Weilai releases ET5: I want to face the Tesla Model 3, and I want you to drive with AR glasses

The relationship between the NIO brand and this new brand is similar to Lexus and Toyota, Audi and Volkswagen.

On the financial report conference call for the second quarter of fiscal 2021, Li Bin, the founder of Weilai Automobile, said that Weilai will enter the mass market through a new brand and compete head-on with Tesla. The NIO brand will continue to cultivate in the mid-to-high-end market.

However, Li Bin also said that the NIO brand will also launch a lower-priced model to expand the market. Regarding the release time of this model, we might as well take a look at Weilai’s past product release rhythm:

  • NIO Day 2017, ES8 released;
  • NIO Day 2018, ES6 released;
  • NIO Day 2019, EC6 released;
  • NIO Day 2020, ET7 is released.

It can be seen that every year NIO Day, NIO will release a new car, and the just-concluded NIO Day 2021 is of course no exception.

That's right, the taillights in the ET5 trailer finally shined into reality.

"Little ET7" with extreme performance

With the music sounding, two ET5s drove onto the stage. Just by looking at the Double Dash daytime running lights, the appearance of the whole car can be guessed exactly.

The overall shape of ET5 is similar to ET7, and you can even think of it as "ET7 reduced version". The difference between the two is that Weilai has given ET5 a little unruly and unruly through various small details on the appearance.

For example, the through-type side diversion openings on both sides of the front face, the powerful front cover ribs, the red brake calipers, the ducktail spoiler that is raised above, and the large-size diffuser below.

In short, these elements are nothing more than emphasizing one word-the sense of movement.

The ultimate performance is the same.

Li Bin commented on ET5 at the press conference.

"Watch" is indeed quite sporty, so what about "in"?

The maximum power is 360kW (480 horsepower) and the peak torque is 700N·m. These are the two key figures given by Li Bin. Under the blessing of the two, ET5's zero to 100 kilometers acceleration result is 4.3 seconds.

On the other hand, NIO also moved out a "high-performance" four-piston aluminum alloy one-piece cast caliper with a braking distance of only 33.9 meters from 100 kilometers to zero. What is this concept? According to data from Auto Motor Und Sport, this result is comparable to the Ferrari F 430.

Ferrari F 430? Compared with the car more than ten years ago?

Please, let ordinary people experience the excellent performance of past sports cars in family cars. Isn't this a perfect embodiment of technological progress?

In terms of control, NIO provides front and rear five-link suspensions, giving ET5 a higher degree of design freedom and tuning space. The front suspension adopts a virtual kingpin design and a front-axis steering structure, which effectively suppresses the unstable torque caused by sudden acceleration/brake while taking into account the responsiveness during steering.

Not only that, the body with a drag coefficient as low as 0.24 also brings better battery life to the ET5:

  • Equipped with a standard battery pack (75kWh) CLTC with a battery life of over 550 kilometers;
  • Equipped with a long-range battery pack (100kWh) CLTC with a range of over 700 kilometers;
  • Equipped with an ultra-long battery pack (150kWh) CLTC has a battery life of more than 1,000 kilometers.

Open the frameless electric suction door that supports UWB digital keys (you read it right, all systems are standard), and you will find that the interior design of ET5 does not seem to be so "performance".

According to Weilai, ET5 continues the design concept of "Second Living Room", bringing users an environmentally friendly and futuristic design space.

Keywords: environmental protection

In terms of interior materials, all ET5 series are equipped with Clean+ environmentally friendly materials as standard, which is equivalent to recycling 100 standard PET plastic bottles per car, which can be said to be quite "environmentally friendly". Weilai claims that compared with conventional materials, the carbon emissions of its production process have been reduced by 30%.

Its futuristic sense is reflected in the panoramic digital cockpit "PanaCinema".

ET5 has a 256-color digital light curtain ambient light and a 7.1.4 Dolby panoramic sound box system, with a total of 23 speakers and a speaker power of one kilowatt.

What's more interesting is that NIO brings AR and VR into the car.

NIO cooperated with AR technology company NREAL to jointly develop NIO exclusive AR glasses weighing only 76 grams, which can project a viewing distance of 6 meters, which is equivalent to a large screen of 201 inches; and NIO VR Glasses are developed in cooperation with Nolo, which can be realized. Binocular 4K display.

Weilai claims that, from hardware, software to content, ET5 has been natively designed for the AR/VR experience in the car.

However, at this NIO Day, Li Bin did not introduce this digital experience system too much, and may need to "wait a little longer."

Finally, let’s briefly talk about the price. Weilai has disclosed the pre-subsidy prices of two battery versions and two different usage methods:


  • Complete vehicle purchase plan with Battery 328,000 yuan;
  • The battery rental plan Baas is 258,000 yuan, and the monthly battery fee is 980 yuan.


  • The whole vehicle purchase plan with Battery is 386,000 yuan;
  • The battery rental plan is Baas 258,000 yuan, and the monthly battery fee is 1,480 yuan.

ET5 delivery time does not seem to be as long as imagined-September 2022, this may be due to Jianghuai NIO's advanced manufacturing base in Hefei. Its "big brother" ET7 will also be delivered on March 28 next year.

"ET7, never wait in vain." When announcing the news, Li Bin threw out such a sentence.

Energy supplement system: battery swap is still NIO’s trump card

Different from Tesla's continuous decline in volume, Weilai is further consolidating high-end and differentiated barriers, and a large part of its differentiation comes from its special energy-replenishment method-power exchange mode.

This model, which is full of "NIO features", was once not favored. Before the advent of the second-generation swap station, each station could only store 5 batteries. Although the battery swap was fast, it still took time to charge the batteries. Therefore, users often face the situation of "no electricity to replace".

This situation has improved after the second-generation power station came out.

The second-generation NIO replacement station can charge up to 13 batteries at the same time. At the same time, NIO also optimized the entire replacement process. The body does not need to be lifted significantly, and the user does not need to get off the car, and the replacement time is shortened.

Weilai announced that the five-vertical and three-horizontal charging and swapping network is about to be completed. There are currently 733 swap stations nationwide, providing users with more than 5.5 million swapping services.

In addition to the battery swap mode, Weilai also bet on solid-state batteries. On NIO Day 2020, Wei Lai launched a 150kWh solid-state battery, but did not disclose too many details. And in NIO Day 2021…

Weilai did not mention this battery.

You may have discovered that when talking about the price of ET5, Weilai did not talk about the 150kWh version. Maybe this battery also needs to "wait a little longer."

Wei Lai seems to be used to "wait a second"

It is not difficult to find that starting from NIO Day 2020, NIO’s main tone has shifted from previous users & services to the exploration of vehicle intelligence and cutting-edge technology, focusing on autonomous driving, solid-state batteries, and so on.

But for some reason, NIO Day 2021 makes me feel that NIO seems a little bit "going back" this year. Before Li Bin took the stage, Wei Lai even told us a twenty-minute "user story".

Weilai seems to be accustomed to let us "wait a while", only hope that in the end it can be like Li Bin said:

Never wait in vain.

The author is a bit busy and writes the introduction later.

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