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This is Apple’s promotional slogan for the upcoming WWDC. Mark Gurman, a well-known media person, said that Apple internally regards iOS 18 as the most important update in history.

In the upcoming WWDC24 keynote speech, the introduction of AI-related functions will also account for about half of the time. Apple has also given its AI plan a new name – "Apple Intelligence".

It has to be said that the entire industry is currently at an important point where AI is gradually moving toward application. After the previous wave of "AI battles" between OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft, it would really be unjustifiable if Apple does not come up with something real.

We have previously taken stock of the changes that Siri may have in WWDC24. Since it is "all the news is loaded", the upgrades brought by AI are definitely not limited to Siri. Let's take a look at what else Apple will bring to us in addition to Siri. It's a surprise.

Summary of the twelve major AI features of iOS 18:

  • Photos: AI photo optimization and AI photo retouching .
  • iMessage: custom emoticons ; RCS support or will enable it to send iMessage messages to Android phones ; more convenient message and email organization, review, and summary ; AI generates complete reply content.
  • Siri and Shortcuts: A more precise and intelligent Siri with more per-app control; Shortcuts make it easier to automate complex tasks .
  • Safari: A browsing assistant that can summarize web content ; a "webpage eraser" tool.
  • Settings: Improved interface; improved search functionality; added new accessibility features .
  • Voice memos and notes: audio transcription function; AI automatically summarizes meeting minutes ; the linked calculator APP recognizes mathematical equations, provides answers and generates charts.
  • Apple Music: Automatically generated playlists and smarter playlists and song conversions.
  • Apple Maps: Customizable route planning and terrain map display.
  • Fitness and health: It may be completely transformed and add new AI-driven features .
  • CarPlay: New accessibility features , including voice recognition.
  • Xcode: AI empowerment helps programmers program and test.
  • Interface changes: Customized arrangement of application icons on the home screen; changing the color of application icons; new control center interface and reorganization of some controls; AI-generated notification summary.

Apple WWDC24 will be held at 1 am on June 11th, Beijing time. We will bring you the latest reports at Apple Park, so stay tuned.

AI photo erasure with one click and iMessage that can be sent to Android phones

Nowadays, among many mobile phone manufacturers, taking pictures is an important content that is constantly being "rolled". Not only does taking pictures require "rolling", but photo processing is also a "compulsory course".

Now Apple may also join in, providing AI optimization for photo exposure, color and contrast, and also bringing a new AI photo editor.

In addition to normal functions such as cropping, rotating, and filtering, the AI ​​photo editor can also identify specific elements in the photo, such as facial features, etc., and provide intelligent editing options. Unexpectedly, Apple Photos has always been known for its "realism" We should also start supporting beauty.

In addition, it also brings a photo "cleaning" function, which is to erase some unwanted passers-by and objects from the photo, and may support voice operations through Siri.

But in fact, this feature has gradually become standard on many Android devices. I wonder if Apple will add some new gameplay.

There are also reports that Apple has developed an application called Generative Playground, which can use AI to generate and edit images, and is currently only for internal use.

Some commentators believe this will come through iMessage integration or in the form of an app extension, allowing for instant creation of custom emojis based on the content of messages sent.

There are also reports that Apple will introduce RCS instant messaging function to iMessage. Apple users will be able to send iMessage text messages with Android users, providing a better cross-platform communication experience.

In addition, iMessage will also be able to recap and summarize missed text messages and generate reply suggestions, etc.

Safari with built-in ad blocking

Safari, the iPhone’s built-in browser, will also receive an AI upgrade in iOS 18.

Bloggers who have tried the internal beta version said that Apple will add a smart search function to Safari. Users can get AI reviews of Safari web pages and news articles. It is considered to be somewhat similar to the application of an upgraded version of smart image recognition on web pages. .

Others, such as speeding up search response and updating the experience, are more routine.

In addition, Apple may also add a wipe function to Safari, which can be used to block page ads that appear on web pages.

This feature obviously touched the "cheese" of some people. As soon as the news came out, it caused dissatisfaction among some organizations. After all, if every Apple product could block ads with one click, those websites whose main source is advertising would not be able to survive. Went down.

Some news editors also expressed concern that this feature would selectively change or delete article content, thereby changing the meaning of the original text. After this turmoil, there is a question mark as to whether this function of "destroying people's financial paths" can be launched online.

Notes and math notes powered by AI

Transcription and summarization functions in Notes App: New artificial intelligence tools allow users to edit audio, conduct speech transcription and text summarization in Notes App.

In addition, Notes also adds support for mathematical symbols and can be linked with calculator apps. Math Notes recognizes mathematical equations and provides solutions and generates graphs.

According to people familiar with the matter, Apple is also working on improving math-related input functions, namely "keyboard math prediction." This function is similar to the word association function in input methods. The system can recognize complex mathematical expressions and provide Autocomplete suggestions.

Obviously this feature is good news for many students and users who need to help their children with their homework.

Apple Music will have an enhanced version of "Guess You Like"

Although Apple Music has not always been very popular, in fact, in terms of the richness of the music library and the sound quality, it is very good among music apps. There are often free activities for us to "gather wool" and listen to Jay Chou's "Who Tempts You" for free. Can you withstand it?

