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There is a group of "visual animals" who are fanatical about colors. They drink a cup of colorful drinks and try new and cool sensory experiences; they shuttle through the weird and colorful stores and inspire sparks and flints with different friends; they keep on Take pictures, share, express, think, and feel the new vitality of colors in creativity, ideas, products, and the environment.

From the past to the present, colors are being wave after wave, impacting the social life and consumer thoughts of the new generation of young people.

Welcome to the topic of Tomorrow's Wave Series: Good " Letters " -No.1 Store.

When buildings are similar to each other, and shopping malls are lined up, you may only stay for a shop with wild colors.

When the selfies were slid by, and the hot words were copied in batches, only the boldly colored check-in photos of the shop caught your eye.

Dark red, dark green, bright yellow, warm orange, light pink, azure blue, pure white, dark black…

There are more and more "lewd" stores. In order to see what their magic is, we "gathered" 7 stores of different colors in Guangzhou and started a rainbow-like field visit.

Jijijiao Coffee may be a "colorful" store that is born with a topic of its own.

After all, it is all green from head to toe.

Passing through the old residential buildings in downtown Guangzhou, you can see this coffee shop soaked in green from a distance. Folded in the corner is a large line of "fastfoot", which is translated from the brand name "Jijijia".

"Hurry" in Cantonese means "go fast". They want to invite people who are in a hurry to stop and come in for a good cup of coffee.

This store is designed in the space age style of the 60s and 70s. A retro cartoon barista invites at the door and opens the hatch. The old and new elements inside are bumping and jumping, full of shades of green.

Looking at the green wall, stepping on the green floor, walking past the green tables and chairs, and walking to the green menu, I ordered a cup of green coffee to the barista in green clothes. I realized that no matter how powerful the scumbag is, I might get lost. This green ocean.

I ordered their special "cleaning package": a milkshake bottled with laundry detergent and a cake made of soap. The taste is very refreshing, but after drinking it, the whole person feels green by it.

Unlike many stores that just make the color into a store packaging, the hurried green creativity covers the appearance to the product, and each has its own advantages in material, structure, and details.

A single green has many different tones, such as olive green, postman green, fluorescent green, etc. Different stores will use different themes, corresponding to different greens. The anxious manager Toe told Ai Faner that this can keep consumers fresh.

▲The picture on the right is from fastfoot/THR33

"But we have to give Green a chance to rehabilitate, not all pots are given to Green," Toe said with a smile.

He went on to explain that in fact, green is the most ubiquitous color in nature, and it is easy to make people feel friendly, comfortable, and without a sense of distance. Just like choosing green, the brand names and coffee types sold are from everyday life, but they will use the things that are easily touched in everyday life to make interesting re-creation, so that everyone can see the different appearance of things.

It is these unique styles outside of daily life that make it a popular "net green" brand on social platforms.

▲The picture is from fastfoot/THR33

Compared with rushing, Jpg. Coffee is more "convergent" in the color design of stores and products.

In the gap between the tall buildings in Zhujiang New City, you can also see a small, bright yellow coffee shop at a glance.

At three o'clock in the afternoon when the office workers were very busy, we arrived at the store. It’s not crowded, the shops are not big, and there are even no seats, because they themselves can be said to be the “first movers” of take-out coffee in Guangzhou——

Take a .jpg when you pass by.

Yellow here also has a light and fast feeling. The exterior wall of the store is full of yellow, and the menu cards, coffee cups, and packaging bags are painted with the same yellow. It is simple and uniform, but it is brilliant and eye-catching.

The store manager told us that Jpg. Coffee will open more stores in the future, each store has a color, and may make up a rainbow.

In the corner of their store, you can already see cup covers and packaging bags of different colors.

Jpg. puts the moving design in a more focused place. For example, for different coffees at different times, there will be cup sleeves with different color designs, and each cup sleeve has a different inspiration behind it.

When people buy coffee in the morning, they may get sky blue cup holders with flying birds.

The coffee itself is also very "focused." There are two classic coffees in the store. You can choose different coffee beans. The rest are creative and special. They will introduce them to customers personally. The process of ordering coffee also has a more human touch.

In Jpg. Coffee, the color doesn’t seem to carry much intention. It may be related to the consumption situation, or it may be related to the co-branding, but its purpose is as direct as it is convenient for take-out coffee——

Let people passing by see it, and then take a cup and continue walking.

PTN by Limitless is the last coffee shop we checked in.

In the new coffee shop of various colors, it looks much more low-key, but it is also special because of the color, because the whole shop is dressed in black.

When I approached it, my mood became very solemn, and Neruda's poem popped out of my head: You are like the night, with loneliness and stars. I like that you are silent, as if you have disappeared.

Then this mood disappeared before entering the door-when I brushed my shoulders with the uncle in the suit and leather who came out of the store, the cigarette left on his body stroked my nose, and a black glass door in front of me opened automatically, and I had a I suddenly felt that this was the legendary high-end club that civilians could not afford.

