens needs a little light to be able to recognize the face. On some occasions, therefore, it is totally ineffective.

Hardware & Performance

Under the body there is a MediaTek Helio A25 SoC, therefore an octa-core solution with a maximum clock frequency of 1.8GHz . All this is accompanied by a 3GB RAM , with 64GB of internal memory . These, however, are still expandable via microSD, being able to reach up to 256GB. All the graphics, on the other hand, are managed by an IMG PowerVR GE8320 GPU , which has a maximum frequency of 600MHz. Nothing so overwhelming, therefore, and that certainly does not refer to a high-end device.

Despite everything, however, I would have expected better performance in everyday use, making it difficult for me to promote it in this respect. As mentioned above, the system is a bit cumbersome, slow. This feature, however, permeates every compartment of the device, carrying out practically any operation. Therefore, the opening of apps is not very fast and the RAM in this does not help at all. For its part, in fact, little aggression is shown and sometimes there are too many applications that occupy the space, straining the system excessively. Therefore, micro-lags and small bugs are continually noticed, which perhaps indicate poor software optimization.

During the various gaming sessions on Call of Duty Mobile I have not noticed an excessive overheating of this unit. It is not that difficult to play, therefore, even to titles of this type, obviously with minimum details and frame-rate not exactly stable. With all the other less graphically demanding games, you won’t have any problems.


wiko view5wiko view5wiko view5wiko view5wiko view5wiko view5


On board this Wiko View5 we find Android 10 in stock version, without almost any kind of customization. From the point of view of graphics, no changes have been made but only some items have been introduced in the Settings menu, such as the Wiko functions . Through these, therefore, it is possible to change some parameters of the device, such as the internal screen display, the management of the navigation bar, two separate modes, the classic one and the one dedicated to the game, which slightly modify the phone interface and other parameters. , all the various gestures with the screen off and much more. Therefore, it is convenient to have an option of this type, because it allows you to control several things in a single solution, within a single menu. Here, then, the security patches date back to 5 September 2020 , so they are quite recent.

As mentioned, this device is not free from bugs and small problems, which in my opinion depend more on poor software optimization. I would have preferred, therefore, to have a little more customization and greater control of the system, without adopting major changes.


I’ll tell you about the camera application interface, which I found quite complete. Here, in fact, always reside the usual voices in the upper part, with the possibility of activating the automatic HDR , the LED flash and much more. Then there are also the system settings, as well as the various shooting modes, thus also being able to count on Super Macro and Pro mode.

Taking a look at the photographic module, therefore, we find a 48MP main sensor, an 8MP wide-angle secondary lens, with FOV at 120 ° , a 5MP sensor for macros and a last 2MP camera for calculating the depth of field . We are therefore in the presence of a rather classic equipment, which offers discreet results. During the day , in fact, the quality is sufficient, even in less than ideal lighting conditions. In fact, the main sensor hardly overexposes the brightest parts of the sky, showing a certain balance in colors and white balance. Also with the Macro mode, then, you can get good results, even if in this case the colors are always a little too dull, tending in many cases to warmer shades. Don’t expect large numbers from the wide-angle sensor, which still boasts a decent definition.

wiko view5wiko view5wiko view5wiko view5wiko view5wiko view5wiko view5wiko view5wiko view5wiko view5wiko view5wiko view5wiko view5wiko view5

With the arrival of the night the situation changes considerably, noting much more photographic noise and a slightly problematic management of artificial lights. Beyond some overexposed parts, then, overall it’s not that it behaves so badly. However, avoid using the wide-angle lens in this case, because it will be really difficult to obtain sufficient quality in such conditions. This sensor does not capture a lot of light, so images may sometimes come out too dark. I remind you, however, that Night Mode is not lacking here, even if in my opinion, in this case, it does nothing but make the image even clearer without making any substantial changes to the photo, or some other particular balance.

wiko view5wiko view5wiko view5

We find an 8MP selfie camera on the front, which also in this case is without infamy and without praise. Good, therefore, the photos taken during the day, a little too noisy those obtained at night, where there is also a decrease in the quality of the details. There is, then, a bokeh mode in this case, even if at the software level they could have added it immediately.

wiko view5wiko view5

Audio & Connectivity

Not all modules are updated, but here, however, there is no lack of Wi-Fi ac Dual Band , Bluetooth 4.2 , GPS / A-GPS / Glonass / Beidou / Galileo and the USB Type-C input. By now you know me, however, and the lack of NFC has been quite painful these days, even if I have had less opportunity to move and use it for payments. Beyond this aspect, however, I must say that everything works very well, including the Wi-Fi connection which does not suffer too many problems even in the most critical points of the house. The same goes for LTE connectivity, which with Fastweb’s 4G has always allowed me to surf the net throughout the city without any critical issues. It has never been possible for me, however, to take advantage of 4G +, which is not really supported here.

There is only one speaker , at the bottom right, so the quality returned by this component is not enough. At high volume, in addition to almost no bass, the bass drum croaks slightly, especially with some songs. So if we add this component to a not very full-bodied sound, we understand well how difficult it is to give it a full sufficiency.


View5 is equipped with a 5,000 mAh battery which, therefore, during a classic working day, allows you to arrive safely in the evening with still 50% of remaining charge. This, at least, is what I managed to achieve in the span of 12 low stressful hours, made up of some communication on Whatsapp and Telegram, in addition to the always active synchronization of emails, a few tens of minutes on YouTube, a short game session on Call of Duty Mobile and little else. You will have no problems, therefore, even using it with greater intensity, to reach more than 7 hours of active screen . Just think that with a single charge I was able to complete even two consecutive days without any problems.

wiko view5wiko view5wiko view5wiko view5

With the 5V / 2A charger present in the package, it takes just over 3 hours to go from 10 to 100% battery.

Price & Conclusions

Wiko View5 is sold for 149.99 euros , on the official Italian website. Obviously the figure is very low, but within this same market segment the competition is fierce. Just think that below 200 euros, at a figure comparable to this, we also find Redmi Note 9S, Realme 6S but, above all, Redmi Note 8T which among the many is still a smartphone even though it was released some time ago.


I consider the daily experience with a smartphone essential, and the fact of always having to deal with a certain slowness of the software, with a certain cumbersome in the writing phase, does not satisfy me. Especially if other brands, more or less at this figure, manage to do better. So I don’t currently recommend buying it for those who are looking for something faster and smoother, perhaps even with a slightly less powerful battery. Those who do not have many pretensions and use the smartphone very little, however, could rely on this Wiko, because in the end in your case you will not need to spend more than what is required for this smartphone.