Why do you press the “shutter”?

Photos appeared for recording, but in the initial stage of image development, due to technical limitations, huge equipment and complicated procedures, more were used to shoot outdoor scenery and still life. With the advancement of technology and the miniaturization of cameras, it has become easier to obtain photos. The subject matter of photography has gradually shifted to the "documentary" trend of people and society, and gradually stepped out of the exclusive circle of a few people, the creation of images. And watching began to enter the life of the masses.

To this day, the subject matter of photography has broken through the category of "documentary" and has begun to develop more forms and categories. However, the meaning of photography, or the spirit of creating images, remains the same, that is, the photographs contain what the photographer sees and what they see. Thinking and observation of society.

▲ "The Fallen Soldier" Photo by Robert Capa (Robert Capa)

The photographs carry the photographer's thoughts, and also reflect the creator's attitude towards the present. In this regard, the British documentary photographer Martin Parr is one of the representative figures. His works often draw materials from daily life, using a set of photos to express his thoughts or observations on a social phenomenon. The subjects of the projects he created cover a wide range of subjects. The colors, composition, and styles are no longer the cold and serious of traditional documentary, but have added wit, absurdity, irony, disorder, and so on.

▲Martin Parr's street photography works

Leaving aside Martin Parr's series of unusual projects, we can see from his shooting techniques how "unique" this British photographer is in documentary. He is not "dogmatic" at all. In the project, he will often shoot and snap shots. Afterwards, he can choose the right one from the 1,000 photos and finish the work. At first glance, these operations of Martin look like you and me.

It is also with these equipment and techniques that he has completed many "unique" photographic projects, such as the absurd and satirical "The Last Resort", focusing on various dramatic moments in contemporary consumerist life "The Real Real Food.

▲A picture from Martin Parr's "Real Food" project.

Therefore, equipment and shooting methods are not the decisive factors for taking good photos. Good photography is not about answering questions straightforwardly, nor simply providing a ready-made answer. Really outstanding photographs often show a process of asking questions, so that everyone can think and understand from different angles.

To put it simply, a good photo itself depends more on the creator's "what you see".

Just like the imaging functions of current smart phone products, are we overly pursuing parameters, such as the number of lenses, the height of the pixels, and the size of the sensor, it seems that people have a "good hardware parameters, you can Take a picture that impresses people". Instead, it neglects to record that creating a really good photo is a "heart-wrenching" process.

In fact, whether it is hardware or software algorithms, they are the basis of "imaging". How to encourage people to express and share intentionally, attentively, and freely on this basis is the image that the product "revolves around the user". Breakthrough and pursuit.

Vivo's thinking on product images “returns''

The imaging of smartphones has only been developed for more than ten years, and considerable progress has been made. From pure hardware competition, to the combination of algorithms and hardware, and gradually to build and form their own image perception, and such changes They are all "returns", not to return to hardware, but to put aside these objective entities and focus on the origin of the image.

In recent years, Vivo has used imaging and design as a long track for product development, and is committed to continuing to provide users with a more user-friendly experience in the development and innovation of mobile imaging technology.

Initially, Vivo’s products are similar to other manufacturers, focusing on hardware, such as high pixels, large bottom, and multi-camera features, in creating moving images. Later, after ten years of accumulation of mobile imaging technology, products began to show differentiated technical features, bringing the industry's unique "micro-panel" technology, and at the same time, cooperated with Zeiss, a leading brand in the optical field, to develop global imaging strategic cooperation. These few tactics have allowed vivo's products, especially the X60 generation, to bear "fruits."

This "fruit" refers to the fact that with the dual blessing of the second-generation micro-head and Zeiss, the vivo X60 has reached a sufficient level of image hard power. This also means that with strong hardware and technical reserves as the foundation, it is possible to extract and propose vivo's own image view from a more comprehensive perspective and a level that is more in line with the needs of the public, and implement it in a sustainable practice. Sense of the brand culture platform.

For vivo, the true value of mobile phone images is to empower everyone who loves life to complete their expressions without restriction. In order to help more people participate and enjoy the "light creation" and "new viewing", vivo launched the vivo VISION+ imaging project in 2020, using mobile images as the carrier, focusing on two major aspects of mobile photography and ultra-short films. A series of cultural practices such as mobile phone photography contest and ultra-short film contest are encouraged to encourage the creative spirit full of daily humanistic emotions and help the public enjoy image creation.