However, like many other Apple official apps, Apple Music has been criticized for its song list arrangement and algorithm recommendation, and the addition of AI may change this problem.

After integrating AI, Apple Music can automatically generate playlists based on user preferences and listening habits, which is equivalent to an enhanced version of "Guess You Like".

Comprehensive upgrade of native applications powered by AI

Apple has previously announced a series of new changes including eye tracking, anti-motion sickness, etc., and a series of other native applications, such as health, fitness, email, etc., are also likely to be fully integrated with AI in this update.

Spotlight will also undergo an AI upgrade to enable it to deal with more complex problems; a new generation of CarPlay may also arrive together; the notification bar with AI support will also have a better AI summary function, which can intelligently organize missed messages based on user habits. Notifications, web pages, documents, notes, etc., reducing the trouble of accidentally having hundreds of notifications in the information bar.

Smart Island may also become more intelligent with the blessing of AI, and some new functions with the blessing of AI will appear. For example, when a user appears in a new location, real-time traffic conditions are automatically displayed. Although this function is not difficult to implement, given Apple's emphasis on privacy protection, it may not appear on iOS.

In addition to these, iOS 18 will also undergo huge changes in appearance. Gurman said that iOS will allow users to freely place App icons and also provide the function of customizing App icons. Maybe we can create our favorite themes like on Android phones?

The Notification Center also allows users to reorganize some controls directly on the interface, which will become the largest redesign of the Control Center since the release of iOS 11 in 2017.

This large-scale AI integration of native applications, coupled with various appearance upgrades, makes iOS 18 more significant changes from previous system updates. Perhaps this is an important reason why Apple internally believes that "iOS 18 will be the biggest update."

Accessibility functions have always been favored by people with disabilities. This time, they will also usher in a series of optimizations. It is expected that new accessibility menus, better-used full voice operation commands, etc. will be provided. Use the Action Button to bring up AI assistance. It will also be more convenient.

There are also reports that Apple will add a stronger "hearing aid" mode to AirPods Pro so that it can better help the hearing-impaired.

People familiar with the matter revealed that Apple will upgrade Xcode to use AI to assist in programming and check whether the code is correct to simplify the software development and design process.

Some researchers said that Apple may also release a new "AI App Store" at WWDC24, which will include AI applications provided by major suppliers to continue Apple's position in the AI ​​era.

Future plan

Last year at WWDC, Vision Pro as One More Thing really brought us a lot of surprises. Although this year will not bring us new hardware, it will show us more optimizations of VisionOS and space applications. actual case.

The "WWDC24" on the previous WWDC24 invitation letter changed to "WDC24", and it was also speculated that this was hinting at visionOS 2.0. After all, Vision Pro is also one of Apple's focuses in the next decade. As sales are about to be launched globally, showing more potential of Vision Pro is also an advertisement in advance.

Not long ago, it was reported that Cook had reached an agreement with Sam Altman. Although the details of the agreement were not announced, there is speculation that OpenAI may provide Apple with a small model that is more convenient for local deployment, allowing it to run the model locally. Ensure privacy and security.

However, there are also various signs that Apple's cooperation with OpenAI is only a stopgap measure for now, and it will continue to focus on developing its own generative AI technology in the future. By independently developing AI algorithms, improving AI chip performance, expanding AI application scenarios, and building a developer ecosystem, Apple has the opportunity to bring us more surprises.

AI has really impacted Apple’s “moat”

The recent share price of Nvidia surpassed that of Apple, which is considered an epoch-making event.

After all, a very important reason why Apple was so successful in the past was that the iPhone successfully led the mobile Internet era, but now the train of the era has arrived at the AI ​​platform, and Apple is missing from the platform.

This is not only because Siri is obviously "far behind" compared to artificial assistants powered by AI such as GPT-4o, but also because the development of AI and related applications is really impacting the Apple ecosystem.

I believe that for many people, when it comes to "artificial intelligence", the first thing that comes to mind is an "all-round assistant" like "Jarvis". Regardless of various popular AI applications such as GPT-4o, or even various types of AI hardware, they all seem to be working in this direction.

Although this was once Siri's original goal, as that day gets closer, it means that users' demand for apps with scattered functions will also decrease, which will undoubtedly have a certain impact on the status of the App Store. Influence.

However, from a more feasible perspective, compared to creating a large and comprehensive "all-round AI assistant", integrating AI into existing applications can not only take advantage of Apple's existing advantages in user numbers and ecology, but may also A more friendly option for the average user.

After all, the ultimate goal of consumers is to make life more convenient and have a better experience. If Apple can rely on its existing advantages to bring us a better experience in iOS 18, then Apple will be in this "AI competition" It can still stand, as Cook said on the most recent quarterly earnings call:

We firmly believe in the transformative power of AI and its potential, and we believe we have the advantages to stand out in this new era, including Apple's unique ability to integrate software, hardware and services.

The "College Entrance Examination" on AI has begun, let us wait for Apple's answer sheet.

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