Wenjie M7 Ultra is released, Huawei solves the problem of “too low price” of M7

Tonight, Wenjie M7 finally ushered in its Ultra version.

Without further ado, let’s start with the price:

  • New M7 Ultra five-seat rear-wheel drive smart driving version: 289,800 yuan
  • New M7 Ultra five-seat four-wheel drive smart driving version: 309,800 yuan
  • New M7 Ultra six-seat rear-wheel drive smart driving version: 309,800 yuan
  • New M7 Ultra six-seat four-wheel drive smart driving version: 329,800 yuan

In addition, Huawei Managing Director Yu Chengdong also revealed at the press conference that the Xiangjie S9, jointly built with BAIC, is expected to sell for 450,000-550,000 yuan, support Huawei ADS 3.0, and will be available to everyone in August. All that can be seen so far is its appearance and the rear row.

Okay, let’s talk about today’s protagonist, Wenjie M7.

The Wenjie M7 was first released in July 2022. At that time, its price was as high as 319,800-379,800 yuan, competing with the Ideal ONE, which is also a six-seater model, to compete for the family market.

The release and operation of Wenjie M7 directly crippled Ideal ONE. We have never encountered such a strong opponent, and for a long time we were unable to fight back.

Li Xiang, CEO of Li Auto, mentioned in his product course that the Wenjie M7 forced Li Auto to end the production of Li Auto ONE early and was the "culprit" for Li Auto's huge losses in 2022.

However, since Ideal updated its L series models, the sales of Wenjie M7 have begun to decline sharply, shrinking from the original 5,226 units per month to less than 1,000 units. This will last until September 2023, when AITO launches the new Wenjie M7. With the improvement, Yu Chengdong was so happy that he sighed in the circle of friends:

It's not easy to come back to life.

From the data point of view, the monthly sales of Wenjie's new M7 have exceeded 10,000 units since October last year, reaching 17,000 units in November, and rushed to 25,500 units in December. After that, it continued to rise, approaching 30,000 units, and became the top seller in the sales list. of first place.

However, history is always surprisingly similar. Starting from February this year, sales of the new Wenjie M7, which was launched just over half a year ago, plummeted. In April this year, it returned to less than 10,000 units.

Now, with the starting price increased by 60,000 yuan, can Wenjie's new M7 Ultra return to the top of the list?

How expensive is this 60,000 yuan?

Regarding the changes in the appearance of Wenjie’s new M7 Ultra, Yu Chengdong described it this way:

The vehicle design is simpler, more refined and more high-end!

He believes that the newly added interstellar blue color scheme brings a stronger sense of technology and luxury to Wenjie's new M7 Ultra. But in Ai Faner's view, the improvement in appearance of the new car is mainly due to the removal of the inverted trapezoidal lower grille. In Yu Chengdong's words, "the big mouth has become a small mouth."

▲ Wenjie Xin M7

▲Wenjie Xin M7 Ultra

Another appearance upgrade was also highlighted in the previously released poster, which is the new 21-inch double ten-spoke sports wheels. There is also a new 20-inch double seven-spoke Xingshuo wheels, equipped with low rolling resistance and silent tires.

After explaining the two changes in appearance, let’s talk about the “internal improvements” of the Jiexin M7 Ultra, starting with the chassis.

Chassis has never been the strong point of the Wenjie M7. Now Wenjie has raised the starting price of the M7 from 229,800 yuan to 289,800 yuan, and the configurations will naturally have to keep up.

This time Wenjie has upgraded the new M7 Ultra with a CDC continuously variable damping shock absorber, which can automatically adjust the suspension softness and hardness 100 times per second for different usage scenarios, with a delay of about 10 milliseconds.

Especially combined with our Huawei's ADS high-end intelligent driving, it can scan the road 200 meters away in advance 20 times per second, and it is linked with the CDC to bring a better control experience.

Yu Chengdong also said that with the support of Huawei's intelligent control, driving will be more stable and comfortable, with pitch suppression increased by nearly 30% and vibration filtering effect increased by 19.2%.

The new M7 Ultra has higher handling stability and successfully improved the Elk performance to 75.5km/h. For comparison, the Mercedes-Benz GLE 450 of similar size is 67.8km/h, and the BMW X5 xDrive30Li is 72.7km/h.