But after entering, the inside of the store is actually a different scene: it does have the same mystery and indifference as the black outside of the door, but because of the whole curved Wabi-sabi concrete interior wall and the bright exterior wall, it reveals The deep feeling and loneliness of the original cave version.

The clerk is also unsmiling, but he must have a deeper understanding of this black. So after ordering a cup of coffee, I asked in passing: "Will working in a dark environment affect your mood?"

He raised his eyelids slightly towards me: "No."

I seem to know something, but I don't know anything, but the people in this store don't speak very much, and I can't ask anything more.

Color is a unique temperament in this store, and it will attract more people with the same frequency to come here.

They may like the calm and tranquility behind the black, or they may just escape the hustle and bustle for a while, but they can all have a cup of coffee quietly, or leave a period of time and space in private alone.

Yamamoto Yohji once said that black is the color with the most attitude, while Hara Kenya believes that white only exists in perception and cognition.

Ai Faner is in the TIT Creative Park, which also incubates many new brands. Many people will come here to visit the store and take pictures because of the all-white clothing store "Weaving." A T-shirt inside starts at 299 yuan.

When asked about this, the clerk of Zhizhi told Ai Fan'er, “It’s good for everyone to come and see it,” because they did put a lot of effort into store design, and the walls and products looked orderly. It is flexible and changeable, the light can penetrate the entire room, making customers seem invisible in nature.

This has also been carried over to their products, which has a back-to-basics taste. Although Zhizhi only opened in April this year, there are some colleagues and friends around who have already consumed them, and the evaluation of their white T-shirts with different textures, materials and patterns is acceptable. Most of the first impressions are: "Too comfortable to wear NS".

Lao Jiang, the founder of Zhizhi, wanted to make it a "national knitting first national brand." When talking about the original intention of creating it, it was also because many people "cannot find a truly comfortable T-shirt."

Regardless of the white that is seen from the storefront, or the white that is in the same line on the clothes, the color here is a manifestation of a sense of comfort and comfort.

As Kenya Hara thinks, white in this clothing store also reflects the mentality and quality of life that contemporary people want.


In addition to clothing stores and coffee shops, there are also tea shops that are evenly matched in the use of colors.

This year, people seem to be particularly enthusiastic about "Klein Blue". Fashion, art, and life circles have set off a trend of "Klein Blue", from the LV 2022 spring and summer menswear show, Hermes Rome pop-up store, to all kinds of Trendy collection stores, as well as emerging tea shops.

▲Picture from 11MILES

I first paid attention to a Klein Blue tea shop, 11MILES. This tea shop opened in the core area of ​​Guangzhou is more eye-catching under the cover of Klein Blue, reminiscent of the future, new cool, A series of keywords such as personality.

▲Picture from 11MILES

There are many more imaginations behind the colors. For example, the Zhujiang New Town store is the theme of environmental protection, and the Grandview Plaza store is the theme of civilization. Entering the store from the broken rocks on the ground is like visiting the secrets of the ruins, making people feel that the history and the future are here. collision.

Regrettably, when we went to the scene, we discovered that the store in Guangzhou had closed down. It might be because the operating funds could not afford it, or because the product was not competitive. When we called to inquire, the other party just said, "I can't do it anymore."

But there are still many newly opened "Klein Blue" stores. We quickly found a number of similar brands and went to a tea shop named TEALT.5.

The first visual impact of Klein Blue is indeed very strong. This thorough color is like taking you into the deepest ocean. But I personally should not have the desire to come again, at least not because of the store itself.

TEALT.5 didn't seem to want to attract people by relying on Klein Blue. They promoted the tea itself. I also tasted the new drinking method of "milk tea plus tea" for the first time.

The stores that choose Klein Blue are bold and shiny, but they must also bear the risk of more colors.


Niche tea brands are constantly trying new ones, and the store designs of top tea brands such as Heycha and Naixue are also remarkable.

They seldom use the colors that are off the peak of the sword alone, and most of them are based on clean and durable white, plus various designs that conform to the brand's tonality. However, Naixue tried a lot, from the fresh green of Kunming South Asia First City to the vibrant orange of Guangzhou Tianhuan Plaza.

We went to Nayuki's Orange Store, which is also the first Nayuki Pro+ store in the country. In addition to tea and desserts, there is also a coffee and beer area.

Asked the customers who came to this store, they said that orange is very "Nayuki" and it gives people a warm feeling.

In addition to product upgrades, the clerk of this Nayuki Pro+ store also told us that they are also faster in efficiency and more comprehensive in service. When asked about color-related issues, the clerk was more surprised about it, but he mentioned that and Customers feel the same, "I used to work at other Nayuki stores, but I feel brighter in this one."

However, the clerk's accident about the color problem is not unexpected. After all, most people who come here to buy milk tea are not for the color. For the top brands in the tea industry, the color is more like a bonus item, or just want to To tell you, this is a new store with a special positioning.


Speaking of the most "color" place in Guangzhou, you may have heard of PinkSTAR.

