Why can these shoes be worn for a lifetime?

At the beginning of the article, I want to ask you a question:

When shopping for a pair of shoes, what factors affect your purchase decision? Is it a design? Is it functional? Durability? Or the price?

Would anyone buy a pair of shoes because they are environmentally friendly?

It is rare that shoe factories write the word "environmental protection" in the baby details page when they sell shoes. It's definitely not because they don't want to write it. They can't wait to add all the beautiful words to the business details page to make you feel excited, then click Click the buy button.

Just because they can't write.

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The running shoes we wear now usually go through dozens of processes and hundreds of processes before they can be packaged and shipped. We can roughly simplify them into "modeling"-"punching knife"-"piece"-"stitching car". The steps, and finally, each component is combined with an adhesive to create a pair of shoes.

However, the process of combining glue or adhesive in the end pollutes the environment and makes it extremely difficult to recycle worn-out shoes.

Many more shoes have added many materials that cannot be recycled for individual design or realization of certain functions. Various factors undoubtedly increase the burden on the environment.

Although many labels have noticed this, a large number of non-recyclable waste industrial products will cause serious harm to the earth’s ecology , but the reality is that few people try to change the status quo, because this requires a lot of investment and it is difficult to recover in the short term. Cost, even the possibility of cost recovery is invisible.

Consumers didn't care much about whether shoes are environmentally friendly before, and they don't have to think about it in the future, because future shoes are all environmentally friendly.

Not long ago, adidas proposed the "Three Loop Strategy" to end the environmental pollution caused by plastics in the production of sporting goods by 2024 .

The three rings refer to

Recycled Loop: The feasibility of trying to use recyclable materials in products.

Circular Loop: Recycling and reuse of used products to extend the life cycle of products.

Bionic Loop: Find materials that can meet high performance requirements without adversely affecting the natural environment.

Based on the "Three-Circle Strategy", adidas promoted the cooperation with Parley Ocean (Marine Environmental Protection Agency) to launch a joint product made from marine recycled waste.

 Image source: Parley

 Image source: adidas

adidas invited them to conduct an "internal test experience" on the shoes to obtain feedback from users on the materials, feel, and wear resistance of the LOOP running shoes, and then recycled the shoes to remake the second-generation running shoes.

 Image source: adidas

So they decided to launch a larger "open beta" campaign. The third series of ULTRABOOST DNA LOOP running shoes was officially opened to ordinary consumers, which is the protagonist of this issue.

The ULTRABOOST DNA LOOP running shoes continue the design of the previous two generations as a whole. The word ULTRABOOST appears in the name, which also shows where its appearance is derived.

After taking out the shoes from the hazy and semi-permeable soft film bag, remember to keep the bag, as it will be useful when recycling the shoes.

The body of the shoe body is white, conveying the concept of environmental protection and lightness to consumers. On the other hand, choosing this color relatively reduces the difficulty of recycling.

Looking at the appearance alone, it seems that this pair of running shoes is not much special compared to other shoes in the BOOST family.

Whether it is the touch and the body sensation behind the feet, I am no stranger.

The upper is comfortable and has been partitioned. The toe mesh is tighter and denser. The sides are more sparse and breathable. The texture to the touch is no different from the UltraBoost 20 I often wear.

There is a QR code on the tongue of the shoe. After scanning the code, you can see the related page of this pair of running shoes, where you can learn about the story behind the series, and will also receive regular interactions from the R&D team.

The Boost material jointly developed by adidas and BASF constitutes the midsole. The midsole and the heel are thick in the midsole. Visually, the word "soft elastic" has been implanted in people's minds. It has obvious resilience. Runners with palm running method should like the cushioning effect it provides.

There are thermoplastic strips on both sides of the heel for support, which can lock the heel when running to reduce the risk of foot damage. The thickness of the outsole is slightly thin, and the abrasion resistance needs further verification.

However, the torsion resistance structure is still retained at the bottom, which further reduces the risk of injury for runners. According to the promotional video of the LOOP running shoes released by adidas, the ULTRABOOST DNA LOOP is a pair capable of supporting mid-to-long distance and mid-strong pace running. French running shoes.

I wore it on asphalt and rubber roads for nearly 10 kilometers, and the pace was about 5 and a half minutes per kilometer. Its cushioning midsole gives me ample strength to accelerate, and the deformation of the upper during turning has little effect on the foot feel.

To my surprise, the grip of the outsole is more ideal than I thought, which is especially obvious when suddenly speeding up and cornering at a large angle.

At present, its performance and foot feel are very close to the running shoes currently sold by adidas. I think it will be able to meet the needs of most runners after mass production in 2021.

But having said that, adidas didn't create this pair of shoes for performance, but wanted to use it as a primer, trying to change the entire shoemaking ecology .

Because when the life of this pair of shoes is nearing the end, after recycling it will become the raw material for your next pair of LOOP running shoes, cyclically. From some perspectives, this is a shoe that can last a lifetime.

adidas based on the "three-ring strategy", they created this pair of shoes in my hands, and I sincerely hope that it can become a milestone in the shoe industry, not because of my love for this brand, but because of my The good hope of 100% recyclable and renewable technology .

 ▲Three-ring strategy

Maybe you see this resonance and want to buy it soon?

The bad news is that it is not available yet. Don't worry, this series will be officially mass-produced in 2021.

However, there is good news. Download the official adidas App, log in to the app between 14-20, enter "loop" to enter the page, or enter the adiclub week member week activity page to answer questions, and you will have a chance to win a limited edition of 50 pairs of ULTRABOOST DNA LOOP running shoes , Friends who have finished watching this issue go to make an appointment immediately.

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