Which one will be the best at the end of 2020? Netease Cloud, Taobao, Douban and WeChat reading, who do you pick?

Knowing that it is a routine, it is still addictive.

Not surprisingly, the year-end inventory once again maxed out the circle of friends.

Who is your favorite singer this year? What books and movies have you watched this year? Which UP master is your favorite? How long will you read this year? How much did you spend this year?

Even though we already knew that it was a "regular routine" before clicking it, we still couldn't help but go in and see what happened. Do you know how these year-end inventory "tapes" you again and again?

Inventory every year, there are many changes this year

This year, many products have launched year-end inventory.

It seems to be almost the same as last year's theme, but we feel that two major changes have taken place in this year's year-end inventory.

1. Go deeper

The year-end inventory of previous years more highlights the overall data, such as how much money you spent this year and how many songs you listened to. This year, more emphasis was placed on digging out the details of the data, and it became more humane.

2. Change of thinking

In the past few years, more emphasis was placed on sharing fission and virality. As long as the purpose of a single year-end inventory of the whole people can be achieved, the design beauty and copywriting can be sacrificed, and the brand can give way to data. This year, it is more inclined to "combination of product and effect." The brand must first promote it, and then consider refreshing the screen.

However, no matter how the external changes, the year-end inventory of users who can repeat the "routine" skills has not changed.

Which year-end inventory is worth trying?

At present, there are many products that have launched year-end inventory. We have experienced and recorded their highlights, and we recommend that you try them.

1. Taobao "Me and 2020"

Open Taobao and search "Me and 2020" to see it. Taobao's annual bill adds some macro perspectives, which is very substituting.

2. NetEase Cloud Music Annual Song Listening Report

Overall, the year-end inventory of NetEase Cloud Music is the best I have experienced so far. It not only presents the overall data, but also disassembles it from the dimensions of spring, summer, autumn and winter and song country, so that we can understand our listening preferences.

3. Book report on WeChat Reading

Compared with the refined visual effects, WeChat Reading's book report is more "rough" and has a WP feel, with a unique flavor.

4. Immediately "2020 Review"

I immediately edited some videos of 2020 together, calling on everyone to record their lives immediately, and created a circle of year-end inventory awards. After entering, you can see netizens' summaries of "every strange things", which is full of fun.

Personalization, who doesn’t love?

Different from the beginning of the year-end inventory a few years ago, it is becoming more and more personalized. The first link of NetEase Cloud Music’s "annual report" highlights this characteristic.

Here are three tips:

1. People cherish their own things, whether materially or spiritually

2. Sunk costs

3. Fuzzy gender characteristics

Before the year-end inventory is presented, NetEase Cloud Music first allows users to customize their personal images, which invisibly draws in the psychological distance with the user. The moment the user starts matching, it has actually been implied that "this year-end inventory belongs to me."

At the same time, as long as there is a sliding, it is equivalent to the user's time and energy cost. If you quit halfway, the user will feel very pity subconsciously, "If you have a match, then watch the match. The match is complete. Finish watching."

When I saw the customized image link for the first time, I was deeply impressed by the blurred gender characteristics of the accessories.

Nowadays, gender boundaries are becoming more and more blurred, and overly obvious gender characteristics may present public opinion risks. Especially for products with very large users such as NetEase Cloud Music, users with different gender characteristics are the most insurance and benefit users. Customize the image in line with personal values.

Data with temperature is more pleasing

What surprised me most this year was the WeChat reading report, which made me feel that year-end inventory is no longer a cold data calculation.

According to the data, I am a user who likes to read history books. As usual, the following books of the same kind I read will be listed directly below, but WeChat Reading is ingeniously accompanied by a sentence from Yang Zhao's "How to Read Historical Records" , Explain what is history.

When I read this passage, I have a feeling of talking to me while reading on WeChat. It is warm and deepens my good impression of it.

Similarly, NetEase Cloud Music also has similar humanity mining, telling users which countries our ears have been to, turning data into life and making it more human.

Users not only want to see rational data, but also want the data to be fresh. Even a little "humanized" processing will make people feel a lot cordial.

Take advantage of human weakness

No matter how there is external temperature, humanistic atmosphere, the core of excellent year-end inventory is cruel and ruthless, basically taking advantage of the weakness of human nature.

Few people are willing to take the time to make statistics on what they have done this year. They just hope that big data can help them out. Take a look at the key points for themselves. This is the first human weakness used in year-end inventory: laziness.

The reason why column data is preferred is to provoke the deepest desires of users for comparison and show off. For example, in the annual bills that were popular in the past few years, the figures out there are higher than one. When you see that others are lower than yourself, you are secretly proud. When you see that others are higher than yourself, you sneer. Our second human weakness-vanity, It's so pinched.

After the year-end inventory is completed, various tricks are often used to guide users to share. Two days ago, a colleague asked me what I think about sharing. I thought about it and said, label myself.

Take myself as an example. The netease cloud music year-end inventory screenshots shared to Moments are my niche songs, because this is a tabata soundtrack, which proves that I am a scarce person who loves sports, and I really listen to the most. "Earth-flavored songs" will never be shared.

In social situations, performance is the first driving force, and hypocrisy is the weakness of human nature.

Breaking the circle is more important than doing data

In any case, whether it is an external upgrade or an internal change, the purpose of year-end inventory is always to "make a lot of our own people" and let more users enter our product ecosystem.

For brands, year-end inventory is a very good low-cost way to break the circle. If you still pursue data one-sidedly as a few years ago, it will be too cost-effective.

NetEase Koala’s content marketing director Tian Jianlan once said in an interview that in 2017, the first episode of the Julia series H5 was only three days online, and the page views exceeded 5 million, resulting in 4 million conversion sales; Zhu Xiao The US series brought nearly 7 million sales conversions to NetEase Koala during the Black Friday, with an ROI close to 35…

In this way, it is even more "sweet" than the current e-commerce live broadcast.

▲ Aifaner has also been producing high-quality dynamic content to build a bridge between brands and users. The brands from left to right are vivo, Didi and Tencent.

This year, we have seen that whether it is Douban, Instant, Taobao, NetEase Cloud Music, WeChat Reading, etc., all highlight the brand in the year-end inventory, and the theme has never been separated from the brand. "Data first" gives way to "quality and efficiency." This change also reflects the changing trend of the mobile Internet to a certain extent. It is difficult to find increments. It is the best strategy to develop the stock by brand breaking the circle.

Third-rate plan planner, second-rate mirror host, first-rate prodigal swingman

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