WeChat update! Chat sessions can be hidden, “Youth Mode” is online, and these 5 new changes

On October 2nd, just after the Mid-Autumn Festival, a new version of WeChat came. It has been nearly two months since the last WeChat 7.0.15 for iOS update.

But it's worth the wait. The WeChat 7.0.17 for iOS, which has come out after all the calls, is no longer just a small feature upgrade, but a lot of new changes.

The chat "does not show", the child is not addicted, and the emoticon package "fighting picture" will not lose. After our careful comparison, we found that there are 7 noticeable updates between the new version of WeChat and the previous version.

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  1. WeChat adds "Youth Mode"
  2. The video account can post videos up to 30 minutes long
  3. The video number "recommended" becomes "Hot"
  4. Wechat added chat "not show" option
  5. New emoji search function in the conversation window
  6. Mini Program supports sharing to enterprise WeChat
  7. WeChat sports steps leaderboard changed to card style

1. WeChat adds "Youth Mode"

The mini program was fully integrated with the anti-addiction system during WeChat 7.0.15 for iOS. From now on, it’s not just small games that need to prevent you from indulging. Tool small programs, e-commerce small programs, and information small programs are all prohibited, and these may be WeChat’s preparations for the "youth mode".

In the latest WeChat 7.0.17 for iOS, WeChat officially launched the "Youth Mode". After updating to the new version, go to "Me-Settings" in WeChat to open it. Currently, the iOS 7.0.17 version of WeChat is gradually being covered, and you can use it after the update. Android users can experience it soon.

After the "Youth Mode" is turned on, WeChat shake, take a look, nearby people and other related functions will not be accessible. And functions such as WeChat mini games, mini programs, video accounts, official accounts, and search results will also be subject to protection restrictions. Parents can set the allowed access range according to the situation.

Take the video account as an example. After the WeChat youth mode is turned on, the user can only see the videos sent by the following account in the video account, and both the friend video and the hot video disappear from the interface. After turning on the youth mode, restricting access to functions such as Shake and nearby people can also prevent young people from being disturbed by the outside world to a certain extent, and thus fall into the scam of some criminals.

It is worth mentioning that whether you turn on or off the "Youth Mode", you need to enter the WeChat password to prevent the teenagers from setting back to the full mode.

In fact, on September 18th, Tencent’s official Weibo announced that QQ will launch a youth model. Officially, the youth model has a simpler social experience and a purer learning atmosphere, which can minimize information interference, improve learning efficiency, and reduce Encountered risks such as online fraud.

WeChat’s "teenage model" also has the same effect. I wonder if the elderly who are more prone to online fraud can wait for an "elderly model"?

2. The video account can publish videos up to 30 minutes long

In June 2019, the short video application "Tik Tok" began to test the 15-minute long video function to take on more substantive content. This is easy to understand. Longer videos are conducive to creating a more sticky content tone, which is suitable for users to publish Vlogs.

In WeChat 7.0.17 for iOS, we can see that the video number, as a rising star of short video products, has also begun to accommodate more long videos. Previously, the video account could only select video content within 5 minutes, but in the WeChat for iOS 7.0.17 version, you can publish 1-30 minutes long videos.

▲ WeChat 7.0.15 for iOS on the left, WeChat 7.0.17 for iOS on the right

This also reminds people of an app that Tencent officially launched in the App Store recently-Mianjian. According to Tech Planet, this is a product that Tencent made specifically for WeChat video accounts. It focuses on AI editing and provides three modules: importing material, inputting text or recording, and drafting.

Supports long videos, releases editing tools, and plans to launch live broadcast functions. There are more possibilities for video numbers waiting to be explored.

3. The video number "recommended" becomes "Hot"

Originally, the three functions above the video number were follow, friends, and recommendation. In the new version, the recommendation is replaced with Hot.

The nature of the content has not changed. Hot videos are all popular content, you can understand it as the hottest video of the video number.

▲WeChat 7.0.15 for iOS on the left, WeChat 7.0.17 for iOS on the right

4. Wechat added the option of "Don't show" in chat

Little A went to the purchasing agent to buy a necklace for his girlfriend, but he was afraid that the girlfriend would lose a sense of surprise when he saw the chat history in advance.

If Xiao A uses the WeChat 7.0.15 version, he may only temporarily avoid the sight of his girlfriend looking at the phone; but after Xiao A upgrades to WeChat 7.0.17 for iOS, this problem will be solved.

Select the chat session you want to hide on the "WeChat" page, and swipe to the left to add a "don't show" operation. After clicking, the conversation will be hidden from the homepage, but the chat history will not be deleted, and will reappear when there are new messages.

If you want to retrieve it actively, you can find it in the address book or locate a friend to chat by searching.

▲ The left is WeChat 7.0.15 for iOS, the two pictures on the right are WeChat 7.0.17 for iOS

5. New emoji search function in the conversation window

What should you do when the upper limit of 300 emoticons is not enough to express your mood, and the theme emojis added cannot meet your needs? WeChat provides you with a new option-search emoticons.

In WeChat 7.0.17 for iOS, just click the emoji in the chat dialog, and then select the newly added search entry in the upper left corner of the emoji panel, you can enter keywords to search for related emoticons, and select any emoji to send to the current chat .

If the searched emoticons are not what you want, scroll down the bottom of the page and you can see the "Search for more emoticons" entry, click to load more associated emoticons.

▲ The left is WeChat 7.0.15 for iOS, the two pictures on the right are WeChat 7.0.17 for iOS

6. Mini Program supports sharing to enterprise WeChat

In the last version (WeChat iOS for 7.0.15), the applet was adjusted so that it could not be added to the floating window. Unfortunately, this feature has not returned in 7.0.17, but there are still some changes in the applet.

▲ Starting from WeChat 7.0.5 for iOS, applet support was added to the floating window, and this feature was offline in 7.0.15

Open any applet and click on the "…" in the capsule button in the upper right corner to see the option of "Share to Enterprise WeChat". For users who use corporate WeChat, it will be more convenient to communicate with colleagues and customers.

▲ The left is WeChat 7.0.15 for iOS, the two pictures on the right are WeChat 7.0.17 for iOS

7. The WeChat sports steps leaderboard becomes a card style

Go to the "Steps Ranking" of "WeChat Sports" and click on your friend's profile picture to enter their homepage. You can see that the step display page has been adjusted to a card style.

▲ The left is WeChat 7.0.15 for iOS, the two pictures on the right are WeChat 7.0.17 for iOS

In this update, the most attractive thing is the update of WeChat’s youth mode and the option of "not showing" in chat. One protects young people, and the other protects users from interruptions.

What do you want to say about the update of WeChat 7.0.17 for iOS? Which new feature surprised you?

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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