WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook are offline throughout Italy

Facebook WhatsApp Instagram Offline

All the social networks owned by Mark Zuckerberg have been offline for a few minutes. Let's talk about Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Instagram Direct.

The reports, as always, were reported by the Downdetector website. In particular, the peak of the malfunction occurred at 20:08 and still has not been resolved , nor have the causes of this collapse been explained. Given that all social networks that are under the wing of Facebook Inc. are temporarily offline, it is likely that it is an overload of the servers or, at worst, a cyber attack on them.

The “least functioning” platform seems to be Instagram , with exactly 6,761 reports of malfunctions on Downdetector. Facebook follows with 570 reports and, finally, we find the WhatsApp instant messaging client, with only 75 reports. The problems are encountered both on mobile and desktop and with every operating system: iOS, Android macOS and Windows.

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Update 20:35

Over ten thousand reports for Instagram, almost 2,000 for Facebook and almost 150 for WhatsApp.

Update 20:45

The problems seem to be resolved in Italy, while they persist in foreign countries, especially those of northern Europe. Consequently, reports from Italian users are decreasing.

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