“Wei Xiaoliwen” went crazy! A new round of melee in China’s auto market begins in March

December 2023 is a symphony of ups and downs.

On the 1st, the delivery of the Tesla Cybertruck, which had been delayed for four years, started. Musk, standing on the cargo bed of the silver pickup truck, held a baton and played the first movement of the new car launch month.

After the silver behemoth curbed its influence, independent brands regained the center of public opinion.

Li Auto's Song Ziwei used AI to turn "ideal classmates" into "ideal teachers"; Ji Krypton installed the fastest-charging BRIC battery on 007 and shouted the slogan "BRICs travel a thousand miles in a moment"; "The most beautiful BYD" Song L relied on his good looks and price to attract a wave of fans; Li Bin took a 150-degree battery pack and ran a 1,000-kilometer live broadcast for a whole day, but was hotly searched, and then drove an ET9 that sold for 800,000 yuan; and finally , Wenjie M9, Jikrypton 007, and Xiaomi SU7 were unveiled one after another, pushing the symphony to a climax.

I thought I could spend New Year's Day happily, but I was hit hard by reality. He Xiaopeng drove the Xpeng X9 on January 1st and crushed my vacation.

The whole month has been busy, but also enjoyable.

After the fierce battle in December, except for some brands that were involved in side scandals, everyone fell silent. Maybe they were busy building department teams or preparing for the annual meeting, but it was more likely that they were working hard to prepare for the brand. Prepare for the next year.

At present, another round of melee in China's auto market will begin in March.

If you fall behind, you will be beaten.

On Wednesday morning, NIO announced that the Banyan system will receive more than 40 functional upgrades later this month. The performance and experience of intelligent chassis, intelligent cockpit, active safety, and all-area assisted driving will be further upgraded.

More importantly, NIO stated that it will upgrade existing models, and new models will be delivered one after another in early March. In other words, the 2024 NIO is coming.

Of course, you can also choose to buy cash at the lowest price. NIO provides limited-time discounts for a total of 8 models in 2023.

Specifically, Weilai ES6, EC6, ET5, and ET5T that have been in the warehouse for less than 120 days can get a discount of 24,000 yuan, and those that have been in the warehouse for more than 120 days can get a discount of 30,000 yuan; ES8, ET7, EC7, and ES7 that have been in the warehouse for less than 120 days can get a discount of 3.2 10,000 yuan, and a discount of 40,000 yuan for more than 120 days.

Taking ET5T and ET5 as an example, the starting price of both vehicles is 298,000 yuan. If you choose the battery rental service, you will get an immediate discount of 70,000 yuan. Including the above limited-time discounts, the bare car price is only 198,000 yuan.

Breaking away from the constraints of high prices and striving to catch up has become NIO’s main theme today.

In December 2023, Li Auto delivered more than 50,000 vehicles for the first time, achieving the previously set goal and surpassing Aian for the first time; vehicles, but has never been able to achieve the goal of monthly delivery of 20,000 vehicles.

At the same time, Weilai's operating expenses have increased significantly. Sales, general and administrative expenses in the third quarter of 2023 reached 3.609 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 33.1%; the total net loss in the first three quarters reached 15.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.8% , even exceeding the loss for the whole of 2022.

Under heavy pressure, Weilai urgently needs to inject some fresh blood into its product lineup. You must know that at the Guangzhou Auto Show two years ago, Weilai was the only brand in the first echelon that did not have a new car on its booth. What's more, even the ideal of selling next door is preparing to be updated.

2024 will be the year with the most abundant products since the company was founded, including the ideal L6.

Li Xiang, chairman and CEO of Li Auto, revealed that the Li L6, which will be released later this year, will become the Li brand’s first model with a price below 300,000 yuan. Because of this, Li Li also has high internal expectations for the sales of this new car. expected. Zou Liangjun, senior vice president of Li Auto, said in an interview that the Li Auto L6 will challenge the monthly sales target of 30,000 units after its launch.

▲Ideal L6

Along with the Ideal L6, there will also be the annual facelift models of the Ideal L series. Ideal will also update the configurations of the existing L7, L8, and L9 models in March.

In order to avoid a similar situation like the previous "Ideal One suddenly stopped production, car owners held up banners to defend their rights", Ideal launched a discount campaign for three models on sale, with a discount range of 33,000-38,000 yuan.

Especially for the Ideal L7, the starting price has dropped directly to 286,900 yuan, which has dropped to less than 300,000 yuan for the first time. In addition, Li Auto also provides a 10,000 yuan "Shanghai Brand" subsidy for the Shanghai area. This discount will expire at the end of January.

After learning the news, Cheng Nan, who spent nearly 400,000 yuan to buy the Lili L7 Max, told Dong Auto Club: "The L7 Max with 21-inch wheels only costs 346,800 (yuan), which means it has dropped by 50,000 (yuan). ),sad."

