What is the end of the outfit?

What should I wear today?

Are these popular, or once popular, really suitable for you?

Get rid of the coercion of fashion trends and block the noise of social platforms. This time, we choose basic models .

Comfortable, classic, and durable, the basic style is the comfort of returning to the basics, and it is also the confidence of the anti-mainstream narrative.

Embracing the basics doesn't mean getting boring. An elegant accessory or makeup is the brilliance of the finishing touch.

OPPO Find N3 Flip is just for communication and also a fashion item. Kill two birds with one stone, get the best of both worlds.

With a variety of protective cases and personalized wallpapers, wearing basic models can also shine every day.

Monday: Portable plain leather mobile phone case, full of elite feeling, fully fit with the department's weekly meeting. You can also hand-paint DIY, which is both easy and serious.

Tuesday: Survive the "busy" day, return to the normal rhythm, and the mood will bloom with the iris.

Wednesday: Pick chrysanthemums and spend Wednesday leisurely under the eastern fence. Warm and easygoing, Daisy is a great work partner.

Thursday: Be self-willed on "Crazy Thursday" and use sharp metal to declare that strangers should not come near.

Friday: It's Friday, can the weekend be far behind? The tassels swaying in the wind are like a restless heart.

Saturday: Embrace the sweet weekend with a sugar cube. Wherever it goes, it is the "meeting spot" of everyone.

Sunday: Be yourself who can be salty and sweet, be yourself who is not defined. The soft and tough "Fengfeng Yujin" has already told you for me.

Fashion dies, but style lasts forever. This sentence of Chanel is still pioneering after a hundred years.

Wear basic clothing styles with a couture lifestyle. There is no need to follow any trends, people with style naturally have their own seas.

OPPO Find N3 Flip pays tribute to every style of you.

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