WeChat Reading Ink Screen Reader Experience: Can Free Reading Challenge Kindle?

Social is the natural attribute of WeChat, which makes it have a strong "social flavor" no matter what product it does. Whether it is WeChat mini games, WeChat sports or WeChat live broadcasts, they all follow the "X + Social" product design concept. WeChat is no exception when reading that focuses on self-improvement.

While other reading platforms are still thinking about how to retain users and take another look, WeChat Reading, which is backed by the WeChat social circle, has quietly accumulated 210 million registered users and has more than 2 million daily activities by virtue of its friend ranking and fission sharing gameplay. It is difficult to get around the mountains when talking about digital reading.

For most users of WeChat reading, mobile phones are their most commonly used reading device. Although the mobile phone screen is the most convenient way to read, it is not the most comfortable way to read. The screen is too small, the backlight is too dazzling, and the strong reflections of the glass are all destined to be read on the mobile phone just to be wronged.

To meet the needs of heavy readers for a more comfortable reading experience, WeChat Reading has recently launched the WeChat Reading e-reader-WeChat Reading Ink Screen Reader, which is priced at 1499 yuan and comes with an unlimited card year card.

"Do not disturb" is its gentleness

Since the WeChat Reading Ink Screen was created in collaboration with Aragonite, it has many similarities with Aragonite's own BOOX Poke 3 in appearance, but in some design details, the WeChat Reading Ink Screen has its own ideas.

For immersive reading, attention is precious. The color of the WeChat reading ink screen is black with less interference. There is no logo on the front of the reader, holding it in your hand and looking in your eyes, it is more like a pure book.

The material and size of the body are consistent with BOOX Poke 3. The flat glass panel used on the front, the screen size is 6 inches, the resolution of 1072 X 1448, reaches 300 ppi, and the jaggedness of the font is basically not perceived when reading .

The back of the fuselage is made of skin-friendly plastic material, which is more comfortable to hold, weighing about 150g, and the lighter and thinner body than the Kindle is obviously less tiring to hold.

In terms of interface, the WeChat reading ink screen finally uses the extremely advanced Type-C charging interface! If you have tried a long trip and took out an e-book but found that you did not bring a dedicated Micro USB charging cable, you will definitely understand what I am excited about.

There is only a WeChat calligraphy logo on the back of the fuselage, which is very conspicuous in terms of recognition, but in terms of the beauty of the design, I think this is a bit too simple and rude.

Bluetooth, backlight, 2 + 32 GB memory combination, as a challenger of Kindle PaperWhite, it also has all these necessary hardware.

As far as hardware performance is concerned, you don't have to worry too much about this new product. The WeChat Reading Ink Screen is not a "hairy kid" designed from scratch, but a new face with a mature product.

Purer than pure

As a software customized reader, the software ecology of WeChat Reading Reader may be more worthy of attention. This is also the biggest difference of this product.

Click on the system settings and you can see that the WeChat reading reader uses the WeRead 1.0 system customized based on Android 10. As the new ecology of e-readers, it needs to answer two questions: Why use WeChat to read, and WeRead and WeRead to read What is the difference between the ink version.

I interviewed the reader who is the champion of my friend's reading list, why is it worth her to spend hundreds of hours reading on WeChat reading. She gave three reasons:

  • WeChat Reading often presents unlimited cards for free reading, which basically does not cost money for reading.
  • WeChat Reading has a complete library of resources, basically everything you want to read.
  • Listening to books is her favorite, she chooses to use listening to books when commuting.

As a heavy reader, she is very concerned about which of these advantages can continue on the WeChat reading ink screen, which directly affects whether she will buy this product.

"Free reading" may be a highlight of the WeChat reading ink screen. An unlimited card with a validity of one year is included in the product box. In other words, as long as you purchase a WeChat reading reader, you can read one year of e-book resources for free. Senior readers say this is "WeChat reading".

