Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram down in Italy

This is nothing new, on the evening of March 19, 2021 all the major social platforms linked to Facebook, including Instagram and WhatsApp, seem to have serious problems in completing all the basic operations of the various applications, such as loading fundamental elements including images and videos.

In fact, thousands of reports on various sites such as DownDetector , which see a peak relative to the last few hours, a sign that you are not the only ones to have problems!


Facebook Down: This is nothing new

Obviously, where everything works (see Twitter), the mania for teasing Zuckerberg's services immediately started, making fun of the malfunctioning just as usually happens in these cases given the large catchment area that involves Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram and inviting you to switch to other services such as Telegram .

Although the reason for these inefficiencies is never so clear, we wonder if the model adopted by Facebook a few years ago on unifying the most used online services in the world under a single "backend" platform was a satisfactory move or not. .

A little history on Whatsapp

WhatsApp, or WhatsApp Messenger, is a centralized instant messaging application created in 2009 by WhatsApp Inc., and part of the Facebook Inc group since February 19, 2014. Originally intended for use on smartphones, a version for computers was also developed later. desktop.

The application allows its users to exchange text messages, images, video and audio files, as well as location information, documents and contact information between two people or in groups. Not just among individuals, in September 2017, Whatsapp announced a commercial platform that would allow companies to provide customer service to users on a large scale.

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