Who is Geely’s opponent? It’s Xiaomi, it’s Tesla, it’s BYD, it’s Toyota Honda, it’s also me

On the evening of December 27, 2023, Geely's Jikrypton released the pure electric sedan Jikrypton 007, with a price range of 209,900 to 299,900 yuan.

On the afternoon of December 28, 2023, Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference and Xiaomi SU7 pre-launch conference were held. The appearance, interior and some performance parameters of Xiaomi's first pure electric sedan SU7 were announced, but the price was not announced.

On the evening of January 5, 2024, Geely Galaxy released the brand's first pure electric sedan, the E8, priced from 175,800 yuan.

Three pure electric cars are lined up, and two Geely cars are attacking the Xiaomi SU7 in terms of release time and price range, forming an encirclement trend, which can be described as a conspiracy. In terms of data, the launch of Xiaomi Auto and the launch of Wenjie M9 were undoubtedly the peak of car traffic last year. In terms of sales, Geely's car-making is still very popular. The car drama in 2023 is endless, and the light A river of blood has already flowed from just trying the move. It is even more difficult to imagine how fierce the hand-to-hand combat with red bayonets will be this year?

As much as Ideal is wary of Huawei, Geely should be more wary of Xiaomi

In 2023, among the three new power manufacturers of Weixiaoli, Ideal has successfully escaped the difficulties and achieved profitability in the financial statistical sense. Each of the three cars L7, L8, and L9 will be able to sell more than 10,000 units per month by the fourth quarter, far ahead of Huawei Questioning boundaries in smart car selection mode.

But what is quite abnormal is that Ideal and its founder Li Xiang have expressed their respect, fear and learning from Huawei countless times in public.

This abnormality was most obvious in the first half of last year. Many people even thought that Ideal and Li Xiang were making a fuss out of a molehill. At that time, the sales of Wenjie had already collapsed, and the other three worlds were still far away.

▲ In the first week of 2024, Wenjie’s delivery volume topped the list of new forces

However, in the second half of the year, the Wenjie M7 facelift came roaring with the potential of the Huawei Mate 60 series with the courage to break the boat. At the end of the year, the volume of the Wenjie M9 was deafening, quickly making the entire automobile industry feel the great shock of Huawei, and also confirmed Li Xiang What he said is true, Huawei is not something to be messed with.

Xiaomi Auto's popularity and the M9's reputation have been rising for a while. Although it has not proven itself in terms of products and sales, at least Lei Jun's level at the press conference has led the car industry for at least 2 years. Whoever despises it will suffer.

Cars have always been Geely's advantageous field and strategic hinterland. During the same period, independent brands hoped to work in the field of SUVs that Chinese people prefer.

▲ Ji Krypton 007

For Geely, Jikrypton 007 and Galaxy E8 shoulder dual responsibilities. First, they make Geely Automobile's new energy transformation stride forward and achieve upward breakthroughs in product strength, price and sales. Then they also consolidate their advantages in the sedan field and take the lead. After the Model 3, the space left by the Xpeng P7 series and BYD Han due to the product replacement time difference, and the defense line was built to welcome the impact from Xiaomi SU7.

Although we don’t know how Geely evaluates Xiaomi internally, whether it strategically despises or attaches great importance to Xiaomi, but at least for now, tactically, Geely’s attitude is to be prepared.

As the saying goes, "Weakness and ignorance are not obstacles to the survival of civilization, arrogance is." The comment section of Ai Faner and Dong Chehui's article about Jikrypton 007 and Galaxy E8 is full of comparisons of the appearance and product capabilities of these three cars, as well as worries. Xiaomi SU7 pricing strategy.

In short, everyone’s basic consensus is that Xiaomi SU7 cannot be more expensive than Jikrypton 007. If it is more expensive, it means it is not sincere and courageous enough; it cannot be cheaper than Galaxy E8. Firstly, it cannot be so cheap in terms of cost, and secondly, it is really For it to be so cheap, Xiaomi Motors is not a high-end brand.

Xiaomi Mi 14 is the value reference in the mobile phone circle, right? Geely has two value references here, Ji Krypton 007 sets the upper limit, and Galaxy E8 sets the lower limit.

