Why do mobile phone manufacturers have more conferences?

Today, we reinvented the mobile phone.

At the 2007 Apple conference, Steve Jobs was full of spirits. The original iPhone opened a new era of smartphones, and the conference became one of the most anticipated "programs" of a generation of technology enthusiasts in a year.

Although the word-of-mouth of Apple conferences has changed in recent years, there are still many technology enthusiasts staying up late for it and cheering for it. Even the "One More Thing" link used in Apple conferences has become the content of many mobile phone manufacturers' conferences. model.

And if you look carefully, you can find that this year’s mobile phone manufacturers have held more press conferences. Apple held three consecutive conferences in September, October, and November. Huawei, Xiaomi, and OPPO were not idle, except for flagship phones. There are also many software and IoT product launches.

This has caused many digital technology bloggers to repeatedly ridicule "Too many press conferences, this year I really don't move."

So, why do mobile phone manufacturers have more conferences this year?

From flagship to machine sea, mobile phone manufacturers have started sub-brands

The answer lies in history.

To understand why mobile phone manufacturers are opening more and more conferences, we still need to go back to history. In 2007, Apple launched the original iPhone, claiming to have reinvented the mobile phone. Some people recognized it and others sneered it.

Nokia is one of the opponents. The former mobile phone industry overlord did not have a cold on the iPhone. Nokia executives even broke the iPhone in public, and did not value it. Later, as everyone knows, the iPhone is leading the era of smartphones, and the rise of Android has driven the rise of a series of Android phone manufacturers.

At that time, the domestic smartphone market was still dominated by foreign mobile phone manufacturers. The high-end flagships were basically foreign mobile phones, while the domestic mobile phone manufacturers were still mainly "China Cool Alliance", with operator subsidies, making waves in the low-end market. .

In 2011, Xiaomi, as an industry intruder, did a special thing, launching a flagship mobile phone at a price of 1999 yuan—the original Xiaomi phone, and the audience cheered endlessly. While shocking the industry, it also triggered a panic buying wave.

1999 became one of Xiaomi's biggest labels. While this label brought it huge volume and sales, it also restricted its development. This made it difficult for Xiaomi to enter the high-end mobile phone market.

After the first generation of Xiaomi mobile phones, the digital flagship has become the flagship product of Xiaomi's annual press conferences. At the same time, domestic mobile phone manufacturers are gradually developing their own flagship phones. Huawei P6 is a signal. This is also the first product that Huawei, as a domestic mobile phone manufacturer, released at an international conference. The sales volume exceeded one million. The P7 was also welcomed by consumers.

▲ Huawei P6

The success of Huawei P6/P7 and Xiaomi's digital flagship has proved the correctness of the boutique strategy of mobile phone manufacturers. This is the reason why the annual flagship mobile phone conferences of domestic mobile phone manufacturers are now routine.

In the same year that Huawei launched the P6, Xiaomi launched the first-generation Redmi phone, priced at 799 yuan, but only 100,000 phones received 7.45 million appointments and sold out in 90 seconds. This crazy number stimulated domestic mobile phone manufacturers. .

▲ Redmi 1

OPPO, vivo and other mobile phone manufacturers rely on the success of laying a large number of channels across the country, which has added a fire to the fierce mobile phone market. Mobile phone manufacturers launch more and more mobile phones every year, with different price points and different configurations, to seize the rhythm of the market. faster and faster.

Huawei even launched the Honor product line in 2011 and successfully became independent in 2013. One side is the prosperity of domestic mobile phone manufacturers, and the other is the confusion of foreign manufacturers. Now Samsung is always divided into the "other" column of the domestic mobile phone market in various data tables, and its market share has fluctuated around 1% for a long time.

With the emergence of 5G networks, domestic mobile phone manufacturers have started high-end strategies one after another. The prices of flagships have all gone to 5,000 yuan, and sub-brands have become their strategy to cover other markets.

The four major domestic manufacturers, iQOO, Redmi, realme, and Honor, have all completed the sub-brand layout, and even become the main force for domestic mobile phone manufacturers to go overseas. Compared with the 3G era, domestic mobile phone manufacturers have become more streamlined, but as the number of sub-brands launched by each company has increased, mobile phone conferences have not been reduced too much.

Another change is that in recent years, mobile phones are no longer the only protagonist of the conference, or even the protagonist. More and more new roles have appeared at the conferences held by mobile phone manufacturers.

From mobile phone monologues to smart product group dramas, mobile phone manufacturers have to do ecological business

In the past, mobile phones were the protagonist, or even the only role, in the press conferences of mobile phone manufacturers. In recent years, the situation is changing. Mobile phone systems, software, and Internet of Things products occupy more and more time in the press conference, and even the protagonist at the press conference. It's not a cell phone anymore.

The MIUI 12 conference at the beginning of the year is a typical case. The protagonists of the conference are Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition and MIUI 12. As a result, MIUI 12 occupies a lot of space. Another OPPO is also, the OPPO developer conference in September, the protagonist is the ColorOS 11 system. In addition to functional updates, both interactive animation and system design have reached new heights.

We once said in the previous article " This year may be the most "improved " year for the domestic Android system ", "When the system shifts from simple function addition to thinking about aesthetics and design language, the last piece of the puzzle for domestic high-end mobile phones will be added. It's up." The mobile phone system is becoming more and more important to high-end domestic flagships. This is why the software takes up longer and longer time for press conferences.

In addition to mobile phones and systems, various IoT products have increased in frequency at press conferences in recent years. Xiaomi, which is ridiculed by users as "MIJI in the mobile phone industry", is one of the best. It is one of the first domestic mobile phone manufacturers to attach importance to IoT products.

