Why does morning beat workers become popular?

Good morning, hit the workers!

If you love surfing the Internet, you must have heard of this sentence. You can see it in Moments or Weibo and other social platforms, and there are even various adapted versions of hit workers' quotations. The way people get up early to say hello suddenly changed from "good morning" to "good morning hitting the workers."

This sentence, which sounds like two lines in a Japanese TV series, has conquered one after another online surfing scholars, claiming themselves as workers, and the whole atmosphere of communication seems to have become excited.

But why has it become the most popular stalker in recent days?

"Hit workers" hit the mood of the times

To understand why a stalk can become hot, we must first understand what it is. We might as well start with various quotations from the beaters:

The detector kept beeping when I passed the security check. The sister at the security check asked me to take out everything and checked whether it kept beating. Then she asked me what I did. I said I worked part-time, and she said good guys. No wonder it was detected. Steel will! good Morning! Hit the workers!

This slightly exhilarating sentence seems to reveal uplifting emotions, but Internet stalks have never been so simple. A sentence or a vocabulary often contains multiple meanings and emotions.

I want to work quietly, and then surprise everyone! Good morning hit the workers!
As long as I work hard enough, the boss will definitely live the life he wants! Good morning hit the workers!
Are you tired? Just tired. Comfort is reserved for the rich. Good morning, hit the workers!

After reading a lot of quotations from migrant workers, you will find that it hides the status quo and emotions of migrant workers behind the excitement. Hard work can only be exchanged for meagre pay. In the final analysis, it is still working for the boss and making money for the boss. What is more helpless is that the competition for part-time work is getting stronger.

▲ The beater was adapted into multiple versions, and some netizens shared their stories through the beater

To say it is excitement, it is better to say that it is the lying-down self-deprecating after recognizing the status quo. It is also a kind of ridicule and a positive joy in suffering. The simple three words "beating workers" accurately summarized the living environment of the migrant workers and the helpless self-deprecating emotions after recognizing the reality, and there is a sense of mourning everywhere.

The reason why hitting workers has become a popular stalk is the same as the reasons why vocabulary such as social animals and internal scrolls have been used by generations of online surfing scholars. It is all about the mood of the times and arousing resonance. The public is becoming more and more competitive and social changes. Helplessness in an increasingly stable environment. This is also the reason why Buddhism and mourning are so popular on the Internet.

In addition to the precise description of the environment and emotions by the workers, another reason that made it popular is that the Internet has built an environment in which everyone can express. One fact that we often overlook is that most people have a basic willingness to express, and the popular stalk of hitting workers is one of the best expression tools for people in the Internet age, with high popularity and precise description.

▲ Osamu Dazai

Previously, the author Dazai Osamu was misread as "the godfather of depression." His bereavement quotes were published in the NetEase cloud comment area and Weibo. Social platforms such as Douban have been widely spread because the sentences he wrote accurately convey the mood of the modern people-mourning, even if some of the sentences are not from the works of Osamu Dazai.

I'm so sorry to be born as a human being-Dazaiji brought wind and rain when you came, and I couldn't avoid it; after you left, the four seasons were chaotic, and I was ill for a long time. —— Osamu Dazai I wanted to die this winter, but I got a set of rat-grey pinstriped linen kimono in the first month of this year, which is suitable for summer, so I will live until summer. ——Dazai Osamu

I’m sorry that this sentence has always been thought to come from Osamu Dazai’s "Disqualification in the World", but it is not in the book. Even Osamu Dazai himself is not keen on "mourning", except "Disqualification in the World", more of his works show positive emotions.

In the absence of context on the Internet, whether it is a writer's golden sentence or a popular slogan, it is only a tool for the masses to express their emotions. The public expresses their emotional mapping in the golden sentence and popular slogan. Beating workers' quotations is a misread Dazai Osamu Quotations too.

The popularity of popular stalks, golden sentences and the creation of various new vocabulary are all connected with the Internet. The Internet not only spreads popular stalks, but also creates popular stalks.

The Internet is top-notch

The Internet not only spread a large number of popular stalks and golden sentences, but also the cause of the continuous creation of popular stalks.

McLuhan, the founder of the Media Environment School, one of the three schools of communication studies, once proposed a new concept in the book "Understanding the Media"-the medium is the message. In the book, McLuhan predicts that the change of media will have a huge impact on society and individuals.

▲ Marshall McLuhan

The rise of the Internet is one of the best proofs of this theory. Since the Internet, our lives have been divided into online and offline. During the epidemic, online life has even become the mainstream. After the advent of smart phones, life was once again divided by apps.

Looking back one day, did you switch to apps such as Weibo, WeChat, and Station B just like me, and time just passed by.

The medium composed of mobile phone screens and apps has profoundly changed our lives, including the way of expression. Today’s golden phrases and popular slogans flooded by major social media, music, and movie platforms are precisely the impact of the change in the media environment. one.

Station B is the birthplace of ghost and animal culture. Deconstruction of mainstream context, golden sentences and even lyrics is the norm in creation. Just as the term "worker" is adapted from the word "worker", the video of "worker's quotations" is adapted from Station B quickly topped the daily chart, with a total of more than 6 million views.

