When the “Native Whole Home Smart Home” was released, why did Oribo dare to say that what he made was a real smart home?

What kind of smart home is a real smart home?

Yesterday afternoon, at the "Oribo 2020 New Product Launch Conference on Smart Home Strategy", Oribo CEO Wang Xionghui gave the answer: A true smart home should have active intelligence.

In this two-hour press conference, Oribo launched a variety of new products such as MixPad X, released Home AI 3.0, AI Scence 2.0 and other products, and also launched "Native Home Smart Home" and "Immersive Reality Smart", etc. The solution puts forward a lot of new ideas about smart home.

MixPad X, the first screen of smart life

The MixPad X released by Oribo is a "panoramic screen super smart panel". MixPad X is the hub of the whole house's smart home. Users can control it to link smart home appliances with touch screen and voice wake-up. It also brings together a variety of smart functions such as audio and video entertainment, display of express information, display of property information, and reminder of life payment.

The screen size of MixPad X has reached 12.3 inches, the screen ratio is 16:6, the resolution is 1920*720, and the brightness is up to 400 nits. It adopts high-definition transparent and full lamination process, and the viewing angle reaches 170°.

MixPad X uses an omnidirectional linear four-microphone array, and Oribo claims that it achieves an effective wake-up distance of 10 meters. At the same time, MixPad X also has a built-in multi-protocol smart gateway function, native built-in WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0, Zigbee 3.0 chip, can expand RS485, KNX and other protocols, a MixPadX can realize the interconnection and intercommunication of thousands of devices under different protocols, and easily break each protocol Between barriers.

MixPad X also has a 5G Pro version, built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 baseband, supports 5G network, 5G frequency band reaches 7Gbps download speed, with a 5-megapixel high-definition camera, it can achieve ultra-high-speed video intercom and cross-screen remote video calls. It can also recognize up to 50 users, 100 smart AI behaviors and gestures, and control home equipment more accurately and conveniently.

Taking into account the cost and difficulty of home improvement, MixPad X adopts anodized metal frame design, the screen durability can reach 15 years, adopts the standard 86 bottom box design, can directly replace the national standard 86 switch box for quick change, and also supports wired hanging .

Home AI 3.0, bid farewell to smart home "artificial mental retardation"

In addition to upgrading the hardware, MixPad X also ushered in a breakthrough in software, equipped with a newly upgraded Home AI 3.0.

AiScene 2.0, the super scene engine of Home AI 3.0, brings users a more intelligent experience. Users no longer need to set up various complex automation or intelligent scenes by themselves. The system will be able to adapt to time, space, environment, weather and user habits. Actively recommend more convenient preset smart scenes to users, and continue to learn and evolve.

At the same time, Home AI 3.0 has designed a new device discovery and device connection system engine Flashlink, which can help users automatically discover devices and connect more types of devices faster.

Home AI 3.0 also has a brand-new vocal interactive positioning technology to wake up nearby 2.0, built-in faster, cooler and smarter Xiaoou Butler 2.0, based on VoS360 digital vocal noise arbitration and user behavior status analysis, can quickly identify the user wake up location, and Realize a single-panel response mechanism, trigger voice wakeup more accurately, and enhance the intelligent collaboration of the whole house and all scenes.

Surprisingly, the One Step 2.0 released by Oribo adopts a brand-new patented non-wake-up voice interaction technology. Users no longer need to repeatedly say a fixed wake-up word, such as Little X classmates, Tian X wizards, etc. Voice, say phrases such as "it's dark", "a bit hot", etc. to link smart home.

The most important thing is that more than 40 hardware equipment or furniture manufacturers have connected to Home AI 3.0, such as Samsung, Midea, etc., which greatly improves the compatibility and scalability of MixPad X.

At the press conference, Oribo announced the smart home products jointly launched with Dream Baihe, Aopu, Feiyu, Guangfeng and other brands. Smart beds, water purifiers, smart bathroom heaters, smart laser TVs, etc. were all listed, showing a full range of Ecological capacity.

Two big moves reveal the strategic layout of Oribo

At the press conference, Oribo’s CEO Wang Xionghui talked about the current pain points of smart homes. Users can only add smart home appliances one by one, and the control is only based on pre-preset actions and cannot get a systematic and scene-based experience.

