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There is a group of "visual animals" who are enthusiastic about colors. They drink a cup of colorful drinks and try new and cool sensory experiences; they shuttle through the bizarre and colorful stores, and inspire sparks with different friends; they keep on Take pictures, share, express, think, and feel the new vitality of colors in creativity, ideas, products, and the environment.

From the past to the present, colors are being wave after wave, impacting the social life and consumer thoughts of the new generation of young people.

Welcome to the topic of Tomorrow's Wave Series: Good "Letters"-No. 2 Drinks.

In the late spring, the "green" lemon tea springs up like bamboo shoots after the rain; in the midsummer season, blue storms are set off by Heytea, Starbucks, and Luckin; gold nine silver ten, chestnut, apricot and sweet-scented osmanthus dye the "autumn first cup of milk tea" On brown and yellow.

In this year's beverage industry, color is a big theme. From spring to autumn, popular colors have changed for several generations.

Would you buy a drink because of its outstanding color? Thinking back to the colorful milk tea stalls on the roadside of the primary school, in fact, the drinks never lack color.

But in an era when more and more importance is placed on health and nature, the method of creating colors is somewhat different. We bought a few "lewd drinks", trying to find out where their colors come from, and whether they are new and creative.

Fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto once said: "Black is humble and arrogant, lazy, relaxed but mysterious, and it constructs a spiritual realm that does not disturb each other." And what about using black for drinks?

Black Airplane's "Bamboo Charcoal Tieguanyin" uses only bamboo charcoal, Tieguanyin, milk and pearls. The edible bamboo charcoal powder has no taste, just for color development. It looks mysterious, cold, and unfathomable. It is the most unique one among the thousands of flowers.

After the black and white layers are left and mixed, the bamboo charcoal Tieguanyin takes on a marble-like color. Colleagues have different opinions. Some people think it is ink color, while others think it is sesame paste color. There are a thousand black and gray in the eyes of a thousand people. In short, this drink has aroused everyone's interest.

After tasting by "the proponent of sesame paste" Joy, the bamboo charcoal Tieguanyin is just an ordinary milk tea flavor. Although the sweetness is too strong and affects the tea fragrance, it can indeed drink the Tieguanyin aroma.

The Black Airplane clerk told Ai Fan'er that the bamboo charcoal Tieguanyin is an old drink with very high qualifications.

But in his opinion, this is more like a gimmick, and the source of black is not uncommon. "In fact, you can also look at our Perilla Meal Soda and Pepper Bubbles. They are more special in taste."

"I eat 300 lychees every day, and I will grow up to be a Lingnanese." This cup of red sea salt lychee tea cloud oolong, what Starbucks is most proud of is the 0 fat 0 milk oolong tea cover.

Colleague Dajie took a few sips, was silent for a while, and frowned slightly: "The tea cover is very light, but the jam underneath is more flavorful."

Starbucks staff Kei confessed that all Starbucks fruit-flavored drinks use concentrated juice and canned fruits. There are actually a lot of sugar in it. "It can only be said that a tea lid with 0 fat and 0 milk is relatively healthy."

In Kei's view, it is also made of concentrated fruit juice, canned fruit and syrup, and Starbucks' Frappuccino series is the best at color marketing.

Frappuccinos are roughly divided into two types of colors, one is the brown coffee-colored Frappuccinos, such as pumpkin and chestnut flavors. The color of these flavored syrups is not bright, and coffee, milk, and ice cubes are added, so the color displayed is similar to the color of coffee.

▲ Blood Orange Little Music Frappuccino. Picture from: Starbucks

The other type is Frappuccino for "good-looking". Most of this type of Frappuccino does not contain coffee. It uses milk as the base and is made with brightly colored syrup, thick liquid jam, granular or lumpy powder. For example, the Halloween limited Frappuccino is made with strawberry jam and orange-flavored syrup that looks like plasma.

If you don't add syrup to Frappuccino, it's just an ordinary, unremarkable milk smoothie. The syrup of the limited Frappuccino is also different from the classic, each store will only get a limited syrup for a limited time.

These Frappuccinos actually taste mediocre, even a little strange, and the formula makes them impossible to be very healthy. But because the color is more beautiful, it also has the meaning of existence.

When I hummed and took out various kinds of drinks, the sharp-eyed colleague who was rubbing my hands beside me pointed out it and said, "This one will definitely not taste bad."

The raw material of Hey Tea's "Raw Coconut Milk Jelly" contains raw coconut milk, so the coconut has a strong fragrance and a silky texture. The white color has a pure and simple feeling, reminiscent of the "drinking from small to large" coconut palm juice.

In fact, the raw coconut drink that has exploded this year is indeed similar to the classic coconut drink, which is nothing new.

According to the " Food Research Institute" , raw coconuts are used to split coconut water, and mature coconuts have thick coconut meat to make coconut milk and coconut milk. The "raw coconut" in the tea industry usually refers to coconut milk, which is made by crushing coconut meat and adding water.

