Why did Apple launch the purple iPhone 12 in half a year?

This year's Apple Spring Conference came later than before. Just like last autumn, it was late, but the pace was not chaotic, and new products continued.

iMac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV have all been named and updated. Just like the rainbow-colored "hello" of Cook's opening, many products in this conference are related to "color".

The colorful iMac and the purple iPhone 12 series are full of youth, youth, and liveliness. After watching the press conference, it seems that I am ten years younger.

If the launch of the colorful iMac will lead the design style of subsequent non-Pro series Mac computers, the purple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, which will be launched at the end of April, seem a bit confusing at first.

In accordance with Apple's usual rhythm, since Cook took the helm, most of the iPhone updates have been in September each year, which is the autumn conference. The protagonist of the spring conference in March is the iPad, and the two-generation iPhone SE that does not overlap with the "flagship" iPhone is also involved in the iPhone.

Judging from the update rhythm, there are about 5 months left, the iPhone 13 is coming, and the purple iPhone 12 series is still a bit late.

Continue a wave of heat for the iPhone 12

From the price point of view, the purple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini are still 6299 yuan, 5499 yuan and up. On the official website, they are the same as the iPhone 12 in other colors.

▲ 800 off if not yet listed. Picture from: Jingdong

But from the perspective of e-commerce (JD.com), after half a year of sales, the price of the iPhone 12 series is generally lower than the official website by about a thousand yuan. At the time of writing, the purple iPhone 12 series did not have any special features, and the coupons were still dropped by 800 yuan, which is close to the price of other color matching iPhone 12 series. (As for Pinduoduo, since it has not yet started to sell, we will not discuss whether it will enter the "10 billion subsidy".)

In other words, in terms of price, the purple iPhone 12 series will actually maintain the same "promotional" rhythm with the normal version of the iPhone 12, and there is no special one.

The listing at the end of April will also make up for Apple’s lack of new phones at the beginning of the year. The new color scheme will also arouse people’s attention and may boost some sales.

It can be seen from Apple's 2021 second-quarter financial report that the iPhone 12 is the most popular one in the iPhone 12 series (including the Pro series), and it can also be regarded as a hot new iPhone in recent years.

In addition to the 5G factor, the iPhone 12 series adopts a brand-new "right-angle" design language, which has more obvious features of the new machine than before. Relatively speaking, for ordinary consumers, changes in appearance will make it easier to promote consumption.

In October last year, Apple launched four new iPhones in one go. The non-Pro iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12, as well as the Pro iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. In terms of grounding, these four new phones are Apple "Small Cup", "Medium Cup", "Large Cup" and "Super Large Cup" flagships are the products of market segments.

In addition to the "size" factor, color is also a big factor.

On April 21, when Apple released the iPhone 12 purple, the number of readings on Weibo related topics directly reached 580 million. With the subsequent launch of the iPhone 12 purple, the popularity will continue to rise, and Apple's exposure will also increase.

As for sales, the purple iPhone 12 series is not a "new" product. Color is the only factor that promotes sales and will promote sales. However, in the face of overall iPhone 12 sales, it is more likely to be a drop in the bucket at present.

Is it a tribute, fashion, or consumer trend?

Friends who have some knowledge of Apple's history will feel refreshed after seeing the colorful iMac. The new iMac hides many shadows of the iMac G3, both inheritance and evolution.

The inheritance is the colorful body, the colorful keyboard and mouse with the same color as the body, and the evolution is the lightness and thinness brought by the M1 chip, which echoes the right-angled edge design of the iPhone 12 series.

▲ iMac 2021 and iMac G3.

The iMac G3 is the return of Jobs, the key to saving Apple, and the pioneering work in the use of color design.

Strictly speaking, the purple iPhone 12 is also related to Jobs. In an interview with a magazine, Jobs once revealed that purple is his favorite color, and the code name of the original iPhone project was Project Purple. In fact, I believe this is a coincidence. Apple’s product content is user experience, not spiritual totem and personality cult.

Compared to other Apple product lines, the iPhone is actually related to "color". Starting from iPhone 5s, almost every generation of iPhone will have new colors, champagne gold, rose gold, bright black and so on.

With the expansion of the iPhone product line into Pro and non-Pro series, it is completely connected with "Colorful". The non-Pro series for the masses often use more lively and youthful colors, aside from black and white, iPhone 11 also has purple, green, yellow, and red, and iPhone 12 is green, blue, and purple. The Pro series for professional users uses dark colors to show the sense of mystery and technology.

