What’s the magic behind the new song that Cook helped announce?

A month ago, Ai Faner gave everyone a detailed introduction to the preparations needed to shoot an Apple conference with iPhone, and also discussed the possibility of iPhone 15 Pro replacing professional cameras.

Now, the new song MV "Delulu" by young singer Liu Boxin (Lexie) has turned the above theory into reality.

Use clever lenses to express complex emotions

When you hear this new song for the first time, a strong and complex emotion will penetrate your ears through the lyrics and arrangement. In an exclusive interview with Lexie, we learned that "Delulu" itself was used to express her mental state in the past period of time:

In fact, this is not a very pleasant song, but a very emotional and atmospheric song.

The song is a story about "the inner conflicts and romantic fantasies of a sad girl". The complex emotions inside are very prominent in the MV. Firstly, this experimental music style changes Liu Boxin's previous style, and secondly, the fast-paced shots Splicing strengthens the psychological activities of the protagonist.

When Qin Ziming, the director of the MV, mentioned the shooting concept, he mentioned that this time he wanted to use the Vlog style to reflect the "daily triviality" in Lexie's lyrics, and mobile phones are the preferred device for recording daily life, so he brought the iPhone to this shoot. During the entire filming process of the MV.

This is also the first time that he has used an iPhone to record the entire commercial film. The smaller shooting equipment has added a lot of creative inspiration to this creation.

From a large camera to a small device, Qin Ziming said that many lens concepts were unimaginable and impossible before, such as "smashing through the wall with a phone."

Due to the small size of the iPhone, the phone can be passed directly through the hole, saving a lot of post-production work, and the sense of penetration can also be very realistic.

Another benefit brought by the "small" size is that the lens can be attached to any object. Qin Ziming feels that the first-person perspective of "the heroine washing dishes" is the new possibility opened up by the iPhone in this MV.

Relying on its portability and waterproof function, the original high-cost fantasy has become a planned arrangement.

In the interview, Director Qin praised the iPhone 15 Pro Max's five-fold zoom, which was not available in the previous generation iPhone and is often used in movie shooting.

5 times can automatically compress the distance between far and near scenes, making the picture look more integrated. This is the biggest improvement of the new iPhone in shooting.

Workflow accelerator

Liu Boxin, who debuted in 2016, has been brave enough to try new things in her acting career, from participating in "China's New Rap" to singing the original voice of "Salafani" in the virtual group K/DA. Her new song "Delulu" is also A style experiment from Lexie.

The addition of iPhone gave this shooting a new experience. Liu Boxin feels that the biggest difference is that the efficiency of the entire work has been greatly improved, and many shots can be shot many times in a short period of time.

Qin Ziming stood from the director's perspective and explained to us the secret of improving work efficiency during the interview.

In the past, shooting different scenes required changing different lenses for the camera. In fact, the most time-consuming tasks on the set were changing lenses, cleaning lenses, and debugging equipment, which accounted for almost half of the shooting time.

The iPhone, which already has all the lenses, can call up lenses of different focal lengths just on the screen, which also greatly shortens the shooting time.

Therefore, the actors and staff can remain in the scene at all times, which indirectly promotes the shooting progress. The project that was originally expected to take two months was shortened to 20 days in "Delulu", and even the actual shooting on the scene was only It was officially completed in two days.

Qin Ziming did not feel that there was any running-in period when using the new equipment. At that time, he was more worried about the adaptation problem between iPhone and traditional shooting equipment. However, judging from the current experience, there was no "indigestion" in the equipment transition. Monitors, External hardware such as microphones can be fully adapted to iPhone-centric shooting.

Earlier, Qin Ziming also exchanged some experience in using equipment with Tim Cook face to face, and was able to show his works and ideas face to face with the leader.

Of course, the final masterpiece shot with the iPhone also received Cook’s recognition and blessing.

Closed apple ecology

Qin Ziming, who has already made a name for himself in the fashion industry, is a user of the Apple ecosystem:

My daily workflow is basically based on Apple’s ecosystem, from sketching on iPad to
Edit and color grade on your Mac. So using an iPhone directly as a camera in a professional setting was a natural next step for me to try, and the results have certainly exceeded my expectations.

In fact, the previous iPhone can also be used as a camera, but there are always problems such as data transmission and lens zoom that are not suitable for "professional use". When choosing a shooting host, people in the industry ultimately prefer traditional solutions.

The emergence of iPhone 15 Pro has made up for the previous regrets. The new generation of Apple mobile phones has added "Apple Log" gray film and "ProRes" shooting formats, which completely connects the source material captured in the previous stage and the professional software for post-production color correction and editing.

Simply put, these two formats can retain more data, color depth and code flow in the original film, providing as much color grading space as possible for subsequent editing.

In addition, the updated C port has doubled the data transfer rate between mobile phones and computers. Especially on the iPhone 15 Pro, the captured video can be recorded directly into the mobile hard drive, eliminating the time-consuming process of "copying the material to the hard drive". Based on this alone, the shooting time on set was at least halved.

After the iPhone is connected to an external hard drive, it has the ability to record for a long time, and there is no need to worry about insufficient storage space on the phone. This is also a standard attribute of a professional camera.

“Recording format” and “storage optimization” have brought obvious changes to iPhone 15 Pro:

  • Became a professional video equipment
  • Closed-loop Apple ecological workflow

Coupled with the smooth system and the highly praised built-in post-production software, professional videos can be shot in the future using only Apple ecological products.

It is not difficult to shoot a film with an iPhone, but the difficulty lies in whether we can take on the C-position in the professional process. It is not difficult to record videos with a mobile phone, but the difficulty lies in whether we need to use it to record our lives.

If you happen to have this plan but are worried about not having professional equipment, "Delulu" has proven the feasibility of shooting with a mobile phone through practical actions. All you have to do is open the lens and develop a habit.

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