▲ Thick coconut milk. Picture from: Taobao

There are also many people who use the "thick coconut milk" purchased online to recreate the raw coconut drink in the milk tea shop. In its ingredient list, in addition to water, coconut meat juice, and coconut water, it also contains more sugar and hydrogenated oil than the coconut milk that is directly drunk. It is not suitable for direct drinking, but the milk tea and coffee produced have a more delicate and full taste.

The sweetness of coconut milk is not just the sweetness of the coconut itself, you can easily DIY this white at home.

Green is a ubiquitous color in nature. It is considered to be the representative of spring. It is distributed in vast fields and pastures, and is associated with purity, comfort and health in the senses.

Green is also a well-deserved drink fashion color this year. In the last issue of the topic of "Laughter Shops" , green stores have won everyone's most favorites. If you have another glass of green drink in your hand, Fashion Icon may be you.

The smash hit "Thai Green" lemon tea has long been a cloud of smoke because of the illegal sunset yellow.

The new teas "Wheatgrass Green Popping Lemon" and "Bitter Gourd Green Popping Lemon" successfully attracted me-wheatgrass juice belongs to vegetable juice, and bitter gourd is a representative of clearing heat and removing fire. The low-saturation green is like the warm and moist scenery after the rain in early autumn in the south.

Out of curiosity, I searched Taobao and found the dark green "wheatgrass kiwi juice compound drink thick syrup". In addition to wheatgrass juice, there is also a concentrated kiwi juice on the ingredient list. In addition, "Kale", like wheatgrass, can be used as a "natural coloring agent" to blend the drink into a green color on the premise of satisfying health.

Even if this beauty is harmless, there may not be a cup of freshness without secretly paying the price of sugar.

Two colleagues took a sip and found, "It does have the taste of bitter melon, but after bitter melon, the syrup is sweetened." "The scent of mint and lemon is very strong, and the fragrance of wheatgrass cannot be tasted. It feels like the base of syrup." .

For some greens, it's best to stop visually degreasing and cooling. After drinking a glass of green pop lemon, the colleagues decided to go back to squeeze bitter gourd juice and eat citrus fruit.

This year's beverage industry's top face value is undoubtedly the blue drink. The clearness, calmness and coolness represented by blue are essential for summer.

The top layer of the Hey Tea Disney limited "Glacier Adventure" has an ice blue snow top; Starbucks "Ice and Snow Fun Crisp Frappuccino" has blueberry snowflakes on top; Luckin's "Walden Blue Diamond Rena Ice" blue sky and white clouds color matching , There are also colored marshmallows embellished in the meantime.

▲ Blue drink. Picture from: Starbucks/Luckin

Luckin Barista Y bluntly said:

Walden Blue is indeed the ceiling of Luckin's beauty, and only this one makes me notice customers who have special trips to check in. As a Luckin person, other drinks are similar to me.

Most of these blue colors come from phycocyanin, which is a natural, edible and harmless pigment, mainly found in cyanobacteria, red algae and cryptophyta. The blue velvet powder commonly used in milk tea is made of phycocyanin. Made. The blueberry powder on the top of "Ice and Snow Fun Crispy Frappuccino" is also a natural ingredient, which can be well matched with fruit tea. In addition to the color palette, it can also enhance the flavor.

It is said that phycocyanin is also used in the "Sea Blue Raw Coconut Mang" of the new tea. But in my opinion, the blue color seems to be absent, and it seems that it will disappear without a trace when shaken slightly. The buyer's show and the seller's show are probably so different.

Blue suppresses appetite, but this unconventional unpopular color also complements each other when used in summer drinks for relieving heat. Looking at it from a distance, there is a kind of coolness like sea water. However, there is still a need for tea brands to use healthier raw materials to make a more stable blue color.

In color psychology, the emotions that purple gives people are noble, gorgeous, elegant and romantic.

In 2018, there was a three-color layered "Lianwei Shanghai Ningwei" in the small military village of Cuo Nei. The secret lies in the butterfly pea flower juice on the top. Butterfly pea flower is a natural water-soluble plant dye, the color changes from blue to purple when it encounters lemon.

▲ Love Shanghai Ningwei. Picture from: Small Military Village in Cuo Nei

You can't imagine its taste, but it is close to the Pantone's annual popular color-Ultra Violet. This color is more bluish than the pure purple, and it is the color of the vast starry sky.

▲ Ultra Violet. Picture from: PANTONE

It is said that the taste of "Love Shanghai Ningwei" is slightly sour, and it tastes like sparkling water with a small amount of Sprite, and even the official seals it personally-"Taste <value, but who makes it high in value".

Black is suitable for autumn and winter, green is suitable for spring and summer, but pink is probably not seasonal. It can always arouse people's appetite and desire to buy, and represents timeless youth, romance and tenderness.

