Wenjie M9 is released! Yu Chengdong bets on all Huawei’s “black technologies” to challenge the multi-million-class SUV

This is the best SUV under 10 million (yuan) and the best SUV on land.

At Huawei's full-scenario winter conference held this afternoon, Yu Chengdong raised the expectations of the audience as soon as the Wenjie M9 debuted.

Finally, after rounds of cheers, the price of Wenjie M9 was finally finalized:

  • Extended range Max version 469,800 yuan
  • Pure electric Max version 509,800 yuan
  • Extended range Ultra version 529,800 yuan
  • Pure electric Ultra version 569,800 yuan

This pricing makes people wonder: How can an SUV worth four to five million yuan dare to be called the best SUV within ten million yuan? Is it because Cullinan and Range Rover are no longer popular?

Yu Chengdong really felt this way. He wanted to decide the winner from the beginning of the press conference, so he moved out the Cullinan, Maybach GLS 600, Range Rover, and BMW X7, and started the first press conference routine – faster than zero hundred. .

The result is of course no suspense. The Wenjie M9 pure electric version took first place in the competition, while the M9 extended-range version took the same time as the Maybach GLS 600, 4.9 seconds.

Seeing that the Cullinan with a V12 engine was not as good as his own products, Yu Chengdong seemed very excited.

He also emphasized that the Wenjie M9 uses a Touring intelligent chassis, with aluminum alloy volume accounting for up to 80%. It uses a front double wishbone + rear multi-link suspension system, and is equipped with the standard intelligent closed air spring and CDC variable damping shock absorbers can balance comfort and control.

Then, he compared the turning radius.

Yu Chengdong said that Wenjie M9 uses original Owl enhanced steering technology. The front wheels can achieve a maximum steering angle of 41.75°, and the minimum turning radius is only 5.8 meters, which is even smaller than the Tesla Model 3 compact car. "Big but not clumsy" is Huawei's definition of the Wenjie M9. Yu Chengdong also said that the Wenjie M9's lightweight coefficient is as low as 2.02, making it easier to travel in the city.

He even said, "The Wenjie M9 can do rear-wheel steering, but we didn't do it." The implication is that the "Owl" is already so powerful, so why bother encroaching on the space behind the car?

Indeed, space is also where the Wenjie M9 widens the gap between itself and other million-level SUVs. Widening the gap may be a bit euphemistic. Yu Chengdong's term is "a generation ahead."

Wenjie M9 is equipped with a "leading generation" versatile space, with the largest 3.04㎡ flat floor design in its class, and the best seating space of 2725mm in its class. The sense of vision, space and flexibility are even comparable to Mainstream MPV models can easily meet users' travel needs in all scenarios.

The "all-scene" confidence of Wenjie M9 comes from the changeable seat layout, which supports 3, 4, 5, and 6-seat modes, and can also be switched with one click through the voice assistant "Xiaoyi".

The most distinctive feature is the two seats on the right side of the first two rows.

The co-pilot of the Wenjie M9 is innovatively equipped with a Shuyun Dual Seat, which applies Huawei's original patented seat-back separation technology. It is foldable and extendable. The dual-seat mode can be changed with one click. It can serve the "Queen" in the front row and can also be folded. Get up and act as a footrest for the "President" in the back row. It also has 14-way electric adjustment, 8-point massage and seat memory, as well as electric leg rests, foot rests, ventilation and heating.

The second row adopts a new zero-gravity seat, which adds the industry's first horizontal adaptive double armrest function to the functions of heating, ventilation, massage, 14 electric adjustments, etc., to maximize the needs of the human body for relaxation.

What excites Yu Chengdong even more is the sound insulation capability of the Wenjie M9. With the cooperation of double-layer sound insulation glass, vehicle active noise reduction technology and quiet body structure design, the M9 can achieve a uniform driving speed of 120km/h with a noise as low as 60.8dBA, which is consistent with the library. Linan is similar, "significantly ahead of million-class SUVs such as Mercedes-Benz GLS and BMW X7."

In terms of interior color, Wenjie M9 offers three colors: "Wangshu Apricot", "Moon Shadow Gray" and "Red Tea Orange". The entire car uses high-end NAPPA leather, suede roof, same-color steering wheel, and dazzling crystal in the front row. Star ring scatterers and smart knobs are also standard features on the entire series.

Anyway, no matter from which aspect, Yu Chengdong is on par with traditional million-level SUVs.

form follows function

Huawei said that extreme, simplicity, and purity are the design principles of the Wenjie M9. "It puts aside trivial and useless details and outlines the beauty of minimalism in purity."

But in Ai Faner’s view, every design of Wenjie M9 has strong functionality.

For example, Wenjie M9's most iconic Kunpeng wingspan front face design nicely wraps up the megapixel headlights HUAWEI xPixel, and also integrates adaptive high/low beam lights, adaptive steering headlights and intelligent interaction Matrix lights are more integrated.

The air curtains on both sides of the front of the car are combined with the design of the light-plastic curved surface of the car side. Under the simple and neat "appearance", it is the best low wind resistance performance of 0.26cd in its class. At the same time, the 3.1-meter flat windows also ensure the visibility of the second and third rows.

