What are the fans doing outside the 90 minutes of the World Cup?

The whole world is carnival for football, so that everyone around is a fan.

At this time, everyone seems to forget that football is actually a sport with thresholds. A large part of the people who watch football may not know the specific rules of football. Just watching 22 big men running around on the football field for more than 90 minutes, sometimes without scoring a goal, may be a bit boring for viewers who are used to fast short video consumption.

But it doesn't matter, the real fans will shoot.

Not only to give the ball to Messi, but also to the fans

The reason why football can become the world's largest sport is not only the wonderful game itself, but also the superb ability of fans to create trouble. An ordinary game can be crazy to make up jokes, make memes, and let the memes spread one by one.

Why did Neymar roll over? Why did Benzema take the blame? Where did the Dutch-French tradition of infighting begin?

▲Picture of Benzema on horseback made by netizens

There are no fans who continue to make meme output, these things are just some details in the game, lace news that can be seen off the field, but because of the various meme pictures created by the fans, these stories have become classics, even after the players retire Timeless.

Just like the competitive arena always gives the ball to the core, more and more brands have realized the powerful creative ability of fans. When Yili was doing marketing, it also began to give the ball to fans, even if the "ball" was just a small packaging box, and the "ball" was just a milk carton with the image of a star.

▲ Give the ball to Messi

The new milk box tells you that this World Cup is not a joke except that there is no Chinese team and all Chinese elements. The commercials of domestic brands worked hard, the logo of Boss’ direct employment was widely complained about, and fans smashed TVs and Zhuan Zhuan immediately came forward to claim them. But these efforts do not include the national football team. Even in the game where Yili invited fans to modify the milk cartons, no one wanted to put the national football team on the milk cartons.

They would rather use Cai Xukun's shape to splice Giao's head for creativity, and they don't want to help the national football team P to the Yili milk box where all the stars are.

They can cut out the silhouettes of Ronaldo and Beckham, match it with the crazy Thursday, and let you "V me 50, tell you the star's revenge plan".

They can also directly paint the headscarf on the Argentine team, so that Argentina, which is traveling overseas, looks like a local team.

The strongest is the innovation based on current events. Beckham and the prince worth over 100 million stood together. Fans gave Beckham a stick figure of a prince on the milk box, showing the real "nearly one billion people".

Do you think this is the embodiment of fans' creative ability? If you look at Ronaldo, you will know that these are just a small test of the fans for the BRIC prizes in the box competition.

Ronaldo, are you Du Fu in the Chinese book?

Love it, just can't help but pay attention to him. Fans' love for Ronaldo is not limited to attention, they will also "arrange" Ronaldo.

It is a kind of "arrangement" that Ronaldo vomits milk when swiping in the circle of friends.

"Milk" is common in the football circle. This is not real milk, but the "milk" in "World of Warcraft", which will superimpose the blood loss effect instead of being treated by a priest. In the competitive circle, "milking" is more like a kind of casual flattery. The more optimistic you are, the more you praise who, and that side is more likely to lose in joint games. It is not uncommon for fans of both sides to "milk" each other before the game.

Fans are no longer satisfied with refusing "milk" on their own, and stars have to play in person. The same is true for Ronaldo spitting milk. Fans found Ronaldo printed on the milk box, and directly touched their mouths. A hole was pierced in Ronaldo's mouth on the milk box, and the milk flowed out from Ronaldo's mouth, vividly performing what is called spitting up and rejecting milk.

To be exaggerated, I don’t want the straw hole prepared by the original milk carton, but poke the straw into Ronaldo’s “mouth” to interact with distant stars. Poking a hole and pouring milk to make coffee can also become "C Ronaldo makes coffee for you".

This is only a limited milk box for Yili Dream Team, but it is not just a milk box after fans play it. Yili prints football stars on the milk box, just like printing Du Fu’s illustrations on the language books back then—what they look like is determined by the people who use you.

"Spitting milk" is to prevent fans from poisoning milk, and it is a strategic defense. In order to improve the luck of the players, the fans are also obliged to work. First draw a "European air tank" for Ronaldo on the milk box, and then put on a mask for Ronaldo. From then on, every breath he takes has become European air, full of luck.

Although the painting is not very delicate, but it has the meaning to express. This may be the real soul painter.

The homophonic stalk is never absent, and Ronaldo's "Luo" can also be the "radish" of pineapple. It is not good to break ground on Tai Sui's head, but planting pineapples on Ronaldo's head complements each other. A small box, keeping Ronaldo's body and head, and cutting off the others to grow small pineapples. So far, this milk box has become Ronaldo's relative "Bo Luo".

It’s just that compared with cloisonné enamel, manual work such as painting and paper-cutting are still entry-level. If you really want to play the dress-up game "Shining Ronaldo", you have to use real technology.

Once you get started with cloisonné enamel, even ordinary cartons become more advanced.

Whether it's a big padded jacket with a strong Northeast style, or a middle-aged man with an Arabian style, the wire is used as a pen to directly create a variety of shapes for Ronaldo. It can even take into account the festivals. Christmas is coming. Someone put a Santa hat on Ronaldo and turned him into a football version of Santa Claus. The background elements also combine Chinese and Western elements with traditional Chinese screen wall decorations.

But the most "desirable" thing is the re-enactment of the milk box for undressing and celebration. You must know that FIFA stipulated in 2004 that undressing to celebrate is a violation. Ronaldo, who was so excited back then, would occasionally rebel and show off his muscles on the green field. After the game became more mature, Ronaldo no longer knew what he couldn't do. If he wanted to see Ronaldo show off his muscles, he had to rely on himself.

Someone directly changed the milk box online, replacing the original copywriting with an appeal to express "I just want to see muscles", and then followed by a picture of the rebellious Ronaldo undressing and celebrating.

It has truly realized the explosive content of milk box creation. Ronaldo also succeeded in becoming a "Du Fu of milk" by relying on these Chinese fans who love him and are willing to be happy.

Creation still depends on everyone's efforts

The image of Ronaldo has been recreated again and again by users, and the happiest thing is undoubtedly the brand.

Reading an ordinary advertisement 10,000 times is not as good as reading a brainwashing advertisement once, and reading a brainwashing advertisement 10,000 times is not as good as writing a brainwashing advertisement by the user himself.

From reading the ad to you to hear that the ad is about me, many brands have started to do it.

KFC's "Crazy Thursday" is like this. After providing a framework, all kinds of creations are made by users who are better than blue.

The video creator, Classmate He, can also put users in the video photos, and make fans excited by taking a group photo of tens of thousands of people.

Tang Daren has also tried to let fans color the modular advertisements together, but this way of rendering and co-creation is more expensive, and the first two are not out of the circle.

Now Yili is also using the form of football stars + packaging boxes to let users play together.

Today, packaging is not just a pure user information channel, it can be marketing itself, or a way for brands to interact with users. It’s just that the barriers to entry must be low, and the framework for users to play must also be interesting. Only when users play can “communication and crowd talk”, marketing interaction can not be a self-indulgent effort of the brand, and the content produced by users can have real vitality.

As a new form of interaction, whether users are willing to join this "carnival" is the most important thing.

The fun has only just begun.

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