The "Zhizhi Peach Peach" of this hi tea is a classic example of using fruit to color the fruit. In 2017, Hey Tea launched the Zhizhi Peach Peach for the first time, using three different peaches to extract the juice, pulp and color. In 2018, to solve the problem of oxidative discoloration of the finished product, Hey Tea solved the problem of pitaya powder coloring. Zhizhi Taotao has always been a classic product in the top sales of Hi Tea.

A HiTea staff member thinks:

The expression of any color is actually based on the quality of the product, presenting the ingredients themselves, and at the same time, health must be taken into consideration. This is the case with fire dragon juice.

Yellow is actually a common color for drinks, and we have many yellow popular fruits. But Nayuki's "dominant golden yellow leather" is a bit different. This is not a bright, energetic yellow that hits the face. It looks more delicate, gentle, and soft.

"Domineering golden yellow peel" contains two types of Lingnan fruits: golden yellow peel and nine-made tangerine peel. It is said to be able to eliminate food and relieve greasiness, clear heat and reduce fire. But the first bite I drank was sweet and greasy-strange sweetness and sticky taste, like melted QQ candy, of course QQ candy does not have this taste.

Wampee is mostly born in Fujian, Hainan and Guangdong and Guangxi, and it is a niche fruit with strong locality. In this niche fruit battle for new tea, Huangpi also has croissant honey, Meilong melon, Ganwang strawberry, and Wanglin apple waiting eagerly behind Huangpi.

According to Ran Caijing , the new tea beverage industry has entered an embarrassing period of very high homogeneity. Popular fruits such as strawberries, mangoes, and grapes have been fully developed, and it is difficult to make new ideas. Brands must differentiate their products and create new memory points. Looking for niche raw materials throughout the country and even the world is an important layout direction.

The fruits are becoming more and more niche, and the color of the tea is getting more and more refined, so that it has a subtle degree of recognition. In addition to red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, there are thousands of colors that are the endless possession of the Creator.

When it is difficult for the Internet to convey aromas and tastes intuitively, colors have become a unique set of "circulation currency."

If you want to sell new tea products, you need to "give consumers some color." There are many ways to create color, such as fruits, vegetables, candied berry sauce, natural pigments…

Compared with the unscrupulous artificial colors in the past, new consumer brands are more cautious in their pursuit of color. The negative case, Thai green lemon tea, was quickly kicked off the track. A tea drinking professional who has drunk Thai green advises latecomers : "It's all pigments. You can make quick money this year, but you will have to die next year."

Many new tea brands choose to start with healthy colored ingredients such as natural pigments and develop more colored drinks, including phycocyanin, wheatgrass juice, butterfly pea flower, and many natural pigments to choose from.

▲ Color circle of natural color scheme. Picture from: doehler

The niche fruit is a way for new tea drinks to get out of trouble when they are caught in innovation and flow anxiety.

There are indeed reasons why the niche is niche-geographical restrictions, difficult to adjust, and unstable supply chains. However, as the understanding and application of materials become more and more refined, beverages will naturally develop more and more refined colors, and the colors of nature are inexhaustible and inexhaustible.

▲ Youkan. Picture from: Nayuki's Tea

Considering the preservation and quality control issues, concentrated fruit juice, canned fruit and syrup are still classic formulas for color.

Luckin Barista Y told Ai Faner that Rena Bing uses frozen fruits:

It is practical to ensure quality, and our employees often drink it. Many milk tea shops use fresh fruits but are difficult to preserve, and the store's hygiene is worrying. We are not prone to problems.

It is now in early autumn, and new products for autumn and winter are coming. Naixue’s caramel chestnut treasure tea, domineering Xiaoque apricot, Starbucks peanut mousse latte, sweet-scented osmanthus cloud latte, Luckin’s sweet-scented osmanthus oolong tea, rich gui thick milk latte… I was in the cool autumn breeze, Smelled the burning smell of gunpowder again.

▲ Picture from: Naixue/Luckin/Starbucks

"Salt Glycolipid: How the Food Giants Manipulate Us" writes:

Nowadays, we rarely feel that the energy of our body and brain is exhausted, and we need to replenish nutrients urgently… Our motivation for eating comes from other sources. Some come from emotional needs, while others reflect the core of processed foods: the first is the taste, followed by the aroma, appearance and texture.

The new generation of consumers sees too much, so they "need both and also want." When new tea brands are sinking into the Red Sea, they must make every aspect that consumers can perceive more and more refined, and the subtle evolution of colors is also included.

Although the deliciousness and health wrapped in color can make people linger, but the color can first of all arouse the desire of early adopters and psychological pleasure, and bring us a better life experience. When the color is separately proposed and discussed, the new tea drink has also entered a more slender competition field.

Grapes are not the only fruit.

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