When Apple Watch issues a risk alert, it’s time to stop working and check it out

Regarding the question "What is Apple's greatest contribution to mankind?", Apple CEO Tim Cook once publicly stated that he hopes to firmly use the word "health" to answer in the future.

In the opening session of Apple's autumn conference in 2022, Tim Cook said that he had received thousands of letters from Apple Watch users. They shared their personal experiences of using Apple Watch, and then once again used "Dear Apple" as the name. topic, sharing some of the more representative thank-you letter stories.

A large number of consumers around the world who have benefited from Apple Watch during critical and special times have been sending letters of thanks to Apple, describing their experiences and gratitude for the functions of Apple Watch in their letters.

Tim Cook recently received and responded to an Apple Watch thank you letter from Haoming, a 17-year-old high school student from Shanghai, China.

Haoming said in the letter that thanks to the heart health reminder of Apple Watch, he went to the hospital in time and was diagnosed with myocarditis. After timely treatment, Haoming's physical condition improved quickly.

Recently, Haoming also accepted an online interview with Ai Faner. After some communication, we learned more about the incident.

It was the high heart rate reminder from Apple Watch that made me realize that the situation was not simple.

Haoming is currently 17 years old and studying at an international school in Shanghai. Due to busy studies and intense courses, in order to complete schoolwork, the frequency of staying up late is increasing.

Haoming told us that at the end of January this year, he began to feel unwell and had a high fever for 2 or 3 days, with the highest temperature reaching 40°C. But at first, Haoming and his family thought it was just a common cold and fever during the flu season, so they just planned to take some medicine at home, drink more water and have a good rest. They did not think that other diseases would occur in the body.

▲High heart rate reminder on Apple Watch

But as the condition worsened, and on the third day of high fever, Haoming began to feel some pain in his chest when he woke up in the morning, and Apple Watch also began to frequently push "high heart rate" notifications – in the inactive state, the heart rate Always higher than 120 times/minute.

That day I saw the Apple Watch pushing this high heart rate reminder several times. In fact, I didn’t feel any particular discomfort at the time, but I started to pay more attention to it after originally not taking it seriously.

Accompanied by his family, Haoming decided to go to the hospital later that day.

▲Photo by Eirc Shi on Unsplash

After multiple examinations in the hospital, Haoming was surprised by the results. One of the key laboratory indicators (appeared to be troponin) was more than 200 times higher than the normal value. The doctor diagnosed Haoming as being caused by a viral infection. Myocarditis, the situation was urgent, and hospitalization was arranged immediately.

▲ Haoming receiving treatment in the ward

Fortunately, he received medical treatment in time. After about a week of hospitalization, Haoming's physical condition gradually improved and he can now be discharged from the hospital and go home to rest.

"Without the reminder from Apple Watch, I might not have realized the seriousness of the problem," Haoming told iFan'er: "If I ignored it, the symptoms of myocarditis might become more serious or even life-threatening."

For Haoming, who is in his second year of high school, the most important thing is to seek medical treatment promptly without delaying his academic progress:

Studying in my second year of high school is already stressful enough. If I develop symptoms after school starts and seek medical treatment at that time, I will probably fall behind in my studies, or I may have to suspend school and resume studies.

From this point of view, Apple Watch can not only be used to tell time, but can also be used to regain some time when health risks are detected early.

Health tracking and testing, prevention is more important than treatment

The original Apple Watch already had a heart rate detection function. In addition to the atrial fibrillation (AFib) detection function, starting from Series 4 in 2018, Apple also added an electrocardiogram (ECG) function to the Apple Watch.

Users who experience symptoms such as rapid heartbeat or palpitations can use the Apple Watch mobile ECG atrial fibrillation prompt software to record ECG and record related symptoms. The recorded waveform, results, date, time and all symptoms recorded by the user can be exported through the Health App As a PDF document, share it with clinicians.

In addition to allowing health data to be further quantified, Apple Watch's health detection algorithm is also becoming increasingly sophisticated. It can not only record body data more accurately, but also notify users of potential health problems and even provide suggestions for taking corresponding actions.

For example, in the health app, we can see the "aerobic fitness" function, which can provide scientifically proven estimates of VO2 max (the maximum amount of oxygen the body can use during exercise), and detect aerobic fitness levels A warning notification is issued when it reaches "low" – a condition associated with the risk of serious long-term health problems.

When we see this notification, we can still exercise in time to improve our aerobic fitness level, and we can also see the changing trend of aerobic fitness through the health app.

When talking about Apple Watch health risk reminders, we are actually more curious. When users wear the watch and see health risk reminders, will they pay special attention to it?

Here at Haoming, we naturally heard the answer in the affirmative, and before this experience, Haoming also said that he had seen a risk reminder of "high heart rate" on his watch during the COVID-19 epidemic. At that time, he happened to be not feeling well. , and later the antigen test also showed positive. At that time, he understood that the Apple Watch, which was working silently, should be accurate in recording and reminding health data.

After establishing trust with Apple Watch, the corresponding feedback is that they pay more attention to data and health reminders.

Since then, Haoming has gradually established a sense of trust in Apple Watch health tracking, and has also begun to pay attention to a series of health functions on the watch. Although he is not yet 18 years old and some functions are not fully applicable, he has turned on the family sharing function in the health app so that his family can see his health data synchronously. During the recovery process of myocarditis, he also turned on the family sharing function. You can get reminders of various indicators in a timely manner.

▲ This Apple Watch is Haoming’s birthday gift

So for Haoming, this birthday gift that was originally bought just because it was "cool" has now become more meaningful. The Apple Watch on his wrist is not only a tool to check the time or notifications, but has also become his most personal health manager.

Taking some time for health is never an empty talk. We also look forward to the continued evolution of Apple Watch, which can accurately predict our potential disease risks in advance and prevent the occurrence of diseases.

However, it should be noted that the watch can only play a monitoring role. It cannot cure diseases and can only be used as an early warning reference. If you feel uncomfortable, you should go to the hospital for timely treatment. Follow the doctor's advice and remember not to hide your illness and avoid medical treatment.

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