What happened to the televoting of the Sanremo Festival 2024?

The 2024 Sanremo Festival found itself at the center of a media vortex , not only for the breathtaking performances and the undisputed quality of its participants, but also for an unprecedented event that concerned the televoting system. A phenomenon of participation so large as to put Rai's technological infrastructure to the test , generating delays and discontent among the public and the fan bases of the competing singers.

Televoting Sanremo 2024: record participation and impact on social media

televoting of the Sanremo Festival 2024

The final evening of the Festival saw a record participation in televoting, a figure that clearly speaks of the affection and interest that the Italian public (and not only) has towards this singing event. However, the high number of votes caused significant slowdowns, with confirmation notifications arriving hours late and, in some cases, without the confirmation SMS, effectively rendering the vote invalid.

This sparked a real uproar on social media, where artists of the caliber of Irama and Ghali expressed their concern and invited fans not to give up, continuing to vote until the long-awaited confirmation is received. Even Amadeus, from the Ariston stage, tried to reassure the public, underlining how, despite the inconveniences, the voting system was functioning properly.

Rai reassures, "No vote will be lost"

televoting of the Sanremo Festival 2024

A message of tranquility arrived from Rai: despite the technical problems, all votes will be regularly counted. This reassurance comes after a careful check with the notaries and Telecom representatives, confirming that priority was given to the acquisition of the votes themselves, to the detriment of the timeliness of the confirmation notifications. A necessary compromise in the face of an "avalanche of votes" which testifies to the liveliness and importance of the Sanremo Festival in the Italian cultural panorama.

However, it should be noted that, in numerous cases, the voting messages were not actually sent by the sender and the credit was not deducted, which meant that many votes, despite the reassurances provided by Rai, were not counted.

The final: between winners and technology The 2024 Sanremo Festival recorded a record number of televoting, causing slowdowns and the system's collapse, despite this, Rai assures that no vote will be lost. The situation has generated protests on social media, but Amadeus reassures: "Everything is normal, unprecedented traffic". Trust me

The final saw Angelina Mango triumph with the song "La Noia", marking the return of a woman to the top step of the podium after ten years. This success, together with the excellent performances of artists such as Mahmood, Diodato and The Kolors, demonstrates how Sanremo continues to be an essential point of reference for Italian music, capable of launching talents and consolidating careers.

The story of this year's televoting, however, highlights an increasingly crucial aspect in events of this magnitude: the importance of technological infrastructures capable of matching the passion and enthusiasm that the Festival can generate . A warning and, at the same time, a challenge for future editions, in the hope of guaranteeing a fluid and inclusive experience for all spectators.

The 2024 Sanremo Festival will remain in the memory not only for its musical notes, but also for having demonstrated that, for better or for worse, technology is now an integral part of our cultural and social experience, an indispensable bridge between the stage and the public, even when it has to manage "unprecedented traffic".

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