Why does the ideal MEGA sell for 560,000?

I saw a joke today:

As soon as Ideal Mega arrived at the store, all the drinkers looked at him and smiled, and some shouted, "Ideal Mega, your order hasn't exceeded 10,000 yuan yet!" He didn't answer, but said to the counter, "Warm up two bowls of wine, please A dish of fennel beans." Then he gave out nine coins. They deliberately shouted loudly, "You must have lied to people at the press conference!" Ideal MEGA opened her eyes wide and said, "How can you accuse someone of innocence out of thin air…" "What innocence? I saw you with my own eyes the day before yesterday. Using four old cars to slander the sunken seats." MEGA blushed, and the veins on his forehead popped out, and argued, "Playing cleverly cannot be considered cheating… communication skills! Marketing matters can be considered cheating. "?" There were words that were difficult to understand one after another, such as "aluminum alloy rear anti-collision beam" and "fortress safety body", etc., which caused everyone to burst into laughter: the atmosphere inside and outside the store was filled with joy.

Last Friday, as soon as the price of the Ideal MEGA of 559,800 yuan was announced, it attracted a lot of pessimistic voices, thinking that its price was too high. Create a substantial gap.

"He Xiaopeng can finally sleep well." Some netizens said.

How expensive is the 560,000-yuan "high-speed rail"?

The ideal car scenario is as follows:

A family of six sat in a large and comfortable chair, holding ice Coke in their hands, enjoying the movie on the screen and the scenery outside the window, chatting happily.

The Ideal MEGA is a product specifically designed for this scenario. Its mission is to carry people and a family comfortably.

So, the ideal MEGA is more expensive than the seats?

▲Ideal MEGA’s second row does not support zero-gravity seats

This is not the case. If we only talk about the ride comfort of the second row, the Ideal MEGA is not as good as the Xpeng X9. MEGA not only lacks a zero-gravity seat and lumbar support adjustment, but the length of the leg rests cannot be adjusted, making it difficult to adapt to different heights.

On the Xpeng X9, the three rows of seats can be hidden into the floor, the second row can enter zero-gravity mode with one click, and the 21-inch rear entertainment screen slowly unfolds… Oh, yes, although MEGA's rear screen is more detailed and gorgeous , but its size is only 17 inches, and it does not come with a remote control and can only be controlled through voice and gestures.

▲Xpeng X9’s zero-gravity seat

Obviously, for travel scenarios with no more than 4 people, Xpeng X9 can be said to be the ideal MEGA for dimensionality reduction.

Buy a seven-seater MPV and get a four-seater SUV as a gift.

In He Xiaopeng's view, the X9 is actually two cars. Not all families have the rigid need to carry 7 people. When the third row is not needed, it gives you an oversized flat tail compartment. In this large flat-screen space, not to mention the bed, you can stuff 5 bicycles, 15 golf bags, and 29 suitcases inside.

▲Xpeng X9 folds the third row of seats

At the same time, there are two three-row seats hanging at the back of the MEGA, which have nowhere to put them. They firmly occupy the space behind the second row, making it impossible for the second-row backrests to recline, and the second-row passengers have no choice but to sit upright and comfort themselves: It's good for your waist to sit upright.

▲Ideal MEGA stows away the third row of seats

Of course, MEGA also has its own strengths. It undoubtedly does its best to ensure the comfort of the three rows of seats. With longer seat cushions, higher backrests and seat heights, the legroom has reached the level of a C-class executive sedan. It even comes standard with seat heating and three soft pillows, and is equipped with an expandable central armrest – this is in an MPV. An extremely rare three-row configuration.

Li Auto R&D engineer Daniel once commented on MEGA’s three rows:

It is no exaggeration to say that the comfort of MEGA's third row has surpassed the second-row standard of most luxury cars. It is definitely the most comfortable third row among MPV models.

▲The third row of the ideal MEGA

Although its backrest only supports a maximum recline of 36°, which is far less than that of the X9, MEGA can still win back the victory in the passenger seat. MEGA's passenger seat is equipped with an integrated heated leg rest, supports 12-way electric adjustment, and the backrest recline angle reaches 100°. It can also be used with the second-row seats after removing the headrest.

As for the second-row seats of the Xpeng X9, let alone leg rests, they don’t even have massages. If you were to rank the seats of the X9 from high to low in terms of comfort, it would look like this:

Second row, main driver, passenger driver, third row.

