When the “Pterodactyl” flew over Henan, the phones under it all turned on

"My fellows, you have been locked by the drone!"

This is not an exercise, but a real occurrence in the air of Mihe Town.

▲ Pterosaur-2H drone ready to go. Picture from: Aviation Industry

Contrary to the plot of the movie, this is not a god of death, but a pterodactyl.

At the same time, the people affected by the disaster in the village of Mihe Town, Gongyi City, Henan Province received a very sci-fi text message.

"The Emergency Management Department urgently dispatched a pterosaur drone to reach the sky above your town, and the public network communication can be temporarily restored."

The base station in the air hovered in the air, "the phones below are all on."

Entering the communication terminal area of ​​Mihe Town from 18:21, to 20:00, the air base station on the Wing Loong UAV "accumulatively connected with 2,572 users, generating a traffic of 1,089.89MB, and a single maximum of 648 access users."

This is the first public appearance of the Pterosaur-2H UAV and the first application of a long-endurance dual-use UAV in the face of natural disasters.

Although there is only 5 hours of communication recovery time, it is enough for a lot of information in the disaster area to pass on in an extraordinary period. It is an extraordinary means in an extraordinary period.

Pterosaur hovering for 5 hours is too short?

The accurate classification of "Pterosaur" should be a mid-to-low altitude long-endurance multi-purpose UAV. Pterosaur-1 first flew in 2007 and mass production began in 2011. Follow-up equipment to the Chinese Air Force, and export.

▲ Pterosaur-1 in the military parade to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of World War II in 2015.

Compared with 1, Pterosaur-2 has carried out body expansion and aerodynamic layout optimization, the power system has also been enhanced, and the overall performance indicators have been improved. For example, the pterosaurs-1 and 2 have also begun service one after another, and have accepted overseas orders (for the Middle East and Africa).

▲ Pterodactyl-2H. Picture from: Aviation Industry

The Pterodactyl series is benchmarked against the universal MQ-9 Raptor (Predator, also known as the Reaper), which is a drone that integrates reconnaissance and strikes at mid-to-low altitude and long-endurance.

In theory, the Pterosaur-2 has a battery life of 20 hours. However, there are two prerequisites that need to be considered, one is the deployment distance, and the other is the mission load.

The emergency communication recovery performed by the Pterosaur-2H was actually taken off from the Guizhou Anshun base thousands of miles away. With the rotor-type power, it would take 4 to 5 hours for a one-way journey, which consumed more than half of the journey.

Originally, the pterosaur-2 of the Emergency Management Department was deployed in Anshun, Guizhou. In fact, it took into account the rainy season and typhoon disasters in the Yangtze River basin and the coastal areas of Guangdong, and was not prepared for Henan, which is thousands of miles away.

▲ Pterodactyl-2H. Picture from: @CAN-MUGUA.

At the same time, the emergency recovery of communication with the Pterosaur-2 UAV is actually an unconventional method. The Pterosaur-2 with an aerial base station is actually still being tested, and more still need to participate in joint tuning with manufacturers such as Huawei and ZTE, so the emergency management department does not have large-scale procurement and deployment.

The maintenance base and equipment have not been spread out, and they can only stay in Anshun, Guizhou. Therefore, for now, taking off from Guizhou to Henan is the most reliable and efficient choice.

▲ Some parameters of Pterodactyl-2.

In addition, this time is not a reconnaissance nor a battle. The air base station carried by the Pterosaur-2H is not a “fuel-efficient lamp”. In addition, with a margin of safety, the 5-hour “Heavenly God Soldier” is also sufficient for the people in disaster areas Gratified.

And just before press time, the Pterosaur-2H drone that had returned to Anshun base last night was also rested and ready to fly to Henan again to provide network security for the rescue work of the Huazhong Cardiovascular Hospital in Fuwai, Zhongmou County, Zhengzhou City. Arrived around 18:00.

Similarly, two thousand miles back and forth, just to ensure communication.

God enters the sea, do everything

Some "pterosaurs" go to the sky for communication, and some "dolphins" enter the water for rescue.

▲ Dolphin 1 surface rescue robot.

Compared with the "Pterosaur" which is an eye-catching device, Yunzhou Technology's "Dolphin No. 1" surface rescue robot is much more low-key.

But it is closer to the front line, and may become the main emergency rescue smart device on the water in the future.

▲ Dolphin No. 1 in rescue. Picture from: @科技日报

In a nutshell, Dolphin 1 has the characteristics of rapid deployment, simple operation, and one for three. The initial design is for scenes such as large-scale rescue and material transportation for the ocean and fisheries. In the face of floods, it can quickly reach the drowning person and avoid unexpected situations for life-saving personnel.

Dolphin 1 has already been on the market and has been commercially available, including the Brighton Beach Patrol in the United Kingdom, the Gold Coast of Australia, and the emergency department of Wanshan Island in Zhuhai.

It was actually the first time it was used for floods in narrow streets, but in terms of effect, it was still very gratifying.

Unconventional equipment, very useful

Before the heavy rains in Henan, it was mentioned that drones may be more used in film and television and formation caravans, but involving large-scale applications, and most of the applications in the field of agriculture popped up in my mind. The former may be more entertaining, while the latter may not be deeply related to our lives.

▲ DJI FPV drone.

As for the large-scale long-endurance drone, it looks more like a ruthless executioner, bringing despair rather than hope.

At the time of writing this article, when I brushed the "Pterodactyl" to take off again to Henan, I would feel a sense of security inexplicably, even if it did not reach the best condition and did not achieve the optimal deployment.

▲ Pterosaur-2 with full warheads at the air show.

Similarly, for unmanned ships, the earliest recognition is that they are still facing the field of sea fishing. It is equipped with sonar and cameras to observe the position of fish in real time. This is similar to civilian drones and is partial to entertainment.

Nowadays, "Dolphin 1", which is publicly involved in flood rescue, can almost expand the rescue scope of rescuers, refreshing my understanding of unmanned ship products.

In this disaster, there are the high-profile appearance of the "Pterosaur" drone and Yunzhou Technology’s "Dolphin 1". During the previous epidemic in Guangzhou, a large number of "unmanned" vehicles were also added to get through the epidemic area. Material circulation. Even though they are not perfect, in extraordinary times, only unconventional equipment can be used.

Peter Thiel, a well-known Silicon Valley investor and author of "From Zero to One", said that 2020 is the first year of the 21st century. New economy, new technology, and new trends have been rapidly established in just one year, and the epidemic has unexpectedly become one of them. Catalyst.

Immature unmanned vehicles frequently carry supplies to the epidemic area. The "Pterosaur" drone that is still in the test phase once again flies thousands of miles away, while the Dolphin 1 that has not been used on a large scale is successively launched into the water for rescue.

After the flood and epidemic, the unmanned vehicle returned to the test state, and the safety supervisor returned to the driving position. Pterodactyl-2H returned to Guizhou Anshun base for rest and continued to test and tune the communication module. Dolphin 1 returned to the ocean and fishery. These unconventional devices return to their regular state.

Those of us who have witnessed all this will no longer equate them with entertainment when we see drones and unmanned ships again, and we will have more hope in the face of unmanned driving.

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