When Li Dan and Luo Xiang talked about talk shows on New Year’s Eve, it was a bit of a shadow of language programs on the Spring Festival Gala.

All New Year's Eve programs will tell you to welcome the New Year, but I still hope that everyone will remember this year.

Xiaoguo Culture's "Talk Show Anti-New Year's Eve" may be the first New Year's Eve program to be launched this year. Following Li Dan's ridicule, we saw a pure language "New Year's Eve program" for the first time.

This year's hottest talk show, join the ranks of New Year's Eve

How did the word New Year come from? When I was just in elementary school, December 31st was just a day without any special impression. It can only herald the coming of New Year's Day.

Fortunately, the economy has developed, and the New Year's Day holiday also allows people to have more time to celebrate. Film and television producers and businesses have also created the special day of "New Year's Eve".

The first shot was Hunan Satellite TV, and the 2005 New Year’s Eve was the precedent for the New Year’s Eve. This is like Ali’s Double Eleven, which gives the people an extra point of serious consumption. In recent years, TV stations with a little financial resources have been doing New Year's Eve, and the influence of video platforms that are surpassing TV stations have also declined. Station B, which received the most praise for New Year's Eve concerts last year, is one of them.

▲ Hunan TV New Year's Eve Program

When we are less and less aware of how to allocate the time on the last day of 2020, the talk show, which has won the favor of young people like Station B, has entered the battlefield.

Newcomers enter the battle, and the broadcast time of Christmas "Staggered Peak" has a sense of experimentation. This year's popularity may largely determine whether the show can continue next year.

But this year may also be the most suitable year for the talk show, after all, this year's talk show is really popular. In Shanghai, where talk shows have performed the most offline, some people have been robbing tickets for a month without winning. The crashing small program and the performance tickets robbed by the second are one of the proofs of this year's talk show.

▲ Before the talk show fire, the industry was in a downturn

Coupled with the ridicule of "talk show in the middle of the advertisement", the support of multiple sponsors and the purchase of the audience, it can be said that this year is the best experimental year for "Talk Show Anti-New Year's Eve" without losing money.

They who are frequently searched, rely on witty words to get out of the circle

What is a talk show? Defining the interesting form of a talk show is itself boring enough. So you can think of it as a sufficiently tolerant form of performance. You can sing, you can perform, you can offend or criticize.

So when the "Talk Show Against New Year's Eve" program invited a number of well-known figures such as doctor Tao Yong, lecturer Luo Xiang, and imitator Zhong Meimei, the most discussed was whether Yang Li was offended or not, and she said Is not a real talk show.

He (another talk show actor) said, you are challenging a man's bottom line. I was particularly shocked after listening: I said that men have a bottom line?

I want to please only male audiences, but it's not pleased, it's not pleased.

I feel that all the suffering in life is due to me saying: "Why do you look so ordinary but so confident."

Being too mean and too offensive, the doubts about whether Yang Li only consumes men are brought up. In addition, when former Xiaoguo talk show actor Chi Zi judged the performance of Yang Li and Luo Xiang, more and more people were discussing the extension of this performance.

In the process, a stalk that can be passed away with a smile has turned into various issues such as equal rights for men and women, professional ethics, and differentiated treatment.

Although similar controversies and golden sentences and discussions can get more attention and occupy more hot searches (although no one knows if they bought it), the new laughs of the old stalks are less surprised. On the contrary, the talk show performances of two "outsiders" Luo Xiang and Tao Yong are even more impressive.

As a law professor, Luo Xiang's talk show performance is very "professional", and he can show his knowledge in the field of criminal law as well as laughter. "Talk show is not a place outside the law." It's a ridicule that no one except Luo Xiang said this "taste". Those related to professional fields have also become the most popular sentences for the audience. For example, "If a person advertises that he is abiding by the law, this person is completely likely to be a scum." And " Always warn yourself, Luo Xiang, the only net you can indulge in is the French net. "

2020 is also a special year for Luo Xiang. Gain millions of fans at station B and become a teacher to countless users. But users will also grab a point and slam them, and choose to quit Weibo.

▲ Luo Xiang quit Weibo

So he also ridiculed this sentence generously:

The previous scolding is a good reminder that vanity has a price. Honor is limited, only virtue is eternal, this sentence should be kept in mind.