Value for money, frugality, and slightly exceeding expectations are the overall evaluation of the Galaxy E8. It provides both an economical and practical 400V entry-level model, and a full-range 800V long-range advanced model with lidar. High-end smart car models, as well as dual-motor four-wheel drive performance models.

In terms of standard accessories, Geely Galaxy E8 can be called Geely’s breakthrough product:

  • Wind resistance 0.199cd (measured at wind speed 120KM/h), elk test 82KM/h, minimum turning radius 5.62 meters
  • Vast architecture, 5 meters long, the Galaxy concept car design is implemented
  • 8295 flagship cockpit chip, 45-inch integrated long screen
  • AI big model gets on board
  • Mobile phone interconnection, satellite communication, vehicle-mounted flying drones

Geely is the first private enterprise to manufacture cars. It was officially established in 1986, and it has been almost 38 years since its establishment this year, making it nearly middle-aged. Although Geely only made refrigerators at that time, then building materials, and then motorcycles, it was not until 1996 that it officially built cars. At 8 a.m. in August 1998, Geely's first mass-produced car, Geely Haoqing, rolled off the assembly line…

It is a predecessor and a pioneer, but it must not be an old-fashioned and rigid enterprise that is not enterprising. In terms of product form, Geely Galaxy E8 is young, technological, and future-oriented. They say that boxing is afraid of young people, but enterprises are not people, and people are We can only grow old, but companies can innovate themselves. The Galaxy E8, which has various technical points such as screens, chips, large models, and in-vehicle Internet, is also one of the cars with the lowest threshold under the vast architecture.

The Galaxy E8's architecture is of the same origin as the 001 and 007, and even the Lotus Eletre, but in Geely's view, the relationship between foundation and selling point is quite complicated. After the Galaxy E8 press conference, Ai Faner and Dong Chehui also interviewed Geely executives. Lin Jie, senior vice president of Geely Automobile Group, said:

Nowadays, consumers’ requirements for cockpits have become more advanced. In the past, it would not be in the top 10 anymore, but now it can be in the top 5. For example, when we were doing some product research, we found that the shape of a car The impact on consumers can be ranked in the top 5. One thing that cannot be ranked in the top 5 is safety. It happens that we at Geely are number one. This is a different way of thinking for an enterprise. Many people may be completely based on the user's Explicit demand is oriented, but for Geely, safety is our responsibility to consumers. Even if consumers have any changes in their needs, regarding safety, we believe that this is Geely’s first rule. This will not Change.

In addition to safety, Geely is best at frame-constructed vehicles. The great advantage of frame-constructed vehicles is that they bring a kind of driving control and performance. In the consumer demand list, it is difficult to even enter the top 10, but it is also our advantage. point.

For our early Geely products, especially high-end products, including the Lynk & Co brand, we are still not good enough in terms of smart experience in this regard. Consumers also say that your performance is nothing to say, and we recognize your safety, but in terms of smart experience Above, the comfort of seats, etc., we need to further strengthen it. We can’t just be science students, we have to supplement it in liberal arts, that is, in terms of consumer experience, we need to further strengthen it. Galaxy E8 is a special Good examples include Lynk & Co 08. We have strengthened the explicit configuration. After the product came out, it was highly recognized by consumers. The current sales of Lynk & Co 08 have exceeded 10,000 for several consecutive months, and the price has firmly occupied 220,000. interval.

But unfortunately, from Wei Xiaoli to Huawei to Xiaomi, everyone is a master at understanding needs, creating differences, and exploring selling points. Consumers also quickly recognized this set of logic, not only looking at the style, three electricity, but also To look at intelligence, look at the cockpit. Although Geely didn't understand it too early, fortunately it followed up quickly enough.

When Lei Jun talked more about manufacturing, batteries and motors at the press conference, the Galaxy E8 also paid more attention to intelligence, experience and cockpit. This is the current situation of domestic new energy vehicle competition: What you are good at, I will keep up with. Don't fall behind on what I'm good at.

Its competitors are not only Xiaomi, but also fuel vehicles, Tesla, and itself.

At the same time as the Galaxy E8 was released, many WeChat groups I belong to also began to discuss this car and the Geely Group. In addition to Xiaomi Auto, some people also believe that Geely is the most likely to become the Chinese people's own "Volkswagen" ”.

