Why do Internet people start not to speak “human words”?

What is the underlying logic of your question? Where is the top-level design? What is the final delivery? Where is the handle of the process?

Repeated questions are enough to raise blood pressure.

Maybe you are already familiar with this sentence structure, or maybe you still don't understand but you read it in awe from the lines. It doesn't matter, this special "Internet Stereotype" has escaped from the workplace after Zhang Yiming's "sarcasm".

On the 9th anniversary of ByteDance , Zhang Yiming stood under the spotlight and gave an internal speech . Soon, internal speeches were made public, and the content of speeches circulating on the Internet was streamlined and deconstructed, becoming the latest topic of hot discussion inside and outside the Internet.

Burn it, Internet stereotypes

The theme of Zhang Yiming's speech is "Ordinary Heart". The content of the speech was very substantial. Zhang Yiming first reported on the progress of some businesses, and then began a large part of his interpretation of values, his views on individuals, company competition, labeling, and so on.

But what is interesting is that although Zhang Yiming's expression of "ordinary heart" is more attractive than other Internet people's speeches, everyone's focus is still on his evaluation of certain abstract words and sentences.

"You are abstract on a matter, which is equivalent to adding leverage to your thinking. Once the leverage is wrong, it is usually "a little bit of a miss, a thousand miles away."" Zhang Yiming said.

In order to demonstrate, Zhang Yiming pieced together a paragraph of words extracted from the bimonthly meeting materials of Bytedance and read out:

In the past, we mainly relied on the information distribution capabilities conferred by the recommendation technology, cross-segment linkage shaking our heads, and self-developed multiple products to create a closed-loop content ecosystem, so as to empower customers and users to create value…

Is it familiar?

The media "LatePost" interpreted Zhang Yiming’s speech as saying that he warned employees to "talk to people" and not to suffer from big company diseases, but there is no doubt that not only byte employees, but countless Internet people have resonated with Zhang Yiming , Thinks this is his irony of some Internet companies. After Zhang Yiming's speech was made public, Internet people commented on his speech with similar sentences.

I have to admit that it is not the patents of several Internet companies that often use this vocabulary in workplace communication. For a long time, "terms" such as "enabling" and "closed loop" have long been the "black words" of all Internet practitioners. In the workplace social software pulse, some posts that only use the platform to ask questions often have netizens starting to use the "big factory stereotypes" to ask the posters, ridiculing the "Internet" or "Internet".

Even in order to cope with all kinds of complex reports and workplace communication, some Internet people have integrated related "empty" nouns and verbs together for comparison and use like a dictionary.

The popular "eight-legged" may have an earlier embryonic form. As early as a few years ago, some vocabulary describing startup company-related behavior has been packaged into a fresh look. At that time, netizens tried to translate these words straightforwardly to create an effect of "revealing the veil and revealing contrast."

For example, "incubator" translates to "office rental" and "angel investment" translates to "lending money to friends".

Until the Internet companies have rapidly developed into giants in recent years, the "abstract" vocabulary in the workplace has become more and more abundant and detailed, so that people can hardly avoid these "steaks" in the Internet company ecology.

The most common complaint about this type of vocabulary in the pulse is that in an Internet company’s interview, they are often asked questions mixed with these vocabulary, and once the interviewer does not know it, they will start to be speechless and leave for the interview. The bitterness after failure.

However, although these words are inherently "high-precision" temperament, many Internet people are daunted and even disgusted. But it needs to be admitted that an obvious advantage of using these words is that as long as you remember these words, you can apply them in corresponding situations. Because of the abstract and vague meaning of words, coupled with the authority of the words themselves being shaped, no one can easily veto such words.

The name of the "Internet Stereotypes" is not false.

There are traces to follow, nothing to do

Where does the "Internet Stereotypes" come from?

From the "Modern Chinese Dictionary", some familiar "black words", such as "closed loop" and "enabling", are not even recorded in the text, and words like "hold hands" are only equivalent to "hands". , That is: wooden strips or metal objects installed on doors, windows, drawers, etc., using hand switches.

But this is not a newly invented vocabulary. Take "empowerment" as an example. Existing data indicate that this is the earliest word in psychology, which means to give others positive energy through changes in words and actions, attitudes, and environment. But in the Internet industry, empowerment simply means empowerment, whether it is capital energy or team energy.

"Top-level design" was originally an engineering vocabulary, which meant starting from the overall situation and considering the various elements of the project. Later, this vocabulary was applied to the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" and became a political term in my country.

Similarly, the "grass hand" with nowhere to find the meaning of the word is actually a political vocabulary. In some official speeches, "grasp the hand" is frequently mentioned. Judging from the search results of search engines, most of the articles with the word "grab hands" are political texts.

To summarize briefly, the "Internet Stereotypes" are not created out of thin air. However, although there are traces to follow, these "steaks" did not grow out of the soil of the Internet, and most of them were produced by blunt grafting. In this way, we have a better understanding of where the authority and professionalism revealed in these words come from.

