WEEE Generation: innovative campaign to raise awareness of the correct disposal of this waste

RAEE Generation is the name of the new campaign promoted by the RAEE Coordination Center and conceived by the communication agency Tend Srl in Milan.

The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness of the correct disposal of WEEE , an acronym that indicates waste of electrical and electronic equipment.

Technological objects that are now broken, very compromised or simply become obsolete cannot be thrown into the recycling bins as we would do for simple household waste: these objects, in fact, due to their nature, could be very harmful to the environment if they were dispersed in improper way, that's why specific procedures are needed.

A practical example: how should a used toner be disposed of?

WEEE Generation

To give a practical example, let's imagine we are at home and notice that our printer has run out of ink; we all know how to buy a new toner, even online, in fact there are many toner for printers for sale on Lamiastampante.it , but of the toner exhausted, what do we do with it?

Exhausted toner is an example of WEEE, the dust contained within it could in fact be very harmful to the environment if they were to be dispersed in nature, consequently this type of waste must be disposed of by taking it to a special collection center.

There are many collection centers throughout the national territory, therefore it is not at all necessary to have to make long journeys to reach one; in this regard, we point out this useful tool proposed by the WEEE Coordination Center that launched the campaign in question, or a search engine, available at this link , which allows you to find out which authorized collection centers are closest to your home.

For reasons of convenience, of course, we can choose to store this waste in a special container and to reach a WEEE when a significant number has accumulated, or perhaps when we have other types of WEEE to be disposed of.

RAEE Generation: the campaign featuring 5 young tiktokers

As mentioned, the WEEE Generation campaign aims to convey the importance of correctly managing this type of waste and is particularly aimed at young people , a segment of the population that, as is well known, makes extensive use of technological devices.

To make this communication effective, the Tend agency has chosen to involve 5 tiktokers who enjoy a certain notoriety among young people, namely Thomas Asueni, Cesca Tamburini, Charlie Moon, Ivano Chinali and SayRevee.

These well-known faces of TikTok were given brief interviews on the importance of respecting the environment and the correct disposal of WEEE, it is also interesting to underline that the campaign was also presented on the radio with a special spot that boasts the signature of a important "ambassador" as DJ Ringo and which was broadcast on Virgin Radio, Radio 105 and R101.

As you can well imagine, however, the media channel in which this campaign has had greater resonance are precisely social networks , a "non-space" extremely familiar to young people, and the hope is that this idea of ​​communication is lively and very well targeted can help to internalize the importance of behaving virtuously and, at the same time, of condemning that it disposes of its waste in an irresponsible, as well as illicit, way.

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