Not only the SUV market, but also the head-on confrontation between two pure electric MPV models is about to begin.

On January 16, Xpeng Motors announced that its first MPV model, the Xpeng X9, has officially begun nationwide delivery. The starship-looking Xpeng X9 not only has a better riding experience and more diverse usage scenarios, but also has rear-wheel steering and With the support of the 41.5° large turning angle design of the front wheel, flexibility is also guaranteed.

On the other hand, the ideal MEGA, which is not equipped with rear-wheel steering and has a wheelbase of 3.3 meters, is a bit dwarfed by comparison. There were even rumors that MEGA was postponed to March to avoid the edge of Xpeng X9. At the same time, in Make adjustments to the configuration.

Vice President Zou Liangjun previously responded to this statement:

In fact, we can also hold a press conference in advance. Many other brands cannot pick up the car for two or three months after the press conference, but we don’t want to do that.

The more critical reason is the impact of the Spring Festival on product promotion.

There is a timing for the release of all products, and many choose to release it before the Spring Festival. After the first wave of potential energy comes out, during the Spring Festival holiday, when everyone is taking a break and not buying cars, the potential energy has dropped. It will cost a lot of money to raise the potential energy again. It may not be effective yet, so we will consider it internally and wait until after the Spring Festival.

What Li Xiang wants is to do it all at once.

In addition, Zou Liangjun said that the adjustment of MEGA is not due to the Xpeng X9, "it is just a change in details such as the second-row seat button adjustment, not due to competing products, and there are no major adjustments."

But it should be noted that the Xpeng X9 of the same category is not the only one that Ideal needs to worry about.

An ideal car, the big test is coming soon

According to PowerOn news, AITO Automobile's main-selling model, the Wenjie M7, will launch a facelift model in the second quarter of this year, using a new family design language, and its appearance will be closer to the Wenjie M9. At the same time, the facelift of Wenjie M5 is also in progress.

Different from the "futuristic feel" pursued by other new force models, the styling of the Wenjie M5 and M7 basically follows the style of fuel vehicles, with a wide air intake grille, and the latest Wenjie M9 has an integrated front face and Although the matrix headlights are controversial, they have become the iconic design of the Wenjie M9.

For a long time, exterior styling design has not been the strength of the Wenjie series, and it has been criticized among young people.

Wang Songsong, a "post-95s generation" who bought the Wenjie M5 at the end of last year, told the Dong Auto Association that the reason he did not choose the Wenjie M7 was because the M7's appearance was "too mature."

"Middle-aged people around 40 years old or older should like it more," Wang Songsong expressed his conjecture. What really fascinates him is the quietness of the cockpit, the interior fabrics, the sense of quality created by HUAWEI SOUND, and the humanized car-machine interaction experience of the Wenjie M5——

Yes, he is a Huawei mobile phone user.

However, after the facelift of the Wenjie M7 and M5, their styling is likely to become younger, thus covering a wider market. Older customers with stronger spending power will be handed over to the Wenjie M9 which is about to be delivered. Come take charge. At this time, the ideal L series product officially ushered in its "big test".

In the third quarter of 2022, the release and operation of Wenjie M7 directly disabled Ideal ONE. We have never encountered such a strong opponent. For a long time, we were unable to fight back. Huawei’s super capabilities This directly caused the sales of Ideal ONE to collapse and stop production early. We lost more than one billion in one quarter.

In June last year, Li Xiang talked about the heavy blow that AITO M7 brought to Ideal ONE on social platforms. At that time, as soon as the Wenjie M7 debuted, the monthly sales of the Wenjie series rushed to 10,045 units, of which the sales of the Wenjie M7 reached 5,336 units. At the same time, the situation of Ideal ONE took a turn for the worse, with only 4,571 new cars delivered.

Under the pressure of Wenjie M7, Ideal ONE was forced to stop production early, catching the owners who had just picked up the car off guard. Surprisingly, Li Xiang did not complain in the face of this defeat.

When facing Huawei, 80% learn and 20% respect. We have zero complaints.

In September of the same year, Ideal reached an internal consensus to comprehensively learn from Huawei. Now, the refresh of M7 and the launch of M9 are a "big test" to test their learning results.

However, even now before the Wenjie facelift, Ideal is still facing tremendous sales pressure.

On Tuesday this week, Li Auto released the sales data of new power brands in the Chinese market from January 1 to January 14 as usual. The number one at the top of the list was 12,800 units. Li Auto ranked second with 11,000 units. From now on, the fighting will only get worse.

"The current auto market environment is one word, either price or marketing," Geely Automobile Group CEO Gan Jiayue lamented. Facing the Xiaomi SU7 that will be officially released after the year, he and his Galaxy E8 are also preparing for it. .

Take a good rest, the melee in China’s auto market begins in March.

*At the request of the interviewees, all names in the article are pseudonyms.

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