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In the past, there were many niche brands and few flagship stores in the world. Only dozens of offline stores could be visited in a lifetime.

Now, there are many niche brands, and there are few flagship stores in the world, but people only need to go to one store: the brand collection store.

In recent years, brand collection stores have become more and more ubiquitous, such as beauty collection shops, toy collection shops, daily necessities collection shops… There is also a fashion collection store that is favored by capital.

▲ Picture from: KNOWIN Trend Lab

Just recently, "KNOWIN Trend Lab" completed a new round of nearly 200 million yuan in financing, which is also the largest amount of financing in the domestic offline trend collection space.

Trend collection stores similar to "KNOWIN Trend Lab" have sprung up like mushrooms after the rain.

They are in the center of the city where the land is rich in money, and they have been sought after by the young people of Generation Z in a new round.

How does KNOWIN gather the trend of young people?

On social software such as Xiaohongshu, Weibo, Douyin, etc., "KNOWIN Trend Lab" was hailed as a "trend holy land" by people who visited the store.

▲ Picture from: KNOWIN Trend Lab

What they do is a one-stop trendy life platform, where there are the latest global trend items covering clothing, sneakers, accessories, and toys.

At the end of last year, KNOWIN opened its first flagship store in Shanghai.

This store reaches 500 square meters in the bustling city center, and the overall space design is very metallic and futuristic.

At the first glance, you can see the "Eroded Bronze Hair" customized by trend circle star Daniel Asham for KNOWIN, as well as the offline debut of trendy artworks such as ROBBi "Cosmic Whirlpool" and UMAMISS Rebirth Bear.

▲ Picture from: KNOWIN Trend Lab

Creating an avant-garde, fashionable, and unique aesthetic store is the basis for contemporary young people to shop.

However, the most popular items among young people are the single products of major trendy brands displayed in the store.

There are several shoe walls categorized by popular shoe types in the store, one is Air Jordan, the other is YEEZY, and Nike Dunk, each of which is almost a global limited edition.

▲ Picture from: KNOWIN Trend Lab

Not only foreign brands, but also national fashion brands such as Li Ning and Anta are also "frequent customers" of KNOWIN shelves.

Last month, KNOWIN opened its second national flagship store in Chengdu. The flagship store on the day of opening was 17 limited edition Li-Ning sneakers.

▲ Picture from: KNOWIN Trend Lab

In the clothing area, fashion brands such as OFF-WHITE, ESSENTIALS, Supreme, etc. can be seen everywhere, and domestic fashion brands such as FOURTRY, SMFK, 40 CREW, etc. are also the main products.

▲ Picture from: KNOWIN Trend Lab

In addition to popular trendy goods, KNOWIN will also display niche designer brand clothing to incubate cutting-edge brands.

▲ Picture from: KNOWIN Trend Lab

In terms of other trendy games, blind boxes, accessories, skateboards and other commodities also occupy a small space. Although the number is not large, it can be regarded as a dazzling array.

x▲ Picture from: KNOWIN Trend Lab

Consumers have more choices and more playable space, and KNOWIN has become more of a "trend landmark" attribute.

After visiting the store, Shanghai fashion blogger "Beauty Body Color (Public Account)" also said to Ai Faner:

I feel that some shoes that can't be bought online are available here, and the display style is more comfortable and special. It can be said that it is a paradise for sneaker trend lovers.

Wang Zhangxiao, vice president of KNOWIN, hopes that this is not only a place of consumption, but also a place where everyone is willing to take pictures and check in. In the future, they will spend more time on store decoration and display aesthetics.

▲ Picture from: KNOWIN Trend Lab

Wang Zhangxiao also said to Ai Faner:

We will make more attempts in the diversity of user services, including the washing and repairing of sneakers, the customization and sale of sneakers, so that we have more opportunities to interact with users.

This is another unique feature of KNOWIN.

"Customized service" is equivalent to an exclusive customized service, where people can jointly name their favorite sneakers and any IP to create unique shoes that meet the more diverse, individual, and self-consumption needs of Generation Z consumers.

▲ Picture from: Official Account OFFWAY

In addition to the main offline camps and the online platform, KNOWIN is the first trendy pop-up store cooperating with the variety show "Trend Partners". KNOWIN will also cooperate more with Station B in the future.

This also makes KNOWIN stronger interaction with consumers, wider traffic coverage, and closer to ordinary consumers outside the trend circle.

▲ Picture from: KNOWIN Trend Lab

The new and old alternative road of trendy collection stores

It can be said that KNOWIN is a typical representative of the popular "trend collection store".

But in fact, as early as 1929 , French designer Lucien Lelong founded the prototype of the brand collection store-the first buyer's store.

In the 1950s, buyers around the world began to become popular . In the 1990s, boutique-based collection stores such as Anthropologie appeared in the United States, covering niche products in various fields such as clothing, shoes and bags, and skin care products. Many trendy brand stores have also appeared in other countries, such as Good Hood in London, Clinic in Belgium, Opening Geremony in the United States and so on.

▲ Anthropologie. Picture from: FashionUnited UK

This kind of collection store model has become popular in China, but it has been brought up by Hong Kong's multi-fashion brand fashion retailer IT.

When IT was established in 1988, it began to sell global fashion brand apparel, from international high-end fashion to Asian trendy brands, as well as its own brands b+ab, 5cm, izzue, etc.