▲ The video " Good Morning, Hit the Workers " created by the main UP of Station B

On the other hand, short video platforms such as Douyin have established a set of extremely standard short video creation methods through BGM and video images. The emergence of various mobile phone editing software has jointly lowered the barriers for people to express.

As the secondary creation trend is becoming more and more popular, word change, word creation, and golden sentences have naturally become one of the best expression tools in the Internet era. At the same time, people are more and more enthusiastic about making stalks and words.

In addition, an important reason why golden sentences and popular stalks are popular is that they can often use a few words to express one thing or one emotion in extremely precise language, thereby moving people. This short and precise way of expression is also the "certainty" and instant satisfaction pursued by the Internet.

▲ The progress bar actually satisfies the user's deterministic psychology of the "end point", it is not necessarily true

On the Internet platform, we can see everywhere that we can strengthen the functional design for users’ immediate satisfaction, such as the delivery time of takeaway, the estimated time of online taxi arrival, the progress bar, etc., which makes our demand for instant satisfaction more and more intense, even if it’s only one late. Minutes will become irritable and irritable.

At the same time, the Internet has changed the way and speed of information transmission. The amount of information that everyone can receive and send through the Internet in a day is massive. Any information that stands out in this information overload environment requires certainty and efficiency of its meaning. Become one of the most critical indicators.

Golden sentences and popular stalks were born in this environment. They not only satisfy certainty and high-efficiency expression, but also satisfy people's immediate satisfaction with emotional expression.

Nowadays, the online social environment has become commoditized, and interaction has become consumerized. On social platforms, likes are social currency. Posting a blog post must be carefully crafted. If you don’t like enough, you will be anxious: I did not write the copy. it is good? Isn't it touching enough? Still the picture is not fixed?

Studies have shown that at the moment of social activity, the hormone we secrete can soar to 13% , which is no less than the feeling that some people feel that "the groom can kiss the bride" on the wedding day.

Moreover, many Internet platforms have introduced intelligent algorithm mechanisms, and the dissemination and influence of content is determined by the amount of interaction. The number of users who like each additional algorithm distribution increases, and the interaction has become consumerized.

Golden sentences and popular stalks are shortcuts in the context of social commercialization and consumerization, because they are more popular in terms of popularity, expression efficiency, and impressing people.

It’s just that the spread of golden sentences and popular slogans will also bring inevitable side effects, such as misunderstandings of writers Osamu Dazai and Lu Xun, and even Mr. Lu Xun’s words, "I have never said such a sentence-"To Tai Jing" "Nong" has become a popular slogan expression of popular resistance against golden sentences.

▲ Picture from: Guangming Daily

The Internet has greatly changed the media links, and under the influence of the new environment on golden sentences, popular slogans on golden sentences, and vocabulary, not only our way of expression has changed, but even the entire language system is being reshaped.

Our language is being reshaped

Language is not complicated to speak, it is a highly symbolized image, which refers to a phenomenon. Knotting notes is to record one thing by tying a knot on the rope, while modern languages ​​express one thing after another through words and words.

At the same time, language and writing will also change with social migration, crowd movement, and cultural change. The birth of the word OK is the best proof. It originated from the attempt of the editor of the Boston Morning Post in the United States. "all correct" is written as "oll korrect", and then abbreviated as "OK".

As a large-scale communication medium, newspapers naturally affect the changes in society and culture. OK has become one of the most recognizable words in the world under mass communication. It is not only popular in English-speaking countries, even if we are mainly Chinese, The same word can be understood quickly.

The Internet has greatly accelerated the speed of language changes. Compared with newspapers, its speed of dissemination and the amount of information disseminated are unprecedentedly powerful, and under the influence of increasingly advanced technology, the speed of social changes, population migration, and even cultural fusion and collision has accelerated. A lot.

This is also an important reason for the continuous creation of golden sentences and words on the Internet. From Lu Xun to Osamu Dazai, from scrolling to hitting workers, our "words-making" speed is getting faster and faster, and many sentences and vocabulary have lost their original meaning.

Compared with the past, they tend to be shorter and represent more complicated meanings. "As a human, I'm sorry" accurately presents the emotion of mourning, while scrolling and beating workers implies a clear understanding of the deteriorating competitive environment. Cognition.

From the perspective of language expression, these popular sentence patterns and vocabulary actually speed up the efficiency of expression, expressing more image concepts with fewer words and sentences more accurately, and at the same time the listener can quickly understand and accept. This is also in line with the media environment of information overload in the Internet era and the pursuit of efficiency.

As for the highest manifestation of the Internet's accelerated language expression efficiency, I am afraid that it has to be an emoji package. Compared with words and text, it adds visual imagery. Both the meaning of the information and the emotion contained are greatly enhanced.

▲ Hehe emoticon pack, it turned out to mean "smile"

In the past, we had to express happiness, at least a few sentences to make the other person feel happy and the degree of happiness. Nowadays, we only need a simple emoticon pack. Even to express sarcasm, it only needs a "he-ha" emoticon pack.

This kind of efficiency acceleration has promoted the change of language. It has become the norm to communicate on social media such as WeChat and Weibo. It has become the norm to bring emojis, not to mention the abbreviations u1s1, yygq, and even post-00s who are the aborigines of the Internet. The "cm show" emoticons that we can't understand have all become part of their language system.

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