WeChat 8.0 update! Added a status bar, with its own emoticons that can “explode the group”, and the floating window is no longer “dog skin plaster”

On January 21, 2011, WeChat released a beta version of 1.0 for iPhone users.

On January 21, 2021, the same day ten years later, WeChat released WeChat 8.0 for iOS.

Expressions, status, listening to songs, floating windows, input methods…This is a new feature after evolution, a new version of WeChat that can make you feel novel.

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  • Screen animation
  • expression
  • status
  • Visual display when listening to songs
  • Floating window
  • Drop down WeChat homepage
  • Red envelope cover can skip video number

Screen animation

When the WeChat version 7.0 update was launched, the opening animation once became a Gesang flower swaying under the blue sky. His copy "Because you see it, it exists." At that time, many interpretations were made.

Also as an update of the major version, the opening screen of the WeChat 8.0 for iOS version has naturally changed, and the lonely villain on the earth has also become five pictures and five sentences.

I see you

I see smiling face

I see fireworks

I saw a song

I saw what you saw

▲ The white dots in the lower right corner indicate the order

From you, smiling faces, fireworks, a song, to what you see, this is WeChat 8.0.


If you watched the live broadcast or replay of the 2021 WeChat Open Class PRO, you will definitely look forward to the update of the "emoji". After all, Zhang Xiaolong said this on WeChat Night:

People's facial expressions reflect that emotions are getting stronger and stronger, and expressions like "crack" are very popular.

My thoughts may be more violent than splitting. One day I told my development classmates to help me make a feature. I threw a bomb and the other party’s screen cracked. Of course, it is the cracking of the animation effect, but it is very realistic.

Don't know what kind of picture you have in your mind after seeing this description? In WeChat 8.0 for iOS, the final effect presented is this: sending [bomb] will be accompanied by a large animation, and the mobile phones of the sender and receiver will be shocked; sending [fireworks] will have the effect of dispersing fireworks; sending [celebration] There will be the effect of saluting flowers.

What if several of them are sent together? Then it has no effect.


Who can forget the status of QQ? Online, stealth, leave, Q me, do not disturb, these are all your youthful memories, and now they are more abundant, as well as being in love, doing a meal, chasing drama, exercising…

▲ QQ status

Today, a similar status function is also available on WeChat.

On the "Me" page of WeChat, add a status bar under the WeChat account and click to edit personal status. Currently:

  • Mood and thoughts: WeChat 8.0, beautiful, depressed, counting sheep, daze
  • Work and study: busy, fishing, moving bricks, traveling; activities include clocking in, gatherings, drinking coffee, drinking, exercising, buying and buying
  • Rest: chasing dramas, listening to songs, eating melons, playing games, watching live broadcasts, sleeping

After selecting the corresponding status, the user still needs to enter more than one character to complete the status editing. On this page, you can also add topics, pictures, and coordinates to your status. After editing, click "That's it". If you do not add any pictures, the status will be displayed on the "Me" page with a solid color background, with a random background color.

Of course, if you feel that none of these default states can express the current state, you can also write one yourself.

In the live broadcast of the video number, click "…" in the upper right corner, and you can also see the "Set My Status" button. After clicking, the live broadcast will also be displayed in the status card.

At the same time, the status also replaces the video dynamics of the new features launched in version 7.0. Now pull down the "me" page, you will no longer see the video dynamic editing page, instead of your own status bar. If you add a picture in the status, you can see it by pulling down. The original video activity on the "Me" page has also been replaced with status.

When a friend is chatting with you, a WeChat symbol is added next to the nickname at the top of the person. Click to call up the friend's status card. You can like the friend's status card, and the friend can also see your likes.

Visual display when listening to songs

I hope you can see something when listening to songs, and you will have imagination when listening to songs… Starting from this point, we have made a visual display of the experience of listening to songs.

How is listening to songs visualized on WeChat?

When you share music to your WeChat friends or WeChat groups in QQ Music, you can see a lyrics page similar to "Floating Window" after you click on the music. The lower left corner of the page displays "X person is listening" or "You are listening alone".

In the lower right corner is "Creating Music Videos". When you receive the music shared by other friends, you can click on the "…" in the upper right corner to see the entrance of "Create Music Video".

After clicking, the music is divided into different seconds according to the lyrics, you can select the lyrics in turn to start creating. The video is generated directly after creation and can be published in the video account. The video number page is also divided into two sections: dynamic and music video. The published video will appear in the "Music Video", and the originality of the video you made is displayed below.

When listening to a song, you can also see other people’s music videos, click on the video number avatar below to enter the other’s video number page for interaction.

Of course, we currently test only QQ Music to support this function, and other music platforms such as NetEase Cloud do not currently support it.

Floating window

For editors who need to read a lot of text content, the WeChat floating window is actually a very practical tool-you can "temporarily store" unfinished official account articles, web pages and other information, so that you can open it again and continue reading. After the update of WeChat 7.0.15 for iOS, the applet can no longer be dragged into the floating window, and many readers insist on calling it back.

This is not the case for Zhang Xiaolong:

I don’t really like floating windows. They look like a dog-skin plaster, occupying a place on your screen. Many friends can’t finish reading articles, and they are not a good solution.

So in the WeChat 8.0 for iOS version, WeChat gave a better solution, that is, "provide a list of unfinished content" so that you can retrieve the content at any time and continue to read it. Especially for long videos, it is even more necessary to cut away at any time and then find them quickly.

The new floating window dynamic addition method is the same as before: drag the page to the lower right corner; click "…" to select "floating window".

The difference is the existence and opening effect of the floating window: the floating window will always remain in the upper left corner of the WeChat main interface "··", click "··" or swipe the left side of the main interface to the right to call it out, and it will be presented in a thumbnail card style. Note that it can only be opened on the main WeChat interface, and can only be manually closed one by one.

Tested by APPSO, it can hold more than 50 pages.

Drop down WeChat homepage

Scroll down the WeChat homepage, what can you see?

If it is WeChat version 6.6.1 or above, 7.0.21 or below, the answer will be: Mini Program taskbar.

If you update to WeChat 8.0 for iOS, your answer will be: music you have listened to, articles you haven't read, and live broadcasts you have watched.

In the drop-down page, you can long press the music you have listened to to remove the music. Long press the unfinished article to see the floating window and remove the two buttons. Click the floating window to put the article in the updated floating window .

Now, pull down WeChat and you can only see "Used Mini Programs", and "My Mini Programs" need to click the "More" button in the upper right corner to enter the task bar of the familiar Mini Programs.

▲ Click "More…" in the upper right corner to enter the original mini program task bar

Red envelope cover can skip video number

In fact, WeChat also opened up the capabilities of the red envelope cover platform before the new version was launched:

When configuring the cover story, you can directly select the content of the published video number (supports video material within 1 minute);
The jump of the cover story can be associated with the video number under the registered subject;
The jump of the cover story can be associated with the emoticon artist homepage and emoticon album page.

The above new functions are applicable to both personal and corporate accounts.

In other words, the red envelope cover you will see in the future may be linked to the video account in addition to the official account and mini program.

 So how do you get the covers of super nice red envelopes such as Gucci, Adidas, Cat and Mouse? APPSO's recently launched red envelope cover sharing gadget will help you understand the dynamics at the first time and start immediately.

(Mini Program Card)

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