In terms of power, the new M7 Ultra rear-wheel drive version uses a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 200kW and a maximum torque of 360N·m. It takes 7.8 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers; the four-wheel drive version adds a Equipped with a 130kW, 300N·m front motor, 0-100km/h is improved to 4.8 seconds.

As for the battery, whether it is the rear-wheel drive version or the four-wheel drive version, it uses a 42kWh ternary lithium battery. The WLTC pure electric range of the rear-wheel drive version and the four-wheel drive version is 200km and 175km respectively; the WLTC comprehensive cruising range is 1150km, 1050km.

Entering the car, at first glance, the interior of the Wenjie Xin M7 Ultra has not changed much. It still has the familiar smell, but a closer look reveals that it is slightly different.

The tweeter located in the middle of the instrument panel has been replaced with a Schroeder scattering tweeter, a star-ring scatterer similar to that of Wenjie M9, which supports lighting rhythm in conjunction with music melody and theme.

The back seat has a "larger tablet" that supports up to 13.2-inch OLED screens and can even be used with a small table and stylus to provide a certain level of productivity. At the same time, the three front and rear screens also realize the "cockpit flow" and "multi-screen sharing" functions supported by Hongmeng 4.

It's the best, but it can be better

The highest state of war is to "conquer the enemy without fighting." In the same way, "not to collide" is the highest state of safety.

When it comes to active safety, Yu Chengdong seems very confident. He said that since the introduction of high-level autonomous driving in the new M7 at the end of September last year, it has actively avoided more than 80,000 possible collisions.

Wenjie's new M7 Ultra now goes a step further, equipped with the same 192-line lidar as Wenjie M9, with more powerful sensing capabilities. "This is currently the highest-standard lidar in the industry." Yu Chengdong said.

Judging from the data, this lidar has a maximum detection distance of 250 meters, a point frequency of 1.84 million points/second, the highest in the industry, and a scanning frequency of 20Hz, which is indeed much higher than the industry average.

In addition, the forward AEB of Wenjie's new M7 Ultra version has also been improved, supporting active braking of stationary vehicles at up to 150km/h, covering both human driving and smart driving scenarios; the lateral support of active obstacle avoidance at 40-120km/h, The rear direction supports active braking from 1-60km/h.

When we talked about AEB at Huawei's press conference, it was natural to compare it with friends. Before that, Yu Chengdong said with a smile: "I am not comparing here to rival or belittle my peers, but to hope that everyone can compete with each other and improve together."

This time, the two cars Yu Chengdong pulled for comparison were the Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV 350 Deluxe Edition and the Lili L7 Ultra. The results showed that the Ideal L7 Ultra could only keep up with the new M7 Ultra in the one category of "accidentally pressing the switch forward and encountering a stationary child". It failed in all other categories, and the Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV did not even have a green check.

See the figure below for specific test results.

Yu Chengdong believes that in terms of active safety, Wenjie's new M7 Ultra has achieved "what others don't have, I have, and what others have, I have advantages."

What is different from the past is that in this press conference, Yu Chengdong did not speak so fully. He said that the active safety features of the new M7 can only "avoid some possible accidents."

Let me say a few more words here. No matter how powerful the active safety is, it cannot guarantee 100% safety. If you are driving very fast, and a motorcycle or a battery car suddenly comes out, even the gods will not be able to stop it.

Also, please pay attention when driving. You cannot buy a car that is not a high-end smart driving version, drive it like this, and then ignore the car. If the car crashes, everyone will come to criticize me.

At the smart driving level, Wenjie's new M7 Ultra has also reached the highest level of Huawei's smart driving and supports Huawei ADS 2.0. In addition to lidar, there are 11 cameras, 12 ultrasonic radars, and 3 millimeter wave radars. "There is also a car-side computing power that is at least 1.1 times ahead of the industry." Yu Chengdong added.

Yu Chengdong said that Wenjie’s in-car computing power was only 1.8E a year ago and will increase to 3.5E by June this year. On the other hand, Huawei’s cloud computing power has also reached the top level in the industry, and is “more than double the sum of the second and third place.”

The powerful cloud computing power allows us to learn and train 12 million to more than 30 million kilometers every day, and our model can iterate every 5 days.

Currently, Huawei ADS 2.0 has enabled intelligent assisted driving in towns and streets in more than 40,000 cities across the country, and users’ cumulative intelligent driving mileage has reached 220 million kilometers.

"But urban roads are very complex, and our capabilities are constantly improving." Yu Chengdong said.

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