Why is only iQOO using the “cheating” level of game frame interpolation algorithm?

There are probably not many people in this world who can resist the charm of games. Under the stimulation of dopamine, happiness comes so fast. The famous saying "you must laugh while playing games" is correct and cannot make players smile. The game may not be worth playing at all.

Of course, during the game, there are many factors that affect the player’s emotions, such as the difficulty of the game, the level of picture quality, smoothness, and so on. What I value most is the smoothness, because I prefer shooting games. The game especially values ​​fluency.

Whether it’s smooth or not, it’s clear at a glance that the number of frames changes. fps is a proper term to measure the number of frames, and the full name is Frames per second. The more images are presented per second, the visual perception is naturally smoother.

It is not difficult to understand. After all, many people have experienced the pleasure of high frame rate in mobile games. "You can't go back after using it." This script has been performed in the evolution of mobile phone screens in the past two years. Again.

The high frame rate improves not only the look and feel of the picture, but more pictures are presented per second, and the movement trajectory of the objects on the screen will be smoother, which will help predict the opponent's actions. Only those so-called e-sports displays will continue to break through The ceiling of the screen refresh rate is to match the higher and higher number of game frames.

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However, if you want to play a game with a high frame rate on a mobile phone, you often need to sacrifice image quality in exchange for surplus rendering computing power to render more images. Is it really impossible to have both fish and bear paws?

The iQOO Neo 5, released some time ago, added the game frame insert function, which can insert frame processing for supported games, allowing high picture quality and high refresh rate to perform on the same stage. Such a function appears on a computer equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon In the 870 SoC mobile phone, people are really surprised.

It sounds beautiful, but can it really match the high image quality and high refresh rate as stated in the details page?

High image quality + high frame rate, perform on the same stage

At present, iQOO Neo 5 only opens the frame insertion function for 8 games, including:

Peaceful Elite Tianya Moon Knife Call of Duty Mobile Game Collapse 3
The fifth personality of the perfect world god of war ruins

I will use the first four games to test, the first is "Peace Elite", the picture quality is adjusted to HDR, and the frame rate is set to the limit.

The reason why the picture quality is not upgraded (Ultra HD mode) is that the frame insertion function requires the game to be triggered in the extreme frame rate mode, and players who have played the game should know that the ultra HD mode of eating chicken, The maximum frame rate can only be set to super high, which is 40fps, and the limit is 60fps.

The test logic of the following games is the same. When conditions permit, the picture quality is fully stretched, and then the frame is inserted. One is to compare the picture quality, and the other is to compare the impact of different frame rates on the game experience.

It is difficult to see the difference by recording the screen or video and then rotating the picture (the duration of the action remains the same, and the action is more smooth within the time), but it can be clearly seen when the person turns around or pulls the gun at high speed with the naked eye With the advantage of high frames, more pictures are presented per second, and the trajectory when pulling the gun or shooting is more linear.

In role-playing games, the advantage of high frame rate is not obvious, and the direct difference between opening and not opening is difficult to detect with the naked eye.

From the test of the above several games, it can be seen that the "double high" game screen obtained by inserting frames is indeed better than the game's native "picture quality frame rate selection one", and this is still at the core of the Snapdragon 870 Realized under the premise, the price-performance ratio is even higher, and the player sacrifices only a little bit of heat on the phone.

But for most games, high frame is not necessary to improve the picture quality. For example, in the game "Tianya Mingyue Knife", its main 3A-level picture quality is the most sought-after RPG game, especially in the pinch. For the face part, the richer the details, the higher the picture quality, and the more fun.

Having said that, the frame insertion function is so easy to use on mobile phones, why is there no similar function on PC? No, it's just hidden in the player's daily life under another name.

The advantages of high-end graphics card

Nvidia’s DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology has achieved a similar effect. Now DLSS has evolved to the 2.0 era. With the DLSS 2.0 function of Nvidia’s GeForce RTX series graphics cards, the power consumption and heat dissipation can be greatly improved while the power consumption and heat dissipation remain unchanged. performance.

The advantage of this AI image quality sampling technology first released on Turing-based RTX20 series graphics cards is that the image quality remains unchanged, but the game frame rate can be increased by more than 70%. In the "Call of Duty Cold War", "My World In some games such as "You can even double the number of frames."

DLSS is completely different from the implementation principle of frame insertion on mobile phones. Nvidia chose to start with the picture quality, sacrificing some details under high picture quality, in exchange for a huge increase in the number of frames, so as to achieve a "double high" game picture.

Of course, this kind of technology cannot be exclusive to Nvidia. AMD’s Radeon Boost function is created for benchmarking DLSS. By dynamically adjusting the resolution or adjusting the shading rate in the frame, it can improve the number of frames and response speed. Effect.

Earn word of mouth and lose box office

So the question is, since mobile games can achieve higher "double high" picture quality by inserting frames, why don't mobile phone manufacturers follow up?

In the era when the flagship mobile phone was still dominated by Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, Nubia launched the game frame insertion function on the Red Magic 5G. Although it changed its name, it was called "Touch Choreographer Algorithm", which is similar to the implementation principle of iQOO Neo 5. Big difference.

Both are to insert more frames between the original pictures. Since the pictures of the game itself are rendered in real time, the picture effect generated in this way is more silky and smoother than the effect achieved by MEMC video interpolation. Better.

For this reason, a "specialized" graphics chip is added. After the frame is turned on, the body temperature and power consumption have risen significantly. Manufacturers need to spend more energy to deal with the heat dissipation problem. This is obviously contrary to the current trend of emphasizing thin and light mobile phones. .

Second, after spending a lot of effort to implement the frame insertion algorithm, only some players who like shooting and action games can cheer, but they have little effect on RPG games with a larger group of players.

According to GameRefinery’s 2020 mobile game report data, it can be seen that there are only 9.06% of shooting game players in China, and nearly half of them are still RPG gamers, accounting for 48.08%. Faced with such a mobile game market share, mobile phone brands Naturally, I am not interested in the technology of inserting frames in games that only has a small part of the player's profit.

Third, as I have listed above, iQOO Neo 5 currently only has 8 games with frame insertion, indicating that this feature needs to be optimized by game manufacturers. If such a feature requires the joint efforts of upstream and downstream industries to achieve it, Its road to popularization is destined to be uneven.

In addition, behind the iQOO Neo 5's game frame insertion technology, there is a "silly" hidden.

There is an exclusive game box function in the mobile phone, in which you can view the list of games that support game frame insertion, press "install", it will jump to the vivo application store to download.

And when I habitually downloaded the "Benghuai 3" of the international server, I found the "Install" button in the list and disappeared, which means that only the "Benghuai 3" of the self-operated channel server can be inserted into the game.

▲ There is already a crash 3 on the desktop, and it still prompts to download when entering the settings

When the game frame insertion becomes the exclusive function of certain channel servers, everything changes, and no matter how easy it is to use, it is only a vassal.

To sum up, for players, the game frame insertion can be said to be profitable and harmless, but in the mobile phone manufacturer's position, this matter is not popular, and it is not worthwhile.

To judge whether a new feature can become mainstream, the right to vote is always in the hands of most users, and game inserting is like a dessert, a small number of users love it, and others are indifferent to it.

It failed to become mainstream, precisely because it solved a non-mainstream problem.

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