WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook: the new Shops functions arrive

WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook will integrate new Shops functions . This was announced by Zuckerberg himself on his Facebook profile, describing the upcoming features to support both the user and the stores. The features, in fact, will make it easier to buy and sell products on all three platforms.

The "Shops" features on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook

A post on Facebook and some explanatory comments (but not too much): here is everything we have about the new features. Mark Zuckerberg yesterday posted an update in which he announced several new features: WhatsApp Shops, Marketplace Shops, Instagram Visual Search and Shops Ads . The features are shopping and business oriented, supporting both the user shopping experience and the shops and professionals who choose these social networks to sell their products.

The e-commerce features will involve all 3 social networks. Shop Ads will bring updates on the 3 platforms, offering users new ads, increasingly customized according to their purchasing habits and interests. The ads will guide the user through the store's collections for sale, showing him only those considered to be of interest to him . News also coming to Facebook Marketplace, for which important updates are expected to favor the stores that have chosen this platform to sell their products, so as to reach many more customers.

The new "Shops" features will facilitate buying and selling on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.
The new “Shops” features will facilitate buying and selling on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

Shops on WhatsApp are also coming, which will allow you to chat directly with the store and view the products on sale before buying them. Until now, in fact, there was no real management of the company profile even on the messaging app. For the shops it will be enough to create a company account on both Facebook and Instagram, and then be able to move on WhatsApp and offer their services, even with chat bots.

The last feature concerns Instagram, and it seems the most interesting among the others. According to Zuckerberg, I nstagram Visual Search will allow you to find products (and the stores that sell them) based on the images chosen by the user . It is not yet clear how it will be implemented, but it is easy to imagine that it will be a visual search starting from photos uploaded or found in the social feed. Snapchat and Pinterest already implement this possibility, and the integration of Instagram and Facebook with corporate accounts would make this feature one of the most useful to come.

Facebook: the other news coming soon

Not just shop: there are also new features for Facebook groups, which will involve admin and moderators. The social community is very extensive, and group management is becoming more and more complex. The new features coming will support group managers , trying to facilitate the work of managers. In detail they will arrive:

  • Admin home : a dashboard for all group settings;
  • Admin Assist : a set of automated tools to manage spam and create customized rules for some users (for example, limiting the possible actions for each);
  • Conflict Alerts : a system that uses AI to notify admins in the case of heated discussions;
  • Conversation blocking : a feature that will allow you to apply temporary restrictions on threads and conversations (without closing them completely);
  • Summary of member activities : the feature will allow you to keep track of the actions of each member of the group.
Facebook's goal is to create a cohesive and inclusive community.
Facebook's goal is to create a cohesive and inclusive community.

Facebook wants to focus a lot on groups and guarantee a certain level of "well-being" within them, as well as protect and help admins in their work. Moderating posts and checking members are complex activities that require a lot of time and special attention. It is not uncommon for there to be heated discussions among the members, for which there is often a need to put a stop to ensure a healthy coexistence and an inclusive space. With the new features, admins and moderators will be supported in the timely detection of violations and unsuitable content , in order to take immediate action.

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