WeChat Open Class PRO is here! WeChat will have these new changes in 2021

On January 21, 2011, WeChat released version 1.0, and with it came the golden decade of mobile Internet.

Ten years later, WeChat has become a national application with more than 1.2 billion monthly livelihoods, and has evolved from a communication tool into the lifestyle of countless people.

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of WeChat, this year's WeChat Open Class Pro version also kicked off, reviewing the changes in WeChat in the past year and drawing a blueprint for the next decade.

In the WeChat Open Course Main Forum that just ended, WeChat introduced the latest developments in the six major businesses of Mini Programs, WeChat Pay, Enterprise WeChat, Sou Yisou, Mini Games, and Video Accounts. We also did the most complete in the first place. Summary.

Mini Program: The annual transaction volume increased by 100% year-on-year, and 400 million daily became basic tools

Anti-epidemic is the focus of this year's Mini Program. When the epidemic comes, the 4-year-old mini program has become the best tool for personal consumption, business recovery, and government control of the epidemic.

The Mini Program Health Code has served 800 million+ users and 20 billion cumulative display codes; the anti-epidemic itinerary card provides users with 1.94 billion+ services and 550 million+ users; the social security payment also has 160 million+ online participants. Department stores have 100 million+ cumulative users, a clothing brand has a monthly GMV of 200 million+, and the fruit and vegetable business has 300 million+ cumulative users.

Today's Mini Program has 400 million+ users' daily activity. If this is a service app, it can already get a good valuation in the capital market. But as a basic service tool on WeChat, it is open to individuals, brands, and government departments, and different service providers provide users with more extended services.

The number of small programs used per capita increased by 25%; the transaction amount of small programs per capita increased by 67%; the overall active small programs increased steadily by 75%; the small programs with transactions continued to increase by 68%; the revenue from small program (non-game) developers increased in share 25%; the total transaction volume in 2020 will increase by 100% year-on-year. These are all transcripts submitted by the Mini Program in 2020.

But this may not be enough. The lecturer of WeChat Open Course stated on the spot that WeChat will continue to help the growth of mini program ecological transactions in 2021.

Today's small programs have also undergone greater changes in strategy, and it can be easier to go outside. The external link that just opened at the beginning of the year to support the opening of small programs is a new feature of WeChat to go out. Users outside WeChat can also use the services of the small programs through the link. It broadens the scene for the mini program ecology and continues to inject water into the WeChat ecology.

WeChat Pay: Save 200 billion deposits and launch "Overnight Return Insurance"

The key word of WeChat Pay this year is still trust.

Although the current penetration rate of mobile payment is very high, scan code payment has become our daily consumption payment habit. However, the issue of trust is still an obstacle for many businesses to further improve their operating efficiency.

Since there is no trust between merchants and users, merchants often can only use deposits, deposits, etc. to protect their own interests, but this also increases the transaction threshold, which is also the WeChat payment branch launched in 2019 is committed to solving problem.

According to the latest data released by WeChat, the number of WeChat Pay users has exceeded 240 million, saving users more than 200 billion yuan in deposits. More than 10 million users have used the express delivery service.

At present, WeChat Pay has covered more than 1,995 merchants in 5 industries including shared rentals, shopping and entertainment, transportation, life services, and accommodation reservations.

The WeChat product manager shared the story of his mother’s online shopping with WeChat’s “first enjoy before pay”. This model on the one hand reduced the cost of purchasing decisions for many elderly people, and made more people willing to try e-commerce services. While there are more orders, there is no need to worry about the risk of bad debts.

Data shows that WeChat Pay has increased the conversion rate of merchants placing orders by 14%, the conversion rate of new users of travel merchants has increased by 25%, and the repurchase rate of retail merchants has increased by 73%, while sharing power banks, online car-hailing, and shared bicycles. The bad debt rate of services has also been greatly reduced.

For example, our commonly used shared power bank, as the price of shared power bank is getting higher and higher, compared to borrowing a power bank, returning has become a new pain point.

Because if you can’t find a return point nearby, it means you may have to spend a fee that may be more expensive than the power bank itself. According to WeChat statistics, last year 4 million people borrowed a shared power bank and returned it overnight, which also accounts for The number of industry complaints.