▲ iPhone 11 has six colors.

If you focus on the iPhone's special color scheme, there are many precedents. At the 2016 spring conference, the original iPhone SE used the new "rose gold" color of the iPhone 6s series.

During the Spring Festival in 2016 and 2017, the iPhone 7 series and iPhone 8 series were separately launched in "red" colors. Although they belong to Apple's Product RED series, the selected release node is very suitable for the scene, reflecting the "prosperity". Chinese New Year.

The purple that was just released this year is also related to festivals. It can be seen from Apple’s just-announced second-quarter financial report that the United States is still the market with the largest share of Apple’s revenue, which is more than twice that of Greater China, with revenue close to 40%.

The launch of the purple iPhone 12 is after Easter, filled with multi-colored easter eggs and pink sweets. At this time, the more lively "purple" is also quite "appropriate". It is also in the low season of US consumption, creating heat , Keep up with holiday consumption trends.

Color, Apple is good

Recently, Apple is constantly trying and adjusting the iPhone product line. Expanding the product line is one of them, and coloring is the second. From the birth of the first-generation iPhone to the present, Apple rarely introduced new color schemes for the new iPhone after it was launched. New color schemes are mostly introduced with the new generation of iPhone updates, such as champagne gold for iPhone 5s, rose gold for iPhone 6s, dark green for iPhone 11 Pro series, and blue for iPhone 12 Pro series.

▲ iPhone 5C.

After the expansion of the production line, the non-Pro series iPhones use colorful colors similar to the iPhone 5C style. Starting from the iPhone XR, in addition to the regular colors, some special colors are actually following the seasonal "popular colors", such as the iPhone The "Coral" of XR, the "Light Green" of iPhone 11 and the "Blue" of iPhone 12 are all popular colors recognized by the color agency Pantone.

The purple of the iPhone 12 this time is actually related to “pop”, but this trend comes from data from platforms with social attributes such as Pinterest and Behance. Compared to Pantone, it is more grounded.

▲ iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 11.

Compared with iPhone 11, the purple of iPhone 12 has a slightly higher color saturation, which is not an "elegant" style. Such bright colors with higher saturation have been used more frequently in recent years from Nordic home furnishings to fast-selling brands, and their visibility in common products has also increased, and has gradually become a consumer trend.

When the modern iPhone XR launches high-saturation color matching, we may be a little bit repulsive, but as common items no longer follow the ordinary style, but use brighter color blocks to fill in the details, then look back at the iPhone XR Coral orange, iPhone 11’s yellow and iPhone 12’s blue are much more accepted.

▲ iPhone XR.

Color is not only used to follow the trend, but also the process of "creating product series". After the expansion of the iPhone product line, for ordinary consumers, color is a good attribute to distinguish product positioning. Compared with the Pro-level only four color schemes, ordinary digital series have more colors, and are lively and youthful colors, which will leave ordinary consumers with the impression that they are colorful and entry-level, which is likely to cause damage to the product line. Cognition.

Not only the iPhone, but in recent years, the new phones of domestic mobile phones have also used more boldly in the use of colors. The colorful black and the radiant white, coupled with the use of various materials, make the colors more changeable, which is for the current young people. Consumers are more attractive and easier to show their individuality.

Regarding the application of the "colorful" design concept, Colleen Novielli, Apple's senior product marketing manager, said in an interview that "now is the age of color". Multi-color design can provide users with more personalized choices. And high-brightness colors can also arouse people's positive emotions and shorten the distance between people and technology products.

In fact, including the purple, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 also have 6 color schemes. The iPhone colorful strategy has been implemented for two years. There is no pressure on Apple's production and stocking. In view of the high sales volume of the iPhone 12, the follow-up iPhone 12 should also have a considerable product cycle. From this point of view, it seems that it is not too late to launch the iPhone 12 with a new color scheme.

Fashion is a circle, so is design. The iMac has returned to "colorfulness", and the iPhone is constantly trying and adjusting. Perhaps the purple iPhone 12 is the beginning. In the next September, we may be able to see more colorful iPhone 13 that follows the color trend of the season. Of course, it is not ruled out that Apple will release "new colors" again at the spring conference in 2022.

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