What’s interesting is that Geely’s latest brand concept is to “build smart premium cars for everyone”, which is actually almost synonymous with the Volkswagen (VW) brand. In German, Volks means people, and Wagen means cars, which is literally Above, it means making cars for the general public.

Of course, Geely Group pursues the strategy of having more children and more blessings, and has many brands. In addition to Geely, there are also Galaxy, Lynk & Co, Polestar, Lotus, Volvo, Polestar, smart, Proton, Ruilan, Long Range, and Radar. , London Electric and other car brands. In addition, there are also Shitong Daoyu, Wofei Changkong, Cao Cao Travel, Yao Travel, Top Hat Travel, etc. covering aerospace technology, material technology, and travel service sectors.

This is quite similar to the Volkswagen Group, whose car brands can only be counted on ten fingers, including Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, Skoda, Jetta, Bugatti, Scania and Ducati etc.

If Geely is compared to the Chinese people's own Volkswagen, then it is inevitable that Geely will encounter competition on all fronts. Xiaomi is just within sight, and the two models of Jikrypton 007 and Galaxy E8 may encounter rivals. In fact, at the Galaxy E8 launch conference and in interviews after the conference, Geely executives hinted at a competitive attitude.

First of all, when talking about the wind resistance of the Galaxy E8 being 0.199cd, it specifically emphasized that it was measured at a wind speed of 120KM/h, implying that Xiaomi's lower wind resistance was measured at a higher wind speed. Although the data is good, it is no match.

Then he said that making cars requires common sense and returning to user value. Showing off skills such as dancing and spinning in circles is of little significance, again alluding to BYD.

Then in the interview, Geely Automobile Group CEO Gan Jiayue described the positioning of Geely Galaxy and Ji Krypton:

Ji Krypton focuses on high-end luxury, and the Geely Galaxy series is the mainstream and popular pure electric model. The positioning of these two customers is very clear. To put it simply, Jikrypton wants to compete with Tesla.

Competition is inevitable. Sometimes, the competitor may be a brand, a model, a market, or even itself.

Gan Jiayue described the positioning of Galaxy E8 this way:

At the beginning of the creation of Galaxy E8, we positioned it as a B-class sedan, which is a very clear positioning. In the B-class sedan, we are positioning it as a mainstream flagship model. Why is it positioned as a mainstream flagship model? In fact, everyone knows very well that whether before the arrival of new energy or not, B-class sedans have always been joint venture brands and foreign brands accounting for more than 90% of sales. With the development of new energy, we believe that new energy products will definitely make a big difference in the mainstream B-class car market.

This is naturally the biggest opportunity for the Galaxy E8. If BBA's 34C users will look towards the Jikrypton brand, then users who would have considered Volkswagen and Liangda B-class cars, such as potential owners of Camry and Accord, will also be attracted to the Galaxy E8 . Therefore, in the incremental market for pure electric B-class cars, the Galaxy E8 not only wants to capture more of the pure electric market, but also wants to capture the fuel exchange market. This means treating the joint venture and foreign-funded fuel vehicle markets as its overall rivals.

▲ Xiaomi SU7

But then Lin Jie, senior vice president of Geely Automobile Group, added:

Everything we do is never directed at others. We only have users in our eyes. We cannot always focus on our opponents. The opponents may have done something wrong themselves or have left. We must follow the rules of car building and fight a protracted war. Car building is a marathon, and the one who runs the fastest may not necessarily live the longest. It’s not that Ji Krypton is eyeing Tesla or Geely is eyeing BYD. What we want to focus on is the largest one in the market, and we don’t point to anyone.

We have always believed that the automobile industry is a technology industry and an open product. Now there are new competitors. If they are strong, we will become stronger. When facing strong competitors, we can only continue to Improve yourself.

In fact, these two paragraphs may seem contradictory, but they are actually the normal state of competition:

Specifically at the model level, the Galaxy E8's competitors are Xiaomi SU7, BYD Han, and Toyota Camry; specifically at the brand level, people who buy Tesla may also be attracted by Jikrypton; specifically at the main brand level, Geely and The overlap between BYD and BYD is obvious.

But when you reach a higher dimension, you need to know why you are building a car, whether the competition has deviated from this vision and concept, and whether you are competing for the sake of competition. Competition is inevitable and competition is a means, not an end.

In the plastic greenhouse of fate, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too many pesticides once had a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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