WhatsApp, incoming ephemeral chats and more: all the updates

WhatsApp today is among the most famous instant messaging applications and thanks to continuous updates and improvements it seems unstoppable. New updates are already on the horizon – what should we expect? Soon users will be able to activate a new feature, that of ephemeral chats (or disappeared mode) . The new update allows users to delete chats in "self-destruct" mode, setting everything in the privacy section of the WhatsApp settings.

WhatsApp ephemeral chat: the new update is coming
WhatsApp ephemeral chat: the new update is coming

Ephemeral chat on WhatsApp: details and features

The WABetaInfo site reported several news expected in the near future for WhatsApp. The instant messaging app created by Jan Koum and Brian Acton is working to integrate Disappearing Mode . The update will make boring chats and notifications disappear. The new disappearing mode allows the chats indicated by the user to self-destruct after a certain amount of time.

To date, the WABetaInfo site has talked about a time interval of seven days. This feature can be activated from the settings, specifically in the privacy section. When the feature is active, there will be an ad hoc switch to enable or disable the mode. Attention: every time you activate the ephemeral chats, the users who are the protagonists of the momentary conversation will be notified and will receive a notification.

The new feature will be available for both group chats and single chats ; it will also be possible to activate it for both Android and iOS in the next update. However, there is still no information and rumors about the precise date of his arrival but we only know that it is under development.

WhatsApp and updates: lots of news on the way

If you think that Disappearing Mode is the only news coming, you are wrong: WhatsApp continues to improve and innovate constantly. One of the next updates will be the ability to add reactions to messages. Users will be able to enter seven reactions. From the web preview, the reactions to messages can be found at the bottom right of the received message.

The new WhatsApp update is about reactions to messages
The new WhatsApp update is about reactions to messages

Warning: every time you add a reaction, it will be visible. When you post a reaction in a group chat, all other users will be able to see your reaction. This new update will also be valid for both Android and iOS. Minor updates will also affect the graphics of the app, which will have an increasingly innovative aspect.

WhatsApp: the origin and its evolution

The founders of WhatsApp are two former employees of Yahoo , a business services web portal: Jan Koum and Brian Acton. From their collaboration (and friendship) an innovative idea was born: to create an app to connect friends, colleagues and relatives in an absolutely new way, starting from a simple status update. For Koum and Acton, communication had to be fast, immediate and above all without advertising and interference. Thus WhatsApp was born, for which we can speak of a real social in miniature. After a turbulent start due to numerous bugs and technical problems, in November 2009 the app was added to the app store for iPhones : this moment represented the real turning point in the history of the application.

The application grows exponentially and reaches 200 million users in 2013. The confirmation of its success comes from the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook. To date, the app has more than 1 billion users. The logo, however, has never changed: its clear and immediate graphics have always been a key factor and a strength of the application, and will continue to do so. WhatsApp does not stop its success and its road is still long. There will be numerous updates and improvements coming that will continue to change and improve the way we communicate!

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