This has also made IT popular among celebrities and fashionable people. Currently, more than 800 stores have been opened worldwide.

However, this "originator of the trend" has not had a good life in recent years. Profits are in crisis and layoffs continue to be stormy. In April this year, it was officially delisted.

▲ IT

There are three main reasons for the failure.

  • Online e-commerce is booming, making international brands within reach;
  • A large number of national trends and original design brands have emerged, and the tastes of young people have changed;
  • Under the same quality, the price of IT's own brands is almost twice as high as that of domestic brands.

Nowadays, trendy collection stores can be seen everywhere. They have absorbed the experience of the failure of previous generation collection stores. At the same time, the newer platform, combined with the current consumption trends, has developed a form that is more popular with Generation Z.

Solestage has always been in the field of fashion . It was only last month that Bubble Mart invested tens of millions in shares. They are similar to the "new generation" KNOWIN, but mainly focus on all kinds of ultra-limited sneakers, sports, fashion, and entertainment. And so on celebrities often patronize to bring goods.

▲ Solestage

There are more trendy collection stores, which have made their own characteristics and styles.

Ifidol , established in 2018 , allows international luxury brands and domestic independent designer brands to exist in a 1:1 ratio, and all kinds of trendy items are mixed and interwoven, allowing consumers to place orders only for good trendy products.

▲ ifidol

The high-end fashion brand collection store VENTUROUS has added more technologically- conscious consumption models, such as "magic full-length mirror" and "self-service vending machines", and has created a national tide platform that integrates various trends and cultures, allowing people to be online and offline at any time interactive.


YOHO! BLU is more handy in creating an "urban trend center". They will carry out various trend exchange activities in the store.

Their specially created coffee space, YO!COFFEE, is to retain consumers more time and become a "365-day trend content carrier."

▲YOHO! BLU, picture from: NOWRE

As a result, trendy collection stores have become more scene-oriented, content-oriented, and story-oriented.

Even if people don't consume, they will go to these places to go shopping, pat, and play, and shop searching is a way of socializing and way of life.


A trendy collection store that makes the trend more “popular''

The evolution of trendy collection stores originates from the evolution of consumer environments in different eras, and their popularity is closely related to each consumer.

The post-90s, post-95s, and post-00s have gradually become the main force of consumption. These also make the trendy collection stores with the highest value, the pursuit of individuality, the diversified content, and the crowd flow more attention of the Z generation.

Trend culture originated from American street culture . It was originally a niche culture. The core is rebellious, independent, and destructive. Later, fashion brands entered Harajuku, Japan, and began to diversify and evolve.

Now, the global fashion brand circle has become more daily life, and more of the spirit of Generation Z has been incorporated.

▲ Picture from: KNOWIN Trend Lab

Wang Zhangxiao also told Ai Faner that they would care about the voices of young users.

In the selection process, KNOWIN has begun to slowly guide young sneaker consignors to participate in the entire selection process, because they are the players who are really immersed in the market, and they are also the generation Z group with the dual identities of merchants and consumers. .

In addition, in addition to selecting the latest, most powerful, and most design-conscious brands and styles through subjective judgment and experience, they will also conduct objective analysis, collect feedback from users and sales data, and carry out continuous product iteration.

▲ Picture from: KNOWIN Trend Lab

After gathering more and more young and consumer users, Wang Zhangxiao said:

As a result, trendy collection stores have become a bridge connecting brands and users. More and more brands are willing to make offline debuts in our stores, and we are also co-branding with more brands to make more diversified attempts.

In recent years, the popularity of variety shows such as "China's New Rap", "This Is Street Dance", and "Fashion Partners" has even broken the original niche trend brands into a more popular view.

However, when Che Che, the chief producer of "Fashion Partners" was making the show, he discovered a problem -the connection and synesthesia between "trend" and the general public was too small.

Therefore, they let the "trend" be internalized into a life attitude in the show, inspiring people to "do not need to be like others" and "not to pursue the so-called correctness":

I think "tide" is a very personal thing. The beauty of a person lies in self-appreciation. I think I am OK, I am OK if I am fat, thin, tall, short, and dressed.

▲Picture from: "Trend Partner"

Trend culture is moving from a niche to the mainstream, and trend collection stores have more and more room for development.

They have played down some elements of violence, money, and desire in the past, creating more important styles and forms, and the trend is becoming more cutting-edge, free and fun.

But the problem is that the word "trend" itself represents flow and change.

Li Benqing, the person in charge of "Playing Things", a trendy lifestyle media, said to Ai Faner:

Behind the popularity of trendy collection stores, the biggest contradiction may be the increase in the number of trendy brands that consumers like, which cannot keep up with the opening speed of trendy collection stores.

▲ Picture from: KNOWIN Trend Lab

The old generation of trendy collection stores are aging, the new generation of trendy collection stores are coming, young people are also coming from generation to generation, and each generation has new preferences. The hobbies of the Z generation are particularly extensive and changeable.

Their perception and pursuit of trends are even beyond the imagination of the market.

Therefore, in addition to the unique selection of products, the trendy space, and the voice of users, how to create new spiritual consumption through the form of collection, create the bottom trend culture, and the trend for the masses can be stabilized and sustained.

Only trendy collection stores can become the new trend of landing.

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