For example, a long time ago, the automobile industry generally made a car first. When users have more needs later, when they want a dash cam, car navigation, or car purifier, they can only choose to install it later. This way to enhance the experience is unsatisfactory. Merchants are also struggling to cope with the new needs of users and appear passive.

The same is true for smart homes. Many users generally do basic home improvement first, and then consider buying smart homes of various brands. They fall into the pit of "pseudo smart homes". The later changes are too costly and the gains outweigh the losses. It is also difficult for merchants to implement real smart home solutions on conventional home improvement.

In order to solve the pain points of users and businesses, Oribo has done two things:

1. Announced the "Ou Ruibo whole house intelligent solution", focusing on one-stop whole house intelligent design, installation and delivery

2. Launched "the first interactive smart home design tool" Zhijiayi, which allows B-end merchants to use a freely customized visual interface to show customers smart solutions and prices for the whole house

In this way, the C-side and B-side are connected in series, and both users and businesses can get a good experience.

What is the good thing about the whole house smart?

Smart home enters the second half. It is no longer a simple addition of WiFi and Bluetooth modules to traditional furniture, but a "space revolution" in the home scene. What users need is the "big home intelligence". To build the "foundation" of smart home from the source, we can expand and link various smart home products as much as possible in the future.

At the press conference, Oribo described the advantages of the "Smart Solution for the Whole House":

1. Professional intelligent design, save users worry and effort

The "Smart Solution for the Whole House" provided by Oribo, the intelligent design of the whole house and the design of home decoration are independent and parallel, taking into account the comfort of living and the intelligence of the home, one-stop whole house intelligent design, installation and delivery, and implementation of the whole Follow up on process visualization projects.

The core of the whole house intelligence is dedicated wired and wireless networks. Oribo has launched a gigabit whole house smart Wi-Fi package that provides an exclusive SSID for IoT devices, creating a powerful network framework for the whole house.

2. Break the ecological barrier and break away from the single brand bundling

The smartly decorated house in the whole house has smart genes and can smoothly access various smart home products of different ecology, all of which can be controlled by Oribo’s MixPad, breaking the ecological barrier between smart home appliances of different brands, and users no longer have to be Single brand bundling.

Whether it is Huawei HiLink, Apple HomeKit, Xiaomi Xiaoai, Xiaodu Speaker, Tmall Genie, etc., they are currently interconnected with Oribo's MixPad S, and more partners may join in the future.

3. Continue OTA upgrades to avoid "outdated" houses

Smart home products are updated at a faster rate, and there is often a situation that "last year's new products are out of date this year". Oribo’s smart home is equipped with OTA capabilities, just like mobile phones and computers, it can continuously update the system and gain more capabilities, effectively alleviating the problem of “outdated” houses.

It can be said that Oribo chooses to use MixPad X and "Smart Home Solutions" to cut into the smart home is very wise. Whoever has the backbone and skeleton of the smart home is the biggest winner.

Native intelligence, spatial revolution

At the end of the press conference, Oribo launched the whole-house smart innovation ecological cooperation ceremony with Sophia, Mousse, Jiumu kitchen and bathroom, Boss Appliances, TCL, Shiteng and other well-known home appliance brands, which proved the industry's optimism about Oribo's deep cultivation field. .

A smart home with complete ecological capabilities is a good smart home. At present, the fragmentation and fragmentation of smart homes makes many users feel a headache. Most families are limited to fixed home decoration and can only buy smart homes of various brands The single product "stuffed" into the home, which caused many problems such as poor experience, low stability, and difficulty in later upgrades, which increased the trouble.

Oribo allows users to see a new possibility-"native intelligence, space revolution", home decoration is no longer a simple "soft and hard decoration", but a one-stop whole-house intelligent design, installation and delivery, intelligent from the source Incorporate into the family and make a real smart home.

At present, the domestic real estate market has entered a mature period, and the development of smart homes is also ushering in a blowout. The home improvement industry may no longer be as simple as "installing", and someone needs to provide "integrated smart" home improvement services.

In the context of the rapid expansion of the domestic smart home market, the development of the whole house smart is ushering in a new wave. The user's understanding of "home" is undergoing a huge change. The home is upgraded from a simple living space to one person. Smart places that interact with space. This transformation is more challenging for the home improvement industry. Who can create a new pattern in the domestic whole-home smart home industry, lead the industry’s upward development, and make the future of the smart home market have unlimited possibilities. Really integrate into the user's home ecology.

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