And the added sentence "but don't post it online" combined with his own experience, also got a good "smile fruit." There is deep thinking, but there is no lack of laughter. It can be said to be a very exciting debut.

And Dr. Tao Yong's performance was shocking by his attitude. He was chopped in the arm because of the patient's medical troubles, and lost the ability to pick up a scalpel, but he also took the matter out and ridiculed generously. Faced with criminal behaviors caused by patients dissatisfied with the results of surgical treatment, his response was:

I said this patient, you are really unreasonable. There were so many people in the hospital at that time, you could cut me with precision. Doesn't this mean that the vision has recovered particularly well? What effect do you want? Do I have to hit me with a dart?

Can this be ridiculed? Can this laugh too? Hearing Dr. Tao Yong's self-ridicule, the audience's surprise will probably turn into admiration and shock.

Of course, Li Chengru, Zhong Meimei, Rainbow Chorus and many other actors also performed wonderfully. But if you don’t know the "experience", you may think that both the performer and the audience are crazy.

To understand the stalks of all the actors present, the audience needs to understand the young culture, the explosion of Luo Xiang and the withdrawal of the Internet; they need to pay attention to current social events, and they need to know that a well-known ophthalmologist has been injured; they also need to have seen "Actors please take their place "All controversial clips in ", know who Zhong Meimei is.

▲The verbal confrontation that has been discussed many times in "Actors, please seat"

For users who have been mingling on Weibo all the year round, these jokes are funny and successful. But if you share it with your family, you may need to explain it to get the "smile."

Not good enough, but the talk show feels like a wonderful language show on the Spring Festival Gala

In the past Spring Festival, the most anticipated by the audience was the sketch show of Zhao Benshan's Pan Changjiang. At that time, Zhao Benshan was still the top Chinese comedian with the highest nationality.

However, the Spring Festival Gala, which has been increasingly criticized in recent years, is getting farther and farther away from the glorious moments of the past. Nothing new, copycats, disrespect for women, scratching, boring, and not funny are all their evaluations.

▲ In 2015, some sketches were accused of discrimination

The new form of talk show is being accepted by more and more young people. He laughed about serious things, exaggerated sad things, and laughed funny things. Perhaps more and more young people don't know how to watch skits, but more and more young people are willing to go to a special place to watch a talk show because they find it exciting and interesting.

Not every performance of "Talk Show Anti-New Year's Eve" is interesting, and some performances can only make people laugh embarrassingly, and too many advertisements even affect the viewing experience. Unlike the New Year's Eve concert at station B in 2019, which was well-received and diversified, "Talk Show Anti-New Year's Eve" only received a score of 7.1 on Douban and nearly 2500W of broadcast. This result can be said to be qualified, but not outstanding.

▲ The New Year's Eve concert at station B was supplemented by many audiences

It is worth noting that it made a relatively new attempt. In addition to ordinary offline performances and competitions, another "New Year's Eve" schedule was booked. In fact, the test behind the scenes is whether the audience will like this kind of personalized niche performance after watching a crowd of stars in the singing and dancing venue, even if it is on festive days like New Year's Eve and Christmas.

The small cut of the talk show itself and the grand narrative of the party did not go the same way. For talk shows, funny seems to be more important. Of course, value is also possible, but it should be ranked behind funny.

▲ Yang Li’s previous talk show performance caused a lot of discussion

And the more and more sketch stories in the party seem to be more like the jokes that you have set the main theme, and the scattered stalks are sometimes embarrassing. Perhaps the pressure of reality is too great. In recent years, this grand expression has become less and less popular with young audiences.

On the contrary, it is a new form of talk show. The actors look unremarkable, but they can make you laugh. It looks more like an aunt who is telling your mother about her husband, accidentally being heard by you. It is closer to the audience than other programs, and it is more popular with young audiences.

The word serious and talk show rarely go hand in hand. When the content of a comedy can have its own ideas, or even be slightly incorrect, young people who are less and less sensitive to grand narratives like it.

Although the show "Talk Show Against New Year's Eve" is far from being as successful, some of its performances are still enjoyable, at least not so sensational and more attitude.

If more and more people accept this seemingly unconventional language program, the talk show may one day really be on the Spring Festival Gala.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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