This art park, founded in 2017, was first known for its all-pink architecture, reminiscent of the entire pink fashionable hotel in the "Budapest Hotel".

▲ Picture from PinkSTAR

At the beginning, there was 6000 square meters of space. There were buildings, cafes, garden areas, etc. in the park. Buildings 9 and 10 were all covered in pink, soft, gentle, sweet, and with a hint of rebellious color. It completely hit the hearts of girls and hunks.

▲ Picture from PinkSTAR

From neon gas stations, to American highway restaurants, pink nostalgic cars, pink fences and posters with a sense of time, the strong retro flavor makes people feel as if they are in a foreign country and are shooting on a street magazine.

▲Some pictures are from PinkSTAR

Nancy Choi, the operation director of PinkSTAR, told Ai Faner that most of the people who came to the park to check in were young people, such as college students, fashion bloggers, etc. At the beginning, there were not many venues that used pink on a large scale, so everyone was very fresh about it. feel.

Later, in order to attract more young people to the park, they did a lot of trendy activities for the Z generation, such as street dance competitions, skateboarding competitions, music parties, etc. They also held regular art exhibitions and markets, and they have been doing youth cultural output.

▲ Picture from PinkSTAR

Now, the overall area of ​​PinkSTAR has reached 15,000 square meters, which has expanded the park sites of different artistic styles around the world, and has more space for artistic creation and creative activities.

PinkSTAR also started to develop into a more diversified future from the original pink building.

▲ Picture from PinkSTAR

There is a well-known "7-second law" in the American marketing industry:

People will decide whether to buy a product in 7 seconds, and the color determining factor accounts for 67%.

The big brands in the past are also well versed in color marketing. Color can affect people's emotions and perceptions of brands and products. This is nothing new.

When we talk about “colorful” stores, it’s easy to think of McDonald’s red, Starbucks green, and IKEA’s blue and yellow.

These colors are the representative colors of their brands. Red symbolizes the joy and deliciousness of McDonald's, green symbolizes the relaxation and comfort of Starbucks, and blue and yellow symbolize the inspiration and creativity of IKEA.

In eating, drinking, buying, buying, buying, you will remember their brand color, but rarely go to the store because of the color.

Now, new stores in various colors have become a powerful tool for attracting young people, and colors have become a communication vehicle for creative ideas, cultural concepts, and social methods.

▲ The Delicates store opened in 2018 is divided into "White T Archives, Customized Experience Zone, etc., which also conveys a young and modern lifestyle

We went to the "Green Space Capsule" and drank innovative "clean drinks"; walked into Jpg every day just to collect fun cup sets of different colors; temporarily escaped and empty in the black coffee shop; bought in the pure white clothing store The next quality of life; the circle of friends who gave out annual likes in the blue milk tea shop; became the first waver in the orange Nai Xue shop; met like-minded niche friends in the pink giant park…

New consumer brands use bold colors to make their brands and products highly emotional.

▲Picture from FLASH COFFEE

Of course, a unique store color is easy to stimulate attention and spread, but a single color is also easy to face the dilemma of freshness in the past and aesthetic fatigue, especially under the same tone rendering of a large area and high saturation visual stimulation.

Jiujiao will use different colors in different stores to maintain the freshness, but it also said that the biggest difficulty in creating a green brand is the color difference. Even different materials using the same color value will have color differences, and it is already very difficult to accurately represent the real object.

PinkSTAR also mentioned that they spent a long time and effort to proofread the paint color number in order to bring out the high-end and beautiful pink.

▲The picture is from fastfoot/THR33

But they all have a consensus: the freshness of young people passes too quickly.

Various stores use color to attract young people, and they are also exploring how to retain young people.

Color is a way of communication, but it is not a lasting path. "Content" is still the most important.

Behind the word "net celebrity", it usually means that the wind of copying is rampant. Nancy Choi, Operations Director of PinkSTAR, told us that there were a lot of pink cafes and creative parks that copied them before, but they were quickly eliminated by the market.

Pink is a kind of tone. We will set up many different scenes in the park, and we have always maintained various cross-border cooperation, including the opening of an exhibition jointly with independent magazines at the end of September and so on. Only by constantly updating with market trends can we maintain our vitality.

▲Picture from PinkSTAR

The anxious manager Toe also said, "Now the speed of obtaining information is hundreds of times faster than before. If you don't do more energy output, consumers will soon forget you."

Next, Jijijia will also gather all major trendy brands in addition to the scene-oriented coffee shop to launch a brand collection store called "Jujiuji Picnic". Contemporary young people's attention to color, design, and brand concept has given them new hope.

▲The picture is from fastfoot/THR33

Consumers are willing to pay for the brand and quality, and brands are willing to pay more attention to brand management, and the design industry can flourish in China. This is a good phenomenon. When the design can improve, more high-quality brands and stores in our country will continue to appear and develop well.

"Of course there will be pain periods in the progress process," Toe said.

Colors have been given more new meaning to the store, and the store has also changed and upgraded rapidly.

When the meaning of color is constantly being interpreted, the innovation of store consumption has just begun.

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