The "VISION+" project is not a project of Vivo's whim, it is a solid thinking and response to the future mobile imaging culture based on the strength of Vivo mobile phone hardware-how to use more excellent imaging technology to leverage people's instinctive imagination and initiative , Put the warm, humane expression ability back into the hands of "every user" of the moving image to inspire people to press the shutter and capture the beautiful original impulse.

Today, for every ordinary person, as long as he raises his mobile phone and takes a picture, he can realize the whole process of recording presence, observing the surroundings, and social interaction. It is precisely because of the unprecedented popularity and portability of mobile phone images. Everyone is given the opportunity to create images in daily life, and the era of "everyone is a creator" has finally come.

Everyone is a creator, vivo launches 2021 VISION+ imaging project

Today's mobile phone images have been integrated into every gap in our daily life-sharing food pictures, travel Vlogs to social media, and understanding the live situation through the live broadcast of "view for all", as well as short videos of mobile phones from other people, life clips from other places, mobile phones The lens allows images to become as important as the words of expression, and it also releases everyone's desire for expression and creative enthusiasm to the greatest extent. This is also the original intention of the mobile phone photography contest, the core part of the vivo VISION+ plan.

In order to better meet the needs of the public for creation and sharing, this year vivo once again joined hands with National Geographic, and the 2021 VISION+ mobile photography competition was fully kicked off. With a more professional appearance, mobile phone users are encouraged to actively participate in daily life and record the present with the lens.

▲The posters for the 2021 VISION+ Mobile Photography Contest were shot by Martin Parr (left) and Xiao Quan (right) using vivo X60 Pro+.

In the 2020 mobile phone photography contest, vivo received 135,000 works from 9 countries and regions. These entries have different themes and styles, but they all reveal a vivid breath of life and outline a variety of vividness and richness. Humanistic picture. These fresh and vigorous creative works from all over the world make vivo firmly believe that the easy-to-use image function will allow more people to enjoy the creative fun endowed by technology.

▲ The annual photography work of the 2020 contest "The Daily Life of Four Big Mouth Monsters", created by Zhang Yu.

This year’s "2021 VISION+" mobile photography contest has been fully upgraded in multiple dimensions, especially the judges have more diverse backgrounds, including: documentary photographer Martin Parr (Martin Parr) and documentary photographer Jonas ·Jonas Bendiksen, portrait photographer Xiao Quan, Arles International Photography Festival curator Laura Serani (Laura Serani), Zeiss photography expert Bertram Hoenlinger, USA Michael George, National Geographic Image Reviewer.

▲ The lineup of judges for the 2021 vivo VISION+ mobile photography contest.

In addition, the competition also innovated in the category design and submission unit-a new professional group was opened, combining the existing public group and youth group last year to form three participating groups. The competition period is from May 31st to September 30th.

During this period, vivo will also launch the "VISION+ Imaging Academy". Through a variety of courses, it will popularize basic photography concepts and teach shooting skills to more people who want to devote themselves to daily creation, and invite well-known photography creators and photographers to share their ideas. The story behind the creation, to convey the creative fun of moving images to more people.

The future moving image track must be a competition in comprehensive strength

Looking at the history of the development of imaging products, early cameras also focused on hardware development first, and after gradually converging, they began to evolve in the direction of building comprehensive strength. For some brands with relatively clear tool attributes, they provide more professional services to the target group so that photographers can create without any worries. Those brands with historical deposits focus on conveying brand culture and leading creative ideas in certain fields.

Today, mobile imaging is also facing such a key node, and the hardware has already reached a certain level. Under the background of technical reserves and strong R&D capabilities, how to reduce the threshold of moving images through easy-to-use and easy-to-understand image functions, and bring a more intimate image creation experience for ordinary people-is placed in front of many brands Proposition.

On the basis of differentiated technical strengths, vivo now takes "Everyone is a Creator" as the practice proposition, launches the "VISION+" long-term plan, and strives to cooperate with multiple parties to expand it into an integrated content co-creation, public The image ecology of education, technology, and aesthetic exploration fully means that vivo is already in an active layout in the transmission and practice of mobile image culture, and the object of benefit is not only vivo’s 400 million users worldwide, but also Every ordinary person who loves to record and share more.

How the future of mobile images will develop, we may not know now, but for sure-hardware, parameters, and configuration are just one part of it. With the continuous improvement of mobile photography technology, image creation and viewing methods will continue to be broadened. "Pressing the shutter" will also become a pleasure for everyone to enjoy, inspiring more people to devote themselves to light creation and complete a narration. To observe each moment, arouse collective empathy and thinking. This may be the true value of mobile phone images-empowering everyone to become a creator in life.

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