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  • What did the elderly ask after they got through the WeChat customer service?
  • What should I do if the cat likes paper boxes so much? Then design them well
  • This car can be charged enough in the sun
  • In a few months, Unilever will add a "carbon footprint label" to its products
  • Greyston Bakery: A company that hires people without interviews is really not super chaotic?

What did the elderly say when they got through WeChat customer service?

Some time ago, when WeChat Pay announced the launch of the customer service hotline "95017" for the elderly, everyone's feelings about it were a bit complicated-most people thought this was a good move, but they were also worried about the practicality of the hotline.

Perhaps, the stories of people who actually use this hotline can help us better understand the situation.

A recent article of "Blue Word Project" focused on the people at both ends of the hotline. It showed us that the elderly not only have difficulties in helping, but even if there are customer service guidelines, they will be worried about taking up customer service time, which is often unintelligible In this case, he hung up the phone.

For the elderly, pressing the wrong button or option during the operation will make them feel very nervous. Therefore, the customer service needs to be more patient and appease when giving guidance.

For Li Yongfu, who wants to update his ID card information, uploading his ID photo is a "threshold" for him to get stuck multiple times . Under the guidance of the customer service, he still chose the wrong photo and said anxiously:

I just clicked on the line below. I can’t delete it. Let’s do it!

In this regard, the customer service Xiao Wang first softly comforted him and told him not to worry, and then deleted the wrong photos step by step and replaced them with the right ones.

Moreover, because the elderly have the mentality of worrying about the customer service, even if the customer service guides them to complete the initial requested steps, they still need to judge. Can the elderly complete the next part independently? If not, then you should take the initiative to continue the guidance.

After all the operations are completed at the end, the customer service will also deliberately remind the elderly that if you want to open other services in the future, you can call and ask if you don't know how to operate, don't be afraid.

It is great to set up a dedicated customer service hotline for the elderly, but for Internet products, aging should mean optimizing the software design to make the operation more friendly to everyone.

Cats like cartons so much, then design cartons for them

Many cat owners have encountered such a situation-they bought a new toy for the cat, but what the cat was after was the carton from which the toy came.

Since they like it so much, design them well!

In addition to developing its cat food, snacks, furniture and toys, Cat Person, the American "cat lifestyle" DTC brand, has also specially designed the packaging boxes of these products into cat-friendly cartons.

It only requires simple assembly, and the user can convert the packaging used for delivery into three "cat castles". At the same time, this also creates a special recycling value for the packaging box.

This car can be charged enough in the sun

Charging is so troublesome, why no one installs solar panels on electric cars?

On the one hand, the charging efficiency of solar panels is basically unable to meet the needs of ordinary cars; on the other hand, the cost-effectiveness of solar panels is not high.

Amsterdam-based startup Squad Mobility came up with a "moderate" plan, and released a car that relies mainly on solar energy to charge the Squad Solar City Car, priced at approximately US$6,800 (approximately 45,000 yuan).

In the past ten years, the cost of solar panels has been greatly reduced : "Because it (the solar panel on a car) is very close to a commercial solar panel, it can be manufactured with ordinary solar panel machines… and we can also keep the price down."

This two-person car, which may be a little larger than a bicycle, is a location-based service for urban residents. It is mainly used to complete short-distance urban commuting. It has a top speed of only 28 mph and a battery life of 12 miles (about 19 kilometers).

Although these parameters sound limited, statistics indicate that nearly half of all car trips in the United States are within 3 miles, and 20% are less than 1 mile.

Of course, the Squad Solar City Car is still equipped with a portable backup battery for emergency needs. At the same time, the battery can be removed and taken home to recharge, so you don’t have to worry about not having a charging point in the parking lot.

In addition to facing individual consumers, Squad Mobility is also negotiating cooperation with city operators and car-sharing companies to provide the car as a shared car:

Cities are looking for space-saving and emission-free options. Of course, it is best to meet both requirements.

According to Squad Mobility plan, Squad Solar City Car will be mass-produced in 2022 and will first land in the European market. In September of this year, the company will announce a commercial prototype of this car.

Unilever will add a "carbon footprint label" to its products

In the future, your Menglong ice cream may not only indicate protein, sugar, fat and other nutrients, but also have a carbon footprint.

Consumer goods giant Unilever recently announced that it will begin labeling its own food with a carbon footprint at the end of this year.

The first batch of labeled products will have more than 20 models, which will be launched in the European and North American markets at the earliest. Marc Engel, Head of Unilever's Global Supply Chain, said:

We plan to extend the carbon footprint label to our entire product line in the next 2-5 years. We believe this will not only change the behavior of consumers, but also the companies in our supply chain.

At the same time, Unilever also encourages British supermarkets to designate "carbon footprint-friendly shelves", just like supermarkets will designate special areas for vegetarian products.

Last year, Unilever announced plans to achieve "net zero emissions" by 2039, and promised to work with a new generation of farmers to protect and restore forests, land, and biodiversity.

Greyston Bakery: A company that hires people without interviews is really not super chaotic?

As long as they have job vacancies, anyone who wants to work can get a job opportunity at Greyston Bakery, regardless of academic qualifications, no interviews, and no backtracking.


Beginning in 1982, Greyston Bakery, a bakery supplier in New York State, has adopted a system called "Open Hiring"-in the order in which applicants sign up, they are directly employed without interviews.

Isn't this really confusing?

We provide an opportunity, not a promise.

Although there is no interview before taking up the job, Greyston Bakery's job appraisal is never lax-if the newcomer is competent, then you can stay, if not, then leave.

However, this company will not only be responsible for recruiting people and allowing them to "grow up savagely."

For recruited employees, Greyston Bakery will not only provide job-related vocational training, but also help employees solve some of the environmental problems that hinder their work:

The people we contact may be homeless or suffer from domestic violence, so we can't just provide an employment opportunity, but become their support system so that they can remain employed.

In this way, they don't have to worry about their children being unattended or housing problems.

Only in this way can they remain efficient in their jobs and at the same time take on family responsibilities.

Greyston Bakery CEO Joe Kenner explained.

▲ Greyston Bakery CEO Joe Kenner

Surprisingly, the hiring process was eliminated, and in fact it saved the company a lot of money.

According to the person in charge of the "Open Recruitment" system, under this mechanism, the company will not only not be chaotic, but can also maintain growth. High-end ice cream brand Ben & Jerry and Amazon's Whole Foods Supermarket are all customers of Greyston Bakery.

According to the official website, Greyston Bakery can create a positive economic impact of US$11.5 million in its community southwest of Yonkers every year.

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