Why can’t Tencent Weibo, which comes with its own halo, fail Sina?

A few days ago, Tencent Weibo suddenly announced that it will completely stop its service on September 28. Suddenly, there was "mourning" on the Internet. Even if many people have forgotten Tencent's Weibo long ago, they have to sigh with great fanfare: Hey, my youth!

It’s not that Tencent Weibo has tried hard to "rejuvenate". In 2016, when Sina Weibo was purged, Tencent Weibo announced on Sina Weibo that "the opportunity is finally here", but most people chose "Next Certainly", after finishing speaking, I still choose Sina Weibo to keep reading.

▲ A Weibo product has to be marketed in another Weibo, which has already explained many problems

Before it was completely closed, I took the time to enter Tencent Weibo and read all the content in one go, with only one thought: "Who sent this?"

Pursuing the imprint of the times, starting from the profile picture and name

Believe me, when you see your Tencent Weibo avatar and name, a strong youthful "hu flavor" will blow your face.

Here, someone used a girl with a booger, named "The blogger gazes affectionately at this sentence."

Someone also used a crayon Xiaoxin picture with inverted eyebrows as a profile picture, holding a dynamic and superhuman comic book, and made a pitiful and somewhat "wanting hand" expression.

Of course, there are also people who are beloved teenagers of "╭ァ Dialogue ι Lingling ╮". They use Tencent Weibo to show off the Dragon Prince in the dream of Journey to the West in seconds.

As long as you have the courage, these avatars and names are not impossible to change to WeChat…it depends on when they are blocked or T out of the group.

Every piece of content is youth

Life is a process of constantly discovering that you were stupid before. This law is also applicable to the circle of friends within three days, not to mention Tencent Weibo, which has been in the past ten years.

Clicking to the last page, I saw my first Tencent Weibo: the beauty of China! It is a pity that the reprinted content has been deleted by the original author, leaving only countless room for imagination.

As for the content released nearly 2 years after that, I really blushed after reading it.

I used to show off the 1.04 MB/s network speed. In less than ten years, I have used 500M telecom fiber at home, and I felt that it was not fast enough to reach nearly 50 MB/s.

That year, HOLD sister became popular, and she changed her style in a second while making fun of her. It also gave many people spiritual encouragement. Under any circumstances, you can hold your own life. And when "Love Deal" sounded, I couldn't help but complain. When I can't find the USB flash drive, I will "show my singing voice" and call "love the drive", come back soon. Unexpectedly, nearly ten years later, I began to dislike U disk and fell into the embrace of iCloud.

I also had the honor to witness two major events. One is the birth of WeChat. I was one of the earliest users. I experienced it with Nokia E63. The walkie-talkie function you have used, I said you may not believe it. I mentioned the idea. There was also a beauty from the WeChat team. After asking for details on my WeChat, we talked about how to do this feature for about two hours.

▲ I don’t know how I got such a WeChat account back then

The other is the 3Q battle. I created "QQ Seven Honors and Seven Disgraces." This kind of shocking literary creation cell has always driven me to write.

Not only ordinary people are stupid, but also celebrities. I wonder if Zhao Liying and Wang Rong will cover their faces and laugh when they see their Tencent Weibo posts.

Tencent has a Qzone, so why does it have to do Weibo?

No one is more sensitive to user traffic than Tencent.

From 2009 to 2011, China’s Internet was turbulent for three years. Higher Internet speeds (broadband and 3G), more advanced hardware (laptops and smartphones), and richer systems (iOS, Android and WP) allowed users to try The cost of software products is lower, and behaviors become more "betrayal". They are no longer willing to be tied to a single product and choose to jump repeatedly among many products.

Just IM products, there are many products such as MSN, NetEase Bubble, Fetion, Michao, and some of them have a large number of followers.

In August 2009, Sina started its Weibo internal beta. In just over a year, the number of Weibo users on December 31, 2010 exceeded 100 million, reaching the goal that QQ had only achieved after years of development.

▲ Sina Weibo with the beta logo

On Sina Weibo’s user word-of-mouth communication, there was a scene that Tencent was most reluctant to see, and gradually formed a relatively stable chain of acquaintances. Many users’ following accounts and fans came from people they knew, and they were all manual users. "Removing" from QQ, it is also possible for Sina to find an opportunity to socialize with acquaintances.

