WhatsApp: the feature arrives to speed up voice messages

How many times has it happened to you to write to someone and receive an audio in response, even for a few minutes, and maybe not being able to listen to it? The vowels are very comfortable for those who record them but not so much for those who have to listen to them: they greatly lengthen the response times and you are forced to listen to them all to know if there is something important. WhatsApp, however, seems to have a very interesting feature ready, which will allow you to speed up the playback of voice messages . The news comes from WABetaInfo who posted a tweet anticipating the functionality.

WhatsApp as Telegram: the feature to speed up voice messages

According to what was reported by the main news site on WhatsApp, the feature would already be tested , ready to arrive in one of the future updates for Android and iOS. While not being who knows what innovation (Telegram already provides this function), it is certainly a very convenient feature, especially when you have little time (or desire) to listen to the audio. For now there are no particular details on the feature, neither technical nor at the interface level, but the tweet has still gone viral in a short time.

The tweet from WABetaInfo on the functionality of WhatsApp to speed up voice messages.
The tweet from WABetaInfo on the functionality of WhatsApp to speed up voice messages.

At the moment, to speed up the playback of voice messages on WhatsApp it is necessary to download third-party apps. This does not happen with Telegram, which has already introduced the functionality to listen to audio at double the speed for a while. To do this, simply start the voice and click on the "2x" option in the playback bar at the top of the chat. In this way the audio will be reproduced faster, eliminating any pauses or hesitations that lengthen the times but still allowing you to understand the speech.

We can expect WhatsApp to introduce the ability to choose between different speeds and not simply double it . Ideally we could play the voice messages at 1.5x, 2x and 2.5x, depending on how fast we can speed without losing the sense of speech. It is also unclear whether the functionality will be offered automatically for each audio or whether the user will be able to activate and deactivate it from the settings.

WhatsApp and the upcoming news

After the new policies for the conditions of use that have created such a stir, WhatsApp is once again at the center of the news. The functionality anticipated by WABetaInfo has created a lot of curiosity and is making people talk about, both because it would make users' lives easier, and because perhaps it was expected to come out long ago. But the feature on voice messages is not the only novelty of the messaging app: there are also “timed” images on the way .

Also in this case, the timing of the release is not known, but there is still some more detail. The operation is similar to Instagram direct where the photo is deleted after the recipient opens it. Judging from the screenshots published, the developments of the feature seem to be well underway, but WhatsApp has not yet announced anything about it. The photos will be visible only for the duration indicated by the timer and cannot be downloaded or shared on other applications.

A WABetaInfo screen of the timed photos.
A WABetaInfo screen of the timed photos.

Another feature announced by the site is the one dedicated to Support Chat Threads , used to report bugs and malfunctions of the application. These chats will provide direct contact with WhatsApp support, which will become easier and more immediate.

At the beginning of the month, then, WhatsApp had announced the arrival of voice and video calls on the desktop application , for now only in one-to-one mode. The feature was developed following the huge increase in calls on WhatsApp last winter, due to the limitations imposed by the pandemic. In test also the possibility to modify the duration of the "timed" messages : currently they are canceled after 7 days, but in the plans of the company there is the will to allow the user to modify this default deadline.

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