What makes New Oriental popular is not the bilingual live broadcast

When you memorize words, Alaskan cod is jumping out of the water; when you do math, seagulls on the other side of the Pacific flutter over the city; when you study at night, the night sky in the polar map is scattered and colorful. But don't worry young man, when you are working hard for your future, those scenery you never see, those people you think you will never meet in your life are coming to you step by step

familiar? Literary? Chicken soup? How many students use this sentence to encourage themselves, and how many workers regard it as a "winner in the boss's life because you work hard".

But that's okay. No matter how literary and profound, as time goes by, we can all meet in the live broadcast room of the person who said this sentence – Douyin's New Oriental live broadcast room.

▲ Dong Yuhui, who wrote the above paragraph

In the darkest moment, the live broadcast of New Oriental only has single-digit audiences

Fangzheng's Chinese character face, humorous, confident and professional, is called "Zhongguancun Jay Chou" by students. This is Dong Yuhui, an English teacher of New Oriental.

The live broadcast started last year. For a long time, there were only 5-6 people in the live broadcast room, and 4 of them were the parents of the two anchors. This is Dong Yuhui, the anchor of New Oriental, who is nicknamed "Brother Steak".

Behind the two different identities, there are hidden the context of the times and a road for enterprises to save themselves.

▲ New Oriental’s transformation into live broadcast is for self-help

On the day the live broadcast room appeared, no one might have thought that it would have so many stories and commercial potential to be tapped. It is estimated that it has become a habit to watch the anchors start and fall on the screen of the mobile phone. And this live broadcast economy, which is called "the third revolution in business" by the founder of New Oriental, welcomed the entire New Oriental team after Luo Yonghao, the former lecturer of New Oriental. This is their self-rescue.

In mid-2021, Yu Minhong used "uncertainty" to describe the entire company's business in the New Oriental Year. At that time, New Oriental’s market value shrunk by 90%, revenue decreased by 80%, 60,000 employees were dismissed, and cash expenses such as tuition refunds, employee dismissal N+1, and teaching site lease cancellations were nearly 20 billion yuan.

A lot of money was spent, but there was still a big lack of profitable business. The unknown future was the biggest problem faced by New Oriental at that time.

▲ Yu Minhong

Under such circumstances, Yu Minhong decided to walk on two legs, one leg to continue teaching and educating people, checking for leaks and filling vacancies, and the other leg building an agricultural platform. He and hundreds of teachers helped sell agricultural products and support rural revitalization through live broadcasts. cause.

But no matter how nice it sounds, it's still doing live streaming. At that time, Yu Minhong's decision caused a lot of controversy, and New Oriental was also evaluated as "from a field of fast money to another field of fast money". The controversy is not small, but the founder Yu Minhong is determined to bring the goods.

At the end of 2021, New Oriental’s live streaming of goods will begin.

▲ In the first live broadcast of New Oriental, Yu Minhong personally brought the goods, and after that, amateur teachers were the anchors

If the reality is a cool article, then the next story is that the entrepreneur made the right decision, the first broadcast was successful, it became popular overnight, and the brand steadily and steadily became a big company in the field of education and live broadcast.

But the reality is cruel. Although Yu Minhong's debut on Douyin did not fail, it was far from Luo Yonghao's brilliant record of bringing in 300 million goods on the first day. And the data is still falling. In the two live broadcasts in January, the sales volume of "Oriental Selection" in the New Oriental live broadcast room with goods dropped sharply to more than 1,000 pieces, and the average single-stage sales in the first two months was only 170,000.

The sales volume fluctuates up and down, and when it is high, it is not high, which is worrying in itself. At the same time, New Oriental is also facing external disputes over product prices. Because the things that Dongfangxuan sells are too expensive, the rice in the Dongfangxuan live broadcast room will be much more expensive than other platforms. Although Yu Minhong responded that "although it is not the cheapest, but the quality is the best", it is an indisputable fact that in the live broadcast room that pursues low prices, few people pay.

▲ Yu Minhong is more like the spokesperson of the Oriental Selection Live Broadcast

Of course, Yu Minhong's absence is also a reason for the dismal live broadcast data. In the entire live broadcast strategy of New Oriental, Yu Minhong is more like a friendly actor, and it is an amateur teacher who "sings a big show" in front of the screen.

But this also seems to be some kind of insistence from New Oriental, which paid off in May. After entering May, the live broadcast data of Oriental Selection began to increase significantly, and sales.

Wherever it is gold, it will shine, and wherever it is a teacher, it will be a podium

More people think that this is the teachers of New Oriental – or that the anchors have become accustomed to live broadcast.