To this end, WeChat announced the launch of a new "Overnight Return Insurance" service with Weibao. If users cannot find a return point within 100 meters at night, they can apply for a reduction and return before 14:00 the next day. The overnight fee will be refunded directly. In addition, similar "cycling protection insurance" and "shipping quote insurance" will also be introduced in the shared bicycle and express delivery industries.

With the continuous improvement of these trust-based services and products, the user experience can be more convenient and efficient, and merchants can reduce costs and improve efficiency. We are entering a trusting society.

Enterprise WeChat: Connect 400 million WeChat users to help digitalize education, government affairs, and retail industries

It is the expectation of ordinary users to separate work and life so that "workers" and "leisure people" can have their own lives. And the existence of corporate WeChat is to make work return to work and life return to life.

In the past five years, the number of real companies and organizations on Enterprise WeChat has exceeded 5.5 million, the number of active users has also exceeded 130 million, and 400 million WeChat users have been connected.

The sudden epidemic has caused many government and education departments to have digital needs, and the WeChat companies that meet these needs are also completing iterative upgrades at a faster rate.

This year, the enterprise WeChat has 80,000 partners in ecological construction, an increase of nearly 400% year-on-year; the number of open interfaces increased by 150, with 540 open interfaces; the cumulative access system increased by 250% year-on-year. It reached 11.91 million.

In order to inject more support for the ecology in 2021, the enterprise WeChat also released the "Enterprise Aviation Plan." Enterprise WeChat not only provided 1.2 billion digitization support funds, but also launched more new functions, hoping to help the education industry, government affairs industry, and retail industry realize digitization.

In these three areas, corporate WeChat partners have also achieved good results.

Retail industry: Chow Tai Fook's use of corporate WeChat services has increased the repurchase rate of members from 20% to 50%.

Education industry: The Education Bureau of Baoji City completed the construction of an information platform in 3 days and collected health data of 220,000 teachers and students in 8 hours.

Government affairs industry: 15,000 grid staff of Yichang Municipal Government added and served 270,000 residents.

Sou Yi Sou: Monthly livelihood reaches 500 million, making search within reach

Regarding WeChat search, WeChat has a vision: You can search with WeChat.

In the mobile Internet era, various services and contents of the Internet are divided into information islands by different apps, and the role of traditional search engines in the PC era has been weakened.

But this does not mean that users have no search needs, especially in WeChat, which carries 1.2 billion users. As the WeChat ecosystem becomes more and more abundant, it carries a large amount of content and services. How to efficiently connect users and services, search is one of the most important path.

In 2016, searches on WeChat could only find official accounts. Since then, more and more scenarios can be searched on WeChat, gradually covering Moments, city services, mini programs, video accounts, etc.

According to the latest data released by WeChat, the current monthly activity of WeChat Search has exceeded 500 million, and the search needs of users have become diversified. It can be said to be one of the largest search products on the market.

However, WeChat also emphasized that WeChat Souyisou is not an independent search product, but as a part of the WeChat ecosystem to promote the development of the WeChat ecosystem.

The lecturer of the open class stated that, unlike the PC era, search should not be limited to only one search box, but should be within reach.

WeChat has launched different search modes according to different scenarios, such as search while chatting, search at your fingertips, and #井号 search. For example, when we encounter knowledge blind spots during WeChat chat, we can press and hold the chat bubble and click "Search" in the menu to search.

In order to better identify good content and services, WeChat has developed a search algorithm called People Rank, which uses big data to provide users with the services and opinions of experts in various fields through search. "The value of people "This is the key to WeChat Search.

According to WeChat, WeChat Souyisou will connect more services in the future, and the boundaries will become increasingly blurred, creating a universal search that covers the entire network ecology.

Mini games: The content cache is expanded to 200M, so mini games are not "small"

The third anniversary of the mini game.

In your memory, the whole people jump seems to be yesterday, and today the mini game has entered the next stage. The phrase "500 million MAU for small games" said by the lecturer on the podium was even more amazing.

From 2019 to 2020, the content of mini games has become richer. In the past, due to the limited performance of the development of mini games, we have seen more RPG mini games. As the capabilities of mini games have improved, SLG and MMO mini games have become more common.

