When an IPPA photographer picks up an Android phone

As the highest award in the mobile photography industry, the annual IPPA (iPhone Photography Award) is a benchmark in the industry.

If we asked a group of IPPA photographers to pick up a photographer version of OPPO Find X3 Pro, what kind of photos would they take?

In different cities, different styles, and different techniques, what kind of killer skills will they offer?

We do not guarantee that you will be able to win an IPPA award after watching this video. But at least, you will see how much the Android phone in your hand can do that you don't know.

The road of pursuing photographic experience, like photography itself, has no end. We see that Android phones are gradually getting closer to the iPhone in technology. At the same time, they began to have some ideas of their own in the concept of photography, which also made it enough to become another lifestyle choice.

Come, watch a video, and relax.

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