But on the ideal MEGA, sorting becomes slightly more difficult. Of course, the second row must be the most comfortable, and the third row must be the lowest equipped. There is no doubt about this, but the space in the third row is there, the passenger seat seems to be not bad, and the driver can adjust the softness and hardness of the seat cushions.

Lili official once described MEGA this way: "As China's first large-scale full-size family technology flagship MPV, Lili MEGA redefines the riding comfort experience of MPV products and achieves equality among the three rows."

The key word is undoubtedly "three-row equal rights", which provides every passenger in the car with a similar riding experience. There is no particularly good or very bad ride. This is the ideal MEGA .

The problem is that even for family users with six people who just need to travel, this is not enough for MEGA to make a price difference of more than ten or two hundred thousand.

How expensive is this 560,000-yuan "high-speed rail"?

When the only advantage is wiped out

Many people have this question in their minds: Why doesn’t the ideal MEGA have an extended-range version?

In fact, at first, the Ideal MEGA did have an extended-range version, and even the seat layout had 5, 7, and 8-seat versions, but in the end, they were all cut off. Li Auto’s electric platform PDT Tang Huayin once said that Li Xiang has some “geophobia” about the complexity of the plan and hopes that employees can optimize the plan to the “optimal solution” before working on it.

From a space perspective, if MEGA is to be made into an extended-range version, the engine space in the front must be reserved, and the fuel tank space in the rear must also be reserved. The shape cannot be perfect, and the space cannot be completely released.

In the early stages of research and development, Li Auto not only axed the extended-range version of MEGA, but also axed a long-range version of MEGA.

The Ideal MEGA is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 102.7kWh, which is not too big for such a large MPV. In order to pursue longer battery life, the Ji Krypton 009 next door also uses a large 140kWh battery.

Ideal believes that fast charging is the real need of users, not long battery life. Compared with the era of fuel vehicles, the fuel tank tank of a fuel vehicle is generally only about 60L, and a tank of fuel can only run more than 500 kilometers. However, because refueling is quick, users do not have to worry about recharging. In the end, ideal product managers conclude—

What users are really anxious about is not the battery life, but the charging speed.

Compared with Xpeng X9, this is the biggest advantage of Lideal MEGA.

Through Li Auto’s 5C supercharger, the charging power of Li Auto’s MEGA can reach 520kW, and that of Xpeng X9’s is 330kW.

It’s not that the Xpeng X9’s score is that bad, it’s actually a good number. The actual measurement data of Xin Mobility shows that the Xpeng X9 702Max version equipped with a 102.5kWh battery can be charged from 5% to 95% in 35 minutes through the Xpeng S4 ultra-fast charging station; and from 30% to 80% in 15 minutes ( Increased battery life by about 260km)

The official data of Ideal MEGA is: charging 500km in 12 minutes.

"This is the fastest charging electric car in the world." Li was confident when he wanted to say this. What’s interesting is that three days before the official release of Ideal MEGA, the title of “No. 1 in the world” had just been taken by the new Ji Krypton 001.

But we need to make one thing clear: fast charging is not the only condition for a good recharge experience.

According to Li Auto's data, as of February 25, 2024, only 344 Li Auto 5C super charging stations are in use nationwide, and the site coverage in Beijing, Shanghai, and Northeast China is extremely low.

On the other hand, in an ideal 5C super charging station, not all piles are 5C super charging piles. Liu Jie and Sun Guangmin, vice presidents of commercial affairs of Li Auto, previously stated in a media interview that the standard configuration of Li Auto charging stations is 4 piles, and the ratio of super charging piles to ordinary piles is 1:3. This is the lowest cost and most efficient ratio calculated by their unit model.

A unit of 4 piles is the optimal solution for us.

Although Li Auto stated that it will build more than 700 5C supercharging stations by the end of 2024, if we calculate it as one 5C pile per station, there will only be more than 700 5C supercharging piles nationwide by the end of 2024. All are 2C supercharging piles with a single peak power of 250kW. MEGA is charged through this pile. Under ideal conditions, it takes 25 minutes to charge 500 kilometers.

Take Guangzhou as an example. There are currently only three ideal supercharging stations in Guangzhou, and they are all in the relatively remote Baiyun District.

The good news is that Ideal said it will build more than 1,300 urban supercharging stations using 2C supercharging stations by the end of 2024, but until then, third-party charging stations are still MEGA's main channel for rapid energy replenishment. At third-party charging stations, whether it is MEGA or X9, full power charging can be easily achieved.