Another example is the skyline design that Yu Chengdong likes very much. It divides the body color into two parts with just the right proportion, emphasizing the luxury of the Wenjie M9; the wide and full tail makes this already huge full-size SUV even more imposing. .

In short, Wenjie M9 embodies the concept of "form follows function" in every aspect, even surpassing the design team's pursuit of extreme simplicity. Perhaps this is why its front face design has been somewhat criticized.

But I have to say that all the compromises and sacrifices made for this smart lighting system seem to be worth it.

Yu Chengdong calls it "Thousand Stars Intelligent Interactive Matrix Headlights", which can not only accurately block light, but also display wide projection and intelligently welcome guests.

This reminds me of Ai Faner's recent efforts to recruit talents. We have "Infinite Updates and Keep Patching" as our creed. What we like most is working with "super individuals".

What is a "super individual"? The intelligent lighting system of Wenjie M9 is a "super individual".

Specifically, HUAWEI XPIXEL Huawei's megapixel smart projection headlights use an original dual-reflector spatial optical system to achieve ultra-near-field projection and welcome functions. When driving, the dual-light 2.6 million-pixel refined lighting can be flexibly adjusted according to road conditions and accurately shielded to prevent light from disturbing people.

The lights are there to ensure safety, not for show.

At NIO Day 2023 last weekend, Li Bin's words made many people at the scene laugh out loud. NIO's first executive flagship sedan, ET9, also made its debut that night, with a pre-sale price of more than 800,000 yuan.

Regarding the headlights of the ET9, the most impressive one is undoubtedly the wide light blanket, which can alert the car ahead earlier at intersections and narrow roads with poor visibility. Unfortunately, the NIO ET9 will not be delivered until 2025.

But now, we can experience this "black technology" in advance on Wenjie M9. You can even use it to project outdoors and sing karaoke freely.

It is foreseeable that future car headlights will not be limited to simple lighting. As smart cars further explore user needs, headlights will also become a bridge for communication between the inside and outside of the car window.

Ask the World M9's "Black Earth"

After talking about the bridge between M9 and the outside world, the next thing to talk about is the bridge between the car and the drivers and passengers in the car, which is the Hongmeng cockpit.

That means it's not just "one generation ahead", but… you guys can add to it.

Wenjie M9 is equipped with the HarmonyOS 4 smart cockpit. The entire car can be equipped with 10 screens. Combined with the new HarmonyOS 4, it can easily realize multi-person, multi-screen and multi-device interaction, and meet the needs of all scenarios of driving, entertainment and work at any time.

The most shocking "screen" must be Huawei's immersive head-up display system, which is launched for the first time in the car. It has the industry's highest 2K resolution and 75-inch imaging area, and its brightness has also reached the highest level in the industry. Through AR real scenes, Wenjie M9 can provide a safer and immersive navigation experience.

If you want, you can also use it to watch movies, but if you want to watch comfortably, you have to use rear projection.

That's right, Wenjie M9 really prepares a 32-inch projection screen for you.

This is the industry’s first automotive-grade projection giant screen. Through the industry's brightest and widest color gamut car-grade projector, it supports one-click viewing mode, and can also achieve seamless flow between multiple screens and watch the entire car at the same time through three-finger swiping. Judging from our actual experience, the audio-visual effect of this projection, combined with the new HUAWEI SOUND Excellence Series speakers, is quite shocking.

Of course, Huawei's software capabilities are also demonstrated in driving.

Based on the flagship hardware of the Wenjie M9, Huawei provides a series of functions based on the HUAWEI iDVP smart car digital platform, such as:

  • Realize chassis soft and hard adjustment with the help of road preview system
  • HUAWEI DATS dynamic adaptive torque system
  • HUAWEI xMotion intelligent body collaborative control system

Today's cars are actually smart terminals on wheels.

Yu Chengdong said at last month's Huawei smart travel solution conference that in his eyes, Huawei's iDVP digital platform can be regarded as the "black land" for realizing software-defined cars, relying on high-performance cloud computing hardware platforms and basic software platforms. , greatly improving the development efficiency of smart cars and becoming the "nerve center" of smart cars.

In addition, the forward AEB of Wenjie M9 has also been improved, supporting active braking of stationary vehicles at up to 120km/h, covering both human driving and smart driving scenarios; the sideways support of active obstacle avoidance at 40-120km/h, and the rearward direction Supports active braking at 1-12km/h to ensure users' safety when driving at low speeds.

In terms of further smart driving, the Wenjie M9 is equipped with 27 sensors, including a newly designed 192-line lidar, which has more powerful accurate detection and rapid response capabilities.

Judging from the data, this lidar has a maximum detectable distance of 250 meters, a point frequency of 1.84 million points/second, the highest in the industry, and a scanning frequency of 20Hz, which is far higher than the industry average.

Finally, Yu Chengdong also announced a big news:

Relying on the GOD universal obstacle detection network and RCR road topology reasoning network, "Huawei urban NCA will be available nationwide by the end of December."

Let me count the numbers for you. There are only three days left before the New Year's Day holiday. I wonder if I can use it during the holiday?

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