▲ New Oriental

Wired Insight has reported the difference between New Oriental anchors and other anchors.

One of the more exaggerated details is that in the more than 20 days of preparation, it took nearly two weeks to design the speech scripts of the anchors and the screencasting PPT scripts in the live broadcast room.

According to a former New Oriental employee, "There is still a week before the premiere event, and the content script is still being adjusted and updated. In addition to the product adjustment, the more important thing is that the anchors are limited and rely too much on the manuscript, and lack freedom to play. The space and state of the script will pick out a lot of detailed words on the script.”

▲ New Oriental classroom, small blackboard is standard

Compared with the average preparation work in the live broadcast industry of several days, the preparation time in the live broadcast room of New Oriental is significantly longer. I don't know if it's because of the teacher's professional habits or because of cross-border incompatibility, the anchor of the Dongfang Selection Live Room is preparing for the live room with the habit of preparing lessons.

The final result is that the live room is really like a classroom, and it is the kind of lively and interesting classroom.

To sell peaches, let's start with a long English introduction, and then come to the part of giving you knowledge. "The English of peach is Peach, and its taste is Juicy and Sweet". But the anchor of the live broadcast room also let go of the original sense of distance as a teacher. After speaking, it will make you consciously place an order and make a joke: "Are you embarrassed if you don't buy it after listening to it?"

▲ The anchors of the live broadcast room were once the ace English teachers of New Oriental

But don't underestimate the atmosphere of this bilingual live broadcast. The entire live broadcast room sold 34,000 orders of peaches, which is a world of difference from the previous day when it was unstable to sell thousands of orders.

In this live broadcast room, you can not only buy goods, but also learn words and knowledge. What is the difference in the expression of English words between a pan and a pot; how do you say blueberry in English, and what are its derivatives; what are the differences in the expressions of beef, mutton, steak, and poultry, you can learn all of these here. There are also various allusions, where is the source of the word, not only in English, but also in other disciplines such as history.

By teaching English while bringing goods, New Oriental's Oriental Selection Live Studio has successfully become the best English in the live broadcast circle, and the most able to bring goods in the English circle.

▲ Teacher Dong Yuhui, who is now a gold anchor

Other live broadcast rooms will only call you family, old iron, thank you for your gifts and expect more gifts from you. But in this live broadcast room is different, you have to be a student obediently, you can ask the teacher for some product questions, and the teacher will have more knowledge to throw to you. With this differentiated route, New Oriental has successfully become a clear stream in the live broadcast industry, known as "the most cultural live broadcast room".

In fact, once you get used to the rhythm of live streaming, and you are used to communicating with students and users on the screen, the success of New Oriental's live streaming room is predictable. After all, the teachers at New Oriental are famous for being articulate and knowledgeable, so it's not a big problem for them to talk for a few hours without stopping. As long as the humor in the classroom can be brought to the live broadcast room, this is likely to be a dimensionality reduction blow.

The live broadcast room selected by Dongfang is more like a joint name of knowledge live broadcast X live broadcast with goods. The two worked together to create this out of the circle.

▲ The combination of live broadcast and English knowledge is a rebirth for New Oriental

Everyone knows how popular the joint name is. If it's not hot, why are all the brands pushing co-branded models? The grand occasion of several brands co-branding every day has already made people understand that the joint-name is today's traffic password, which can achieve the best effect of 1+1>2. The live broadcast of New Oriental is like a joint name of the two. The goods were successfully sold, the commission was successfully recorded, and the impression that New Oriental was good at teaching English was further deepened.

Speaking of English education alone, before the epidemic, more and more education platforms shook the throne of New Oriental early. Just in its latest live broadcast, there are so many big anchors, and the competition is fierce. However, taking advantage of its own advantages in a two-pronged approach, New Oriental's English education live broadcast is like a well-built joint product, which has borrowed attention from two fields and has successfully become popular.

When it was just announced that it would invest in live streaming, the outside world was full of doubts about the prospects of New Oriental. When Yu Minhong said that providing more opportunities for teachers to transform was his original intention when he decided to enter the live broadcast industry, it was also unbelievable.

▲ Yu Minhong

But it turns out that teachers who teach well in lectures can adapt well in the live broadcast room after a period of adaptation. It's just that compared to a class that taught you knowledge in the classroom, the lecture in the live broadcast room is less serious and more interesting.

In an increasingly entertaining world, not all knowledge live broadcasts need to bring goods. But a single live broadcast of knowledge is far from enough, it needs to be more interesting and fun.

You can speak English when you bring goods, and you can also bring goods in lectures. This is really a magical world that changes rapidly.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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