When the car became like coffee, what changed?

Just two months after the release of "Mocha" on January 20, the second model of the WEY brand "Coffee Family"-"Macchiato" also appeared. At this rhythm, WEY brand cafes will soon be opened.

As the macchiato in the coffee category, milk foam is used to neutralize the sourness of espresso, sweet and comfortable. This is the source of Macchiato's gentle beauty. So, as a car, will Macchiato HEV give people the same feeling?

▲ Macchiato coffee, picture from: unsplash.com

The young man's eyes changed when looking at the car

For today's young people, the meaning of "cars" has changed a lot. It is no longer a simple means of transportation, nor is it all an extreme toy for racing. It can be a pet, it can be a smart living space, it can be a carrier of personality expression. The meaning of cars is becoming more colorful.

To put it simply and rudely, the young man's eyes looked at the car changed. The direction and indicators they pay attention to when evaluating the value of a car are no longer the same as before. The appearance value has become the most obvious and even the most important consideration in the decision-making of the new generation of automobile consumers. And another obvious trend is that young consumers will increasingly dominate the entire automotive consumer market. The giant engine said in the "2019 China Automotive Consumer Trends Report", "Compared with 2018-2019 investment retention, store visits, test drive The proportion of people who buy cars has increased from 4.8% in 2018 to 10.4% in 2019, with a growth rate of 114.2%, which is the strongest.” Under the premise that consumers have changed, automakers will compete with insights. This kind of change, the ability to adapt to this change and lead this change.

The appearance of Macchiato enabled the WEY brand to quickly enter the field of vision of young car consumers. In addition to attracting attention when the model name was exposed, Macchiato first attracted our attention because of its exterior design: hexagonal air intake grille, slight sloping back, simple taillights, hidden exhaust pipes, these young design languages, Let the youthful breath of Macchiato come to your face, and let young people see the unique beauty of Macchiato models.

▲WEY Macchiato

Of course, it is not enough for a car to look good, it is more essential to behave on the road. Especially considering the complex travel conditions in China, we not only have to face different road traffic conditions such as congestion, high-speed, elevated, etc., but also need to comprehensively weigh the factors of maneuverability, comfort, and economy. The difficulty lies in the natural relationship between them. Conflicts are often not so easy to reconcile. In this context, new energy vehicles, especially pure electricity, often cause the "five major anxiety", that is, comfort, safety, battery life, charging and residual value, which are five factors that can easily cause anxiety.

Macchiato can well cover low-speed travel, long-term parking, high-speed/urban ring roads and other travel scenarios on urban roads. The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 4.7L. It can be used between different working modes according to different driving conditions. Smart switching. In the process of oil-electricity connection and oil-electricity switching, almost "inductive switching" can be realized. Only a slight change in the engine allows Macchiato to obtain a purely electric smooth and quiet experience in driving. In other words, this switching is done automatically by the system, and the user does not need to perceive it, let alone manual intervention. Of course, this is the taste that Macchiato should naturally give, otherwise it would have to be renamed American.

On the whole, Macchiato aims at electric vehicles in terms of driving experience and economy, and avoids the anxiety of pure electric mileage and charging, thus bringing a more ideal travel experience to young people.

The master of internal skills behind Macchiato

Obviously, without a deep inner strength, WEY can't turn "Bai Lian Gang" into a Macchiato-like "Round Finger Soft". Behind the relief of the "Five Anxieties" through Macchiato, we may be able to glimpse the internal power of the lemon hybrid DHT it carries.

▲ Special engine for lemon hybrid

The so-called hybrid, in layman's terms, is that there are two engines installed in the car: the engine and the electric motor.

The engine is powerful, but it is fuel-consuming and noisy; the motor is quiet and frugal, but less powerful. Lemon Hybrid DHT According to the respective specialties of the engine and the motor, in different driving scenarios, different tasks are arranged for the two brothers:

When the motor has sufficient power and the vehicle speed is slow, let the motor do the work by itself, and the engine is idle, quiet and fuel-efficient!

When the battery is insufficient and the vehicle speed is below 35km, the motor is still pulling the car to run, but the engine also starts to charge the motor.

When the speed reached 35km-65km, the two brothers drove the car and ran fast, which was fast and economical.

When the vehicle speed exceeds 65km, the big brother of the engine drives the vehicle by himself at full power to ensure the speed.

When braking, the generator takes the opportunity to use the excess kinetic energy to charge itself, and no energy is wasted.

Switching between these different driving modes can achieve a fuel saving rate of up to 50%. Macchiato is equipped with the first dual-motor HEV architecture of China's independent brand independently researched and developed by WEY, which focuses on economy in urban use scenarios, and the overall efficiency of the power system can reach 43-50%.

▲ Highly integrated hybrid DHT transmission

In contrast, the lemon hybrid DHT has the advantages of more efficient full-speed range, shorter power transmission chain, and stronger engine direct drive capability.

Because of the lemon hybrid DHT, the car is not a beast to be controlled, but a cup of coffee that can be savored. Delicate, comfortable, safe and relaxing. Its lightness is the superior mental method that we must possess to overcome rigidity with softness in response to this anxious age.

The light and easy era of cars

In 1988, the Italian writer Calvino boldly predicted the aesthetics of the next millennium in the "Literature Memorandum of the Next Millennium", which he called "Lightness", and hoped that this lightness would "reduce people's heaviness." , The heaviness of the celestial bodies, the heaviness of the city." And we can already see right now that this kind of "light and easy aesthetics" is being practiced by generation Z young people, sweeping waves in various fields of economic and social life. The automobile, which was once a heavy industry, also presents another agile aesthetic temperament.

Macchiato, Lemon, when these names appear on cars, we should be aware of the arrival of an era of light and easy aesthetics belonging to cars. This naming method also vaguely reveals the subtle changes in the relationship between cars and people. In the past, cars needed people to learn, adapt, control, or conquer. It was difficult and required skills. Nowadays, people and cars are getting closer, and companionship, service, communication, and enjoyment may become the new mainstream. The younger generation of car consumers are obviously more willing to try to use this lightness to resolve Calvino's "heaviness."

But behind Qingyi, there must be a deeper understanding and exploration of technology. The relationship between them is just like "time is good" and "going forward with weight."

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