For example, in June of this year, Xiaomi held a separate conference for Mi Band 5, and last year, the name of the conference that released Mi Band 4 was Xiaomi Ecological Conference. Last month, OPPO also held a conference called "Wisdom Life" and released a variety of products including smart TVs, true wireless headphones, and smart watches.

▲ Mi Band 5

In addition, there are more and more similar situations at the press conferences held by Huawei and vivo, and mobile phone manufacturers have begun to make more non-mobile hardware.

Behind this is the consolidation of the mobile phone business, and mobile phone manufacturers seeking change.

According to data released by the international data research organization IDC in May this year, in the first quarter of 2020, China’s smartphone market shipments will be approximately 66.6 million units. The top five smartphone manufacturers are Huawei, vivo, OPPO, Xiaomi, and Apple. The situation has been going on for several years.

▲ Data source: IDC

According to the IDC report , the share of global smartphone shipments is also similar. Huawei, Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, vivo, and OPPO firmly hold the majority of the global smartphone market, and smaller manufacturers account for smaller and smaller shares. .

This has caused not only small manufacturers to survive hard, even Huawei, Samsung and other manufacturers in the smart phone industry can achieve growth is getting closer and closer to the ceiling. Mobile phone manufacturers will naturally not sit back and watch this situation continue. The Internet of Things is the new business chosen by mobile phone manufacturers.

At the same time, expanding the Internet of Things business is also conducive to keeping consumers in their own ecology. For example, the bracelets and true wireless headsets of various mobile phone manufacturers often interact better with their own brand mobile phones and have a better experience.

Huawei has also introduced a function such as multi-screen collaboration, which opens up information transmission and interaction between mobile phones and computers, and Xiaomi also added similar functions this year. More convenient interaction and better experience will naturally encourage users to continuously choose products of the same brand.

In addition to IoT hardware, mobile phone manufacturers have added a type of "developer conference". For example, the developer conference held by Huawei this year announced the Hongmeng System 2.0 and opened HMS Core 5.0, providing a large number of development interfaces and solution references. It is to win over developers and make the ecology bigger and stronger.

OPPO opened a future technology conference last year. In this conference, mobile phones are no longer the protagonist. Smart product groups such as 5G CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) and AR glasses have taken the C position, and related technologies have become protagonists. And Xiaomi also held a developer conference not long ago, announced cutting-edge technologies such as retractable large-aperture lenses, and opened multiple system capabilities including imaging to third-party apps.

Like Google I/O and Apple WWDC, domestic mobile phone manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the development and open sharing of cutting-edge technologies.

It's not enough to make IoT hardware by yourself. We need to open up technology and standards, introduce more developers, and ultimately use the ecology to retain users.

As the product that is closest to ordinary consumers and has the highest interaction frequency in this era, mobile phones have attracted a large number of consumers' attention, and mobile phone manufacturers have become one of the most concerned technology companies in the contemporary era with the help of this shareholder style.

All of the above have created more and more hardware and require more and more software support. Together, they have created a great explosion of various conferences.

The conference is a contemporary "Technology Variety Show"

The press conference is a window for companies to display products and convey information to the public. In order to expand this influence, technology companies often invite a large number of media to participate in the report. And because mobile phones are the most intimate devices of contemporary people, they often get a lot of attention.

However, there are more companies on the market, and everyone’s attention is not the same. In order to attract the attention of spectators, the press conferences of technology companies are becoming more and more like a variety show. There is Apple’s "One More Thing" brings the mood of the spectators to a higher level, followed by Xiaomi Lei Xiantao Mandarin, which is kind and soothing.

However, behind Xiantao Mandarin, there may be a "nuclear bomb" level news. The 2016 Mi MIX conference is a model. Now, I am afraid that few people remember the conference when the Mi MIX was released. The original protagonist was Mi Note 2.

The huge innovation made by Xiaomi MIX in the form of mobile phones introduced a full-screen design to Android phones, and coupled with the preheating of the Note 2 flagship "smoke bomb" conference, the audience's emotions have repeatedly reversed, and the cheers have been endless.

▲The Xiaomi MIX conference may be the product conference that Xiaomi has received the most positive reviews

Another company that is good at marketing the conference to the extreme is Hammer. Thanks to the high activity of Hammer Technology CEO Luo Yonghao and the speech of various slinging friends to create the future, Hammer Technology has ushered in attention at the same time. Brought controversy.

At the Hammer R1 conference in 2018, the R1 mobile phone did not occupy a long time. Luo Yonghao spent a lot of time introducing the TNT workstation. Not surprisingly, the conference presentation still had problems, voice control failed, and touch operation was too cumbersome. .

Not surprisingly, TNT has also become the object of ridicule by people from all walks of life. Some people said, "If you don’t roll over, it’s not Luo Yonghao." Although it is exaggerated, the rollover at the press conference and Luo Yonghao’s talk show speech at the press conference are indeed Brings a huge amount of sound to the hammer.

As a small company, the huge volume of the press conference can save a lot of advertising costs and promote sales.

Now, we can answer the question at the beginning of the article. With the expansion of the product line of technology companies and the needs of business development, there are more and more types of conferences, the number is also increasing, and the number of consumers is also increasing. Moreover, the content format of the conference is still cost-effective. After all, it is necessary to popularize product content to billions of users at one time. The conference is much more convenient and cost-effective than large-scale advertising.

In order to gain the attention of the spectators, the content design of the conference has become more and more exciting, which can be called a variety of science and technology shows.

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