Developers are also making more money. From 2019 to 2020, developers' commercial realisation has increased by 20%. At the same time, more and more users are getting used to playing small games. In 2020, the per capita game time of mini games will increase by 50%, and the per capita game style will increase by 20%

Mini games have always been different from other games in terms of user sources and proportions. The 5:5 male-to-male ratio of small game users has brought more women to game developers in the small game ecosystem, which remains unchanged in 2020.

The change in 2020 is that the proportion of small game users in first- and second-tier cities has increased. In the past few years, the proportion of third-, fourth- and fifth-tier users who accounted for 57% has become 50%, and more and more users in first- and second-tier cities are playing Games. In the past two years, the number of users over the age of 30 who have continued to rise to 66% has become 65%, and young people have played more small games.

In 2021, WeChat will also give developers more incentives, and present advertising funds to even greater parties. The share settlement for Android in-app purchase of a single product is 6:4, the share distribution/recharge is 7:3, the advertising settlement is 5:5, and the dyeing revenue from advertising sources is 9:1.

The WeChat team has also been working with developers to break the limitations of small programs in the past few years.

Under the action of the mini game performance optimization plan, the mini game content cache has been expanded to 200M, 3D art rendering and multiplayer support on the same screen have made mini games like "Xin Xuanyuan Legend" possible. When WeChat showed a similar mini game to the outside world for the first time, most of the players' reaction was "This is also a mini game?"

What are the possibilities for mini games? The lecturer of the WeChat Open Course said that the connection between the mini game and the video account may also be something new. Whether it is a live broadcast of e-sports events or face-to-face events, it provides more possibilities for interaction between developers and players.

Today, small games are optimizing their advertising effects. It allows developers to customize the sharing of materials and gameplay. It also allows players to seamlessly experience small games on the mobile and PC terminals. Relay opens to make the small game experience smoother.

Today, when mini game open engineers have become the third place in WeChat related jobs, mini games have become an important force that cannot be missed in the game ecology.

Video account: Millions of people watch the meteor shower live on the video account, a new change in the content ecology

Today, last year, the WeChat video account was officially launched. In June 2020, Zhang Xiaolong announced in Moments that his daily life exceeded 200 million. In the past year, the video account has become the focus of many content creators.

WeChat’s definition of a video account is: a platform where everyone can record and create, and a window to understand others and the world. This is reminiscent of the slogan of the WeChat public account: no matter how small an individual is, it has its own brand.

WeChat also released some data on creators and viewers in the video account. Sunday is the most active time for the release of the video account. Among them, post-85 women are the most active people in the release of video accounts. Guangzhou is the most active city for the release of video accounts. Users like to watch the video account most after dinner on Friday, and Huizhou is the city where they like to watch the video account.

In the past year, the video account can be said to be one of the most frequently iterated products of WeChat. From the beginning of internal testing, to forwarding to Moments and live broadcasts, the positioning of the video account in the WeChat ecosystem has gradually become clear: helping the WeChat ecosystem to connect everything.

As we analyzed in the previous article, with the opening of video accounts and WeChat small stores, official accounts, and small program malls, the closed loop of the WeChat ecosystem has been further improved, which is likely to bring new changes to the content ecosystem and also to entrepreneurship. Provide new opportunities.

In December last year, a meteor shower live broadcast by photographer Li Zhenglin on the video account became the first live broadcast of the video account with more than one million viewers, and more and more video content began to go out of the circle.

Just like the original public account, more and more entrepreneurs are beginning to notice the opportunity of video account. The next step for WeChat is to continue to optimize the tools on the video account creator's side, to further reduce the threshold and difficulty of operation, and to lay the foundation for a new ecology in WeChat.

If you are also waiting for the live broadcast of this WeChat public class in the live broadcast room of the video account, you will find that the features that users are most interested in are always within reach, red envelope covers, lottery draws, etc.

However, in addition to the functions of the C-side that are very close, the underlying capabilities of WeChat Mini Programs, WeChat Pay, Enterprise WeChat, Sou Yisou, Mini Games, and Video Accounts and different service providers have built a thriving ecosystem.

Who can think of it? Ten years ago, none of these features existed. From the initial communication tool to today's all-encompassing life tool, WeChat still focuses on connection.

This article was co-authored by Leng Sizhen and Li Chaofan

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