The energy supplement advantage of Ideal MEGA has been completely wiped out at third-party sites.

sinking battle

The most shocking scene at the Ideal MEGA conference was the video of the rear-end collision of four MPVs.

The third row of MPVs is what we want to protect our families most. However, in many MPVs, the third rows are vulnerable in high-speed rear-end collisions, which makes us as parents very worried, especially those with a sunken trunk design. car model.

At the press conference, Li Xiang expressed his opinion through four MPV models with their rears smashed into pieces: the three rows of most MPVs are unsafe, especially those with sunken trunks.

Let’s first understand what a sunken trunk is: using the trunk floor that is lower than the car body, the trunk volume is enlarged and the loading capacity is improved; when the third row of seats is not in use, it can be folded down or even integrated with the car. The trunk floor is flat, creating a huge loading surface.

Isn’t this the Xpeng X9?

In fact, as the paragraph at the beginning of the article says, Ideal is playing a trick here.

Cui Xiao, the former editor-in-chief of MSN Auto Channel and auto blogger, pointed out on Weibo that the four cars displayed by Ideal at the press conference were the 2011 Nissan Guise, the 2011 Toyota Sienna, the 2018 American Odyssey, and the 2017 Dajie. Dragon, all four cars have been discontinued.

The institution that conducted the test is the MGA Research Corporation in the United States. It was established in 2009. It is a third-party laboratory dedicated to helping customers solve technical problems in automotive parts. It is not the American IIHS or European E-NCAP that we often hear about cars. Safety crash testing agency.

More importantly, the purpose of this test is not to test the vehicle's rear collision safety, but to conduct a standard test called FMVSS 301R. Its purpose is not the safety structure of the vehicle, but to test the integrity of the fuel system. The purpose of this standard is to reduce deaths and injuries from fires caused by fuel spills during and after motor vehicle collisions, and fuel ingestion during siphoning.

Whether it is for institutional or testing purposes, it has nothing to do with the so-called "incomplete storage of the third row seats" announced at the Ideal MEGA launch conference!

What is even more misleading is that among these four cars, there are even 2011 models, which is 13 years ago. I don’t know what is the purpose of comparing an old car from 13 years ago to a new car MEGA?

Xpeng Motors seems to have anticipated Li Auto's tricks. Before the Li Auto MEGA launch conference was over, Xpeng Motors released a video titled "Xpeng X9 passed the rear collision safety test of Chinese, American and European standards", indicating that Xiaopeng Motors In the rear collision test of the Peng X9 that exceeded American standards (speed above 80km/h), the passenger compartment was complete, the living space was sufficient, and the three-row seat mounting points and frame were not deformed.

▲The passenger compartment after the collision

"You can have your cake and eat it too," Xiaopeng said in the video.

Seeking breakthroughs in "increasing quantity and reducing price"

The past 72 hours may not have been easy for ideals.

Blogger @新Channel-Li Batian disclosed the order status of a car model vaguely called "Xi Ga" on Weibo tonight:

  • Within 72 hours of launch, approximately 3,218 units had been placed nationwide and approximately 10,297 units had been unsubscribed.
  • There are a lot of customers visiting the store, about 30% of them are looking at the L series, and 70% are looking at the "Xi Ga". But there are more people watching and less orders.
  • The customers are basically around 40 years old, have multiple luxury cars at home, and have many public households.
  • There are many choices of "grey exterior + white interior" and "elephant gray exterior + brown interior"
  • Competing products of "Xi Ga": mainly Jikrypton 009 and Xpeng X9, and to a lesser extent, Denza D9 and NIO ES8

Although the blogger did not say it clearly for some reason, it is self-evident what kind of car "Xi Ga" is.

Entering 2024, China's new energy market has ushered in another round of "volume increase and price reduction", the essence of which lies in the inflationary contraction under the great transformation and great progress of production capacity and technology. On the other hand, due to the relatively weak ability of independent brands to go overseas, they can only compete in the bloody market. Many car companies have even fallen into the vicious circle of "the more they buy, the more they lose."

Car companies are eager to stand out in the fierce competition and leave their opponents far behind. As one of the only profitable independent new energy car companies, Li Auto seems to have the upper hand. Its self-assessment goes beyond the conventional competition among car companies, and it is eager to escape from the quagmire of single productivity improvement and deflation, and embark on a new path. A high-dimensional development path.

The product and pricing logic of Ideal MEGA is actually the strategy that Ideal has always had: the best XXX within XXX million.

Ideals never look downward, they only set opponents infinitely high. However, staying humble and diplomatic can take a business a long way.


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