Why does Volvo’s new “Jikrypton 009 Pro” sell for 800,000 yuan?

Volvo released a "Ji Krypton 009 Pro", selling for 818,000 yuan. The starting price of Jikrypton 009 is "only" 499,000 yuan——

The price difference between the two parties exceeded 300,000 yuan.

On November 12, Volvo released the MPV model EM90. This is the first time Volvo Cars has launched an MPV model in its 96-year history. In Volvo's words, getting into this car is like "traveling in a spacious Scandinavian living room."

The only problem is that with this 800,000 yuan, I can really go to the living room in Scandinavia several times, and with the remaining money, I can buy a top-end Krypton 009. Are you right?

I'll answer after seeing the car.

Scandinavian living room, born in Hangzhou

Let me report the measurements first: the length, width and height of the Volvo EM90 are 5206, 2024, and 1859 mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 3205 mm, which is basically the same as a Ji Krypton 009.

But in terms of power, the two are worlds apart.

The entire JiKr 009 series is equipped with front and rear dual motors as standard, with a peak power of 400kW and a peak torque of 686N·m. It only takes 4.5 seconds to push this 2.8-ton medium and large MPV to 100km/h.

Volvo EM90 is much more low-key, equipped with only one motor with a maximum power of 200kW and a peak torque of 343N·m. It has a top speed of 180km/h and accelerates from zero to zero in 8.3 seconds. The good news is that with the same 116kWh battery, its CLTC comprehensive operating range is extended to 738km, and the power consumption per 100 kilometers is 17.2kWh.

Although the price of this EM90 has skyrocketed and its power has been discounted, there are always some eye-catching features.

Yes, but not many. It can be summed up in one sentence:

The exterior is more elegant and the interior is more luxurious.

The most important change in the appearance is that the majestic vertical grille on the 009 is replaced by the dynamic grating on the EM90. The classic Volvo logo and "Thor's Hammer" headlights are also missing.

In other places, there really isn’t much difference. Just look at the pictures.

Entering the car, the feeling is a bit subtle. Although the layout is exactly the same as that of Ji Krypton 009, EM90 gives people a much more luxurious feeling.

If Ji Krypton 009 is a finely decorated house, then Volvo EM90 hired a designer to customize the whole house in Nordic style.

Scandinavian design details are reflected everywhere in the EM90 cabin, from the exquisite Orris crystal gear lever to the solid wood bamboo-grain translucent panels on the dashboard, doors and back of the front seats. It has to be said that it is indeed a bit luxurious. Enjoy the ingenuity of materials combined with cutting-edge technology.

Interior materials and patterns are inspired by Scandinavian natural scenery and oriental aesthetics. For example, the decorative pattern of the seats is inspired by the misty mountains, and the design of the solid wood bamboo grain translucent veneer is inspired by The sun shines through the dappled light and shadow of the bamboo forest.

When designing the Volvo EM90, we were committed to creating a comfortable private space and providing an elegant and calm travel experience.

Li Jingyao, head of Volvo Cars Shanghai Design Center, said, "In terms of interior design, we hope to create an atmosphere where we can not only spend pleasant time with our families, but also work and create inspiration."

As a luxury 6-seater model, the second row of Volvo EM90 is also equipped with ergonomic aviation seats, with massage, ventilation, heating, small table, leg rest, etc., all in one, Ji Krypton 009 has it all. It’s all there, including the smart control panel on the door panel.

The biggest difference in configuration between the two cars is probably the sound system.

Jikrypton 009 is equipped with 14 YAMAHA speakers, plus 6 YAMAHA headrest speakers, for a total of 20 speakers. There is one more EM90 here, for a total of 21. The brand has also been replaced by Volvo's old partner Baohua Weijian, with a total power of 2460W.

Not just a Scandinavian living room, but a living room with a home theater.

Going back to the question at the beginning, would you rather choose this "Scandinavian living room" or go to a Scandinavian living room?

Good students are taught

What the new forces know, we learned in three years; what we know, the new forces cannot learn in ten years.

In April this year, Volvo's flagship SUV EX90 made its debut in China. Qin Peji, then the former president of Volvo Greater China, said these words that shocked the audience.

As a representative brand of second-tier luxury, Volvo has always been an advocate of radical electrification. According to Volvo's ideal plan, Volvo hopes to achieve the goal of achieving more than half of its pure electric sales by 2025; by 2030, the brand's entire line of products will be fully electrified, and Volvo will only sell pure electric models by then.

However, Volvo's speed is not learned. The EX90 that it closed and developed itself has been delayed again and again, from the first half of this year to next year. The reason is that "it still needs time to develop and test vehicle software."

▲Volvo EX90

Volvo can learn so quickly only because Geely teaches quickly. Ji Krypton 009 transformed into Volvo EM90. This is no longer a matter of focusing before the exam, but a direct open-book exam.

China's MPV market is not large.

Data shows that in the first half of 2023, the total sales of domestic passenger cars was approximately 9.524 million units, while the total sales of MPV models was 524,000 units. To make a simple conversion, the market share of MPVs only accounts for 5.5% of the overall automobile market, which is A very small market segment.

This means that Volvo will not and should not invest too much resources in MPV models. It is the optimal solution to rely on Geely and use the highly capable Jikrypton 009 as the drawing board.

After years of study and research and development, Geely is also supporting Volvo. In September 2020, Geely officially released the Haohan SEA pure electric platform after four years of development.

The Haohan SEA pure electric platform is the first pure electric architecture launched by Geely. Geely has invested up to 18 billion yuan in the research and development of Haohan. The new architecture can be compatible with models with a wheelbase of 1800-3300mm, allowing one platform to be used for multiple purposes and reducing new car development costs. Effect.

Perhaps Jikrypton 009 incorporates Volvo’s proud safety genes, but EM90 may have even more Geely genes.

300,000, how expensive is it?

Regarding the answer to this question, Volvo didn't say anything, and I didn't understand it either.

After thinking about it, it can only be for the brand.

Volvo has always wanted to become a first-tier luxury brand. For them, if they want to use Geely to "change their destiny" in the era of electrification, there are two easiest cards to play.

The first card is "Safety".

Volvo is the most well-known safety expert in the history of the world's automobiles. It has been committed to improving automobile safety performance since the 1950s. It was the first to bring concepts such as seat belts into mass-produced vehicles, setting a new industry safety benchmark.

In contrast, although Ji Krypton has the same "safety gene", Volvo has the purest "safety pedigree" and a profound safety technology foundation, which can bring it natural brand appeal.

Especially in MPV models, safety issues are further magnified.

First of all, the body structure of MPV is relatively loose, and the body strength is generally not as good as that of cars and SUVs of the same level. Secondly, in order to pursue more extreme space performance, manufacturers usually compress the front and rear cabin space, resulting in a smaller collapse space. Second-row passengers sitting next to the door are also more likely to be injured in a side collision.

Substandard safety performance will bring serious safety risks to MPV. In 2022, a Lexus LM300h was involved in a car accident on the highway. The vehicle was unable to open the door after the collision, missing the best time for rescue.

Against this background, if the excellent protective capabilities of EM90 can be demonstrated in subsequent market tests, Volvo's "safety" label will be branded even deeper.

The second card is a bit cheesy, but it's actually the price. Luxury brands are always inseparable from high pricing.

The only problem is that if you want to set a price anchor for the brand and don’t plan to sell it for much, 818,000 yuan is a bit low.

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