If I remember correctly, at least for my QQ space user, after the launch of Sina Weibo, my social interactions with some friends of the same age were transferred to Sina Weibo, and the frequency of opening QQ to write and talk was significantly reduced.

It is impossible for Tencent not to be in a hurry. Tencent Weibo, which was launched quickly in April 2010, is an iron proof.

Why can't Tencent Weibo, which comes with its own halo, fail Sina?

▲ In order to distinguish Tencent Weibo from Sina Weibo, attention was changed to listen

More than a year later, in June 2011, Tencent Weibo ushered in its first highlight, announcing that it had 200 million users, leaving Sina Weibo with 140 million users far behind. No matter how you look at it, Tencent Weibo will not go to the point where it announced its closure today, but from the details, the failure of Tencent Weibo has already laid the groundwork.

Tencent Weibo is also successful in socializing with acquaintances, but also when it fails to socialize with acquaintances.

In order to quickly catch up with Sina Weibo, Tencent used the "ultimate weapon"-Diversion, in a simple and direct way to import the QQ relationship chain into Tencent Weibo, and also synced Qzone Talk to Tencent Weibo by default. Improved product data.

But from the user's point of view, there are many problems.

Talking about QQ space is more in line with the usage habits of most people at that time. Just click on the entrance in QQ to open it. In addition, there is a chain of acquaintances that have accumulated for several years. Almost every talk can get a lot of interactive feedback. , Obviously, it’s better to use the talk experience. Since the content will be automatically synchronized to Tencent's Weibo, then simply post on the Qzone.

▲ It is very convenient to jump from QQ to QQ space

The emergence of Weibo is to meet people's need to "talk in a mask". By copying the QQ relationship chain directly to Tencent Weibo, almost every user can quickly determine "who said what", and must consider "whether I want to talk like this", and gradually "stop talking". If a celebrity does not turn off the feature of syncing to Tencent's Weibo, it is estimated that the published content will create a lot of topics.

In addition, it is recognized that Tencent lacks a bit of media genes. Compared with Sina, which is a media portal, Tencent is slightly inferior in content operation or topic marketing. The combination of "news media attributes + anonymous broadcast voice + celebrity star" on Sina Weibo continued to fight, and the Chinese people who desperately needed to speak on the Internet in those days couldn't resist it.

No one thought that in 2011, the dark horse of WeChat came out halfway. It achieved a scale of 30 million users in a short period of time, adding 200,000 users daily. Therefore, Ma Huateng said, "Because of WeChat, the war on Weibo is over. This means that Weibo is no longer a key product of Tencent, and naturally it will not receive more support. It is reasonable to gradually decline.

However, for Tencent, Tencent Weibo is a strategically extremely successful product. "For Tencent, Tencent Weibo is successful. Its historical mission to snipe Sina has ended and will not be restarted." New media observer Wei Wuhui commented.

Acquaintance crisis, once again staged in acquaintance social products

For so many years, acquaintance social products have never been able to get out of the "acquaintance curse."

For example, the products of many major manufacturers are more or less built on the tree of the "acquaintance social" relationship chain, and many products use the acquaintance social relationship chain account to log in with priority even over the mobile account login.

But social interaction with acquaintances is not a panacea. I have experienced it through Tencent's Weibo. Nowadays, social products for acquaintances who are already a big business should know best. After the blooming flowers flourished, it ushered in a crisis similar to that of Tencent's Weibo-"Overdue".

▲ "Familiarity" is too much, users don't like it

Considering that acquaintances are all acquaintances in social products, people are more cautious about posting content, and no longer display it frequently or unreservedly as usual. They don’t want others to see too much of their real life and avoid being "intentionally." The risk of taking acquaintances out of context.

The performance-based mutual dignity maintained by acquaintances through real-world social relationships is vulnerable to the social relationship smasher of acquaintances' social products. Some people even thought that the more people who were seen more clearly on the social platforms of acquaintances, the more they stood on the losing side of the social game.

Today, Tencent Weibo is about to leave us. The "Sword of Acquaintances" has already come to other acquaintances' social products, waiting quietly, depending on how they crack.

Third-rate plan planner, second-rate mirror host, first-rate prodigal swingman

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