We can guess why this type of vocabulary is rampant in the Internet industry.

This kind of words that are often used in PPT, or weekly reports, monthly reports, and any other report has a talent that allows people to complete certain expressions in a more time-saving and labor-saving manner, and the look and feel is more in line with writing. Due to company requirements, employees also need to frequently use reports, meetings and other methods to achieve communication at work.

In addition, in Internet companies with high barriers to entry, the use of packaged vocabulary for daily expressions is also considered a certain circle of communication tone setting to some extent. Just as foreign companies usually require their employees to use English names for daily addressing, Internet companies also need this kind of packaging that can highlight corporate culture in internal business communication.

And one of the most important reasons is that the Internet needs people who can tell stories.

Wording is part of storytelling. No one knows who was the first to create words in the Internet industry, but what is certain is the emergence of word creators. At the Baidu Alliance Summit in 2011, Robin Li said: "In China, traditional industries have limited awareness, acceptance, and use of the Internet. There is a phenomenon in traditional fields that they "have no Internet thinking."

What is "Internet thinking"? No one knows, but in the electrical age, no one has proposed "electrical thinking".

This may be a microcosm of word creation. Since then, the word-making momentum has grown stronger. In 2015, Jia Yueting proposed "ecological reaction". The direct interpretation of this term is: the ecology produces a strong chemical reaction. A year later, Jack Ma proposed the "new retail", which is now mostly referred to as a combination of online and offline retail.

Undoubtedly, a vague and meaningless vocabulary is sufficient to summarize various stories in any form. The specific understanding depends on the practice of the vocabulary by the company and the founder. Just as LeEco failed to complete its interpretation of "ecological anti", the employees of major Internet companies may never be able to find the "hands".

"Methodology is actually not that useful," Zhang Yiming said.

Where is the problem?

In 1946, the writer George Orville proposed the concept of "language corruption", thinking that people with the right to speak changed the meaning of words for economic, political and ideological purposes, and even gave words completely new meanings to control them. People's thoughts and actions.

Nowadays, a similar alienation of vocabulary is sprouting in Internet companies. In the past 10 years, the Internet industry has developed rapidly, and dealing with Internet companies has become an unavoidable elephant in people's lives and consumption. At the same time, competition within the industry is fierce, and college graduates are squeezing their heads for offers from major companies.

According to data from the Emerson Institute, after 2018, the demand for talents in the Internet industry began to decline and stabilized. Today, among the educational requirements of the Internet industry for talents, the minimum educational requirement is 61.52% of undergraduate positions, and the threshold for educational qualifications is still increasing. The involution within the industry has also contributed to the involution in the use of vocabulary.

"People" magazine wrote such a story in a related report on "Internet black talk" : When an employee of a large Internet company was talking to the project leader of another company, because the other party used too much "black talk", he couldn't listen to it. Understood, made myself speak more black words in a counterattack attitude, and finally the fight came down and the project progressed to zero. This is how ineffective communication occurs in secret competition.

But just like post-00 netizens often use English abbreviations or other online words to express, it is also a "re-creation" of vocabulary. In contrast, the "black words" of young people on social networks can instead communicate in specific situations. Create higher social efficiency and create a social circle with a better atmosphere. The change of context changes the effect of "black words". Within Internet companies, "black language" itself is a language derived from the reporting culture. If frequent reports are boring and annoying, then "black language" is destined to be cope with, abstract, and soulless. There is no problem with "black talk" itself. What is problematic is the atmosphere and users that make "black talk" devalue.

Of course, it is the Internet company that decides not to use the "Internet Stereotype" after all. This is the result of the mutual influence of the company's temperament and its employees. Just as Zhang Yiming takes the lead in opposing the generation of such "black words," then there will also be companies that subtly support this kind of "black words". For professionals, they know which companies use "Internet black talk" the most.

When Internet companies create and play word games for the glamour of the facade, the efficiency will be greatly reduced. It is well known that the best and most effective way to communicate with people is to use simple, straightforward words to express one’s point of view. However, in large Internet companies that pay attention to efficiency, excessive use of abstract language is a loss of communication methods, Internet company employees, and Internet products themselves.

Unfortunately, this excessive use of abstract vocabulary is overflowing the Internet field. In many industries, the application and writing of "black words" in reports is becoming a trend. But fortunately, the reason why the "eight-legged" is a "eight-legged" is because its purpose is to deal with rather than solve. When empty vocabulary meets people who can use it reasonably and appropriately, the vocabulary itself may not be so unbearable and need to be resisted.

After all, it is the meaning of these words that are put together to achieve effective communication.

In any case, as long as the industry still exists, "black words" will always exist. But as for the "eight-legged", wake up, there will never be a way to empower. In addition to hitting your pain points, it forces you to play a set of combo punches-nothing else.

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