"May I no longer be afraid of every sleepless night", this is a gift given to every reader by WeChat reading. The unlimited card is equivalent to subscription-based reading, the price of the monthly card is 30 yuan, and the annual card is 228 yuan.

The WeChat Reading Ink Screen naturally uses WeChat Reading as a bookstore resource. Because of the backing of the Reading Group, there are basically everything you want to read, whether it is online or physical publication. But to my surprise, this WeRead system is quite closed. Bookstore is the only way to download e-book resources, which is much more closed than Kindle.

Unable to download other reading apps, download some strange resources without a browser, and even unable to connect to a computer via USB to transfer files or push to the reader via the network, which means resources like some secondary comics and other resources not available in the bookstore, WeChat reading ink I really can't see the screen.

I also tried to push the e-book document to the bookshelf on the official website of WeChat Reading, but in the end it only appeared on the bookshelf of the mobile phone. I still couldn’t find the book on the WeChat reading reader. I hope that WeRead will be updated later. Can add the push function.

WeChat Reading launched an ink screen version in 2019, which has won praise from many e-reader fans. This also makes people wonder what improvements and upgrades have been made to the "Zhenggong" launched two years later.

The layout design of the original WeChat Reading (hereinafter referred to as the original version) is very similar to the ink screen version, except that the bookshelf and the bookstore are divided into two separate columns, which is more convenient in operation.

When you encounter good words and sentences, you can record them on the ink screen, but there is no place to collect these key points after the strokes. The note-taking function newly added in the native version can review these touching moments at any time, and click on the sentence to jump to the corresponding paragraph.

The fonts of the native version are also richer and have more choices than the ink-screen version. Unfortunately, the page margins and line spacing are still not adjustable. As far as the effect of text layout is concerned, I prefer the Kindle's "old flowers" wide-sided layout .

Similarly, the reading time on the original version will also be recorded, and it will not slow you down in this reading competition with friends.

But other than that, the features of the native version are almost finished. Perhaps because of the initial version of 1.0, its features are not even as rich as the ink screen version.

For example, in the ink screen version, many readers like listening to books, but the original version is not added. It should be pointed out that the WeChat Reading Ink Screen can be connected to the headset via Bluetooth, which means that there is no obstacle in the hardware. It should be added to the original version in subsequent updates.

There is no "take a look" content on the original version, and it is not possible to subscribe to the articles of the official account. This may be due to the consideration of a pure reading experience, or it may be that the pure function has not yet been adapted.

In general, the reading experience of the original version of WeChat is a very pure reader. It does not have any annoying advertisements to interfere with reading. The one-year unlimited card makes countless knowledge and stories at your fingertips, but if you need a "Dance" ink screen, or you are a manga lover, it is not for you.

With e-readers, can WeChat reading go further?

If you compare the various Internet giants horizontally, you will find that Baidu, Alibaba, JD, Xiaomi, ByteDance, etc. have basically had the layout of e-readers, and Tencent's entry is a bit "late" in comparison.

However, according to the forecast of Zhiyan Consulting, China's e-reader shipments in 2020 will be 2.37 million units, and it is expected to increase to 2.75 million units in 2023. From the perspective of the volume of shipments, e-readers can read WeChat The economic benefits may be minimal.

Kindle is a successful model that every e-reader manufacturer wants to replicate. It does not make money or even sells hardware devices at a loss. Through subsequent sales of content and services, how to seize the entrance of the terminal has become the primary issue that each manufacturer must consider.

For WeChat Reading, which relies on sharing free books to grow fissionally, how to charge users to achieve profitability has always been a headache for it. By launching the reader, forming a binding relationship with users of WeChat reading, allowing the reader to exist as an extension of mobile devices may be a way to break this deadlock.

To provide users who are accustomed to free reading with a better reading experience, this "peripheral" of WeChat Reading may be a New Year gift for every reader and fan who loves to read.

Higher and higher

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