What is the difference between a CMS and Website Builder?

A CMS and a Website Builder are both extremely good ways to create professional and high quality websites. It is often thought that they are the same, but they are not. In fact, based on the website you want to create and the objectives you want it to achieve, you have to choose which of the two methodologies suits your needs.

CMS vs Website Builder

With CMS you have complete control of every element of your website and you are not bound to any specific host. You can create any type of site you can think of and you will have plenty of themes and layouts to choose from. And if you don't like the standard ones, you can always make them yourself . Of course this leads to one of the disadvantages of CMS, namely maintenance , you will in fact be the one to take care of the maintenance and management of every component of your website. Precisely for these reasons you run the risk of having compatibility problems between servers or more simply you have an unintuitive interface. Also, you can move your site and domain from one host to another. They are suitable for sites with many elements .


Website Builders don't give you complete control of every single element of your website. They allow you to create your website quickly and easily and, unlike what happens with CMS, you don't have to take care of the maintenance of the various elements. They also have the advantage of offering you immediate assistance in case of problems, which differs from CSMs. Website Builders do not allow you to fully customize your site or to move from one host to another, as a result it may not meet all the needs you have on your website. They are suitable for sites with few elements .

What are CMSs?

The CMS is software running on a server on the web to be able to create, manage and customize your website. With CMS you can choose the host that best suits your needs. The host is the service that hosts your site's server. Some hosts are paid, but free website hosting is also worth it . Even non-paid hosts allow you to create themes and layouts, add plugins, and make backups. Hosts allow you to have complete control of the graphics and interface of the site.

Web sites
Website design.

With CMS you can create your website offline and put it on a server later or switch from one host to another. Based on your needs and the characteristics you want on your site you can use a certain CMS. But which sites is a CMS mainly suitable for? It is suitable for sites with a lot of content, such as Blogs, Corporate Sites, Forums and ECommerce .

What are Website Builders?

Website Builders allow you to create your website very easily, but you can only do it on the Hosting service of the builder of the platform on which you are creating the site. In fact, you only have to choose the subscription plan . This means that you do not have to take care of the maintenance and total management of the site. For this reason it is suitable for beginners or those who do not know programming languages ​​and do not want to hire someone to take care of the maintenance of the site. You will not have access to the servers, so they are not open source. If you are intent on building a site that has little content , then Website Builders are the one for you.

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You can choose from various themes and layouts, but you cannot customize them . So Website Builders are less flexible and more expensive and are useful for small websites, even business ones, and for personal blogs .

Main differences between CMS and Website Builders

There are various differences between CMS and Website Builders. Let's briefly review the main ones below:

  • CMS are used for large websites, while Website Builders are used for small websites
  • CMSs allow you to use free hosts and change them, while Website Builders are anchored to the platform builder host
  • CMS are very flexible and open source, Website Builders are not flexible and they are not open source
  • With CMS you have to take care of the maintenance of your site, also therefore of the programming of the codes and the management of the servers, the Website Builders take care of the maintenance of your site, but they do not allow you to be able to access the servers and the codes
  • Some CMSs are not very intuitive , while Website Builders are very easy and intuitive to use
  • The CMS does not guarantee you immediate assistance , you must in fact ask for support from the owners of the various services, while the Website Builders will assist you immediately.

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