We chatted with two Meizu executives, Meizu friends can rest assured to look forward to Meizu

Three or five years ago, the automobile circle and the mobile phone circle were two distinct worlds, but with the big trend of new energy vehicles, the opportunity to overtake in the corners has begun to appear, and the top smartphone manufacturers are Apple, Huawei and Xiaomi. All are involved in the automotive field in different forms.

Of course, it is not that car manufacturers have not noticed the field of smartphones. Even if this is a restricted area of ​​the Red Sea, small start-ups are not allowed to enter, but for large car manufacturers, the value of this market is worth re-evaluating.

Xingji Times, with Li Shufu as the chairman, recently held a strategic investment signing ceremony with Meizu Technology in Hangzhou, officially announcing that Xingji Times holds a 79.09% controlling stake in Meizu Technology. The two parties will work together to provide users with multiple terminals and all scenarios. , the core product of immersive fusion experience.

For this investment, the outside world is generally considered to be a win-win deal. Xingji Times has obtained an excellent acquisition target in the smartphone field. Meizu has a full set of process capabilities for smartphone R&D and manufacturing, as well as good brand and user assets, especially its The Flyme system is a custom Android system with a good reputation in China.

As for Meizu, although it can still maintain profitability in the brutal competition of smartphones, the low-frequency release of a single high-end flagship series has made its market share not as good as before. However, after being strategically invested, Meizu will be able to let go of its hands and feet and continue to conquer cities in the future.

Therefore, for Xingji Times and Meizu, a new era for each other has begun, and new energy vehicles, new forms of consumer electronics, and even the era of great changes in smartphones are all in the state of ing. Against this background, Meizu Chairman Shen Ziyu and Meizu CEO Huang Zhipan accepted a written interview with Ai Faner and answered several questions of concern to the outside world.

Xingji Times acquired Meizu, what did it value?

Although Xingji Era was led by Li Shufu, in the field of smartphones, as a latecomer, it is more secure to team up with experienced Meizu in the face of newly opened dungeons, which can maximize the synergy effect.

When asked, "From the perspective of Meizu CEO, for Xingji Times, what is the core value of Meizu, which is strategically invested in? Talent, brand, Flyme, or something else?", said Meizu CEO Huang Zhipan. :

Meizu has been deeply involved in the consumer electronics industry for nearly 20 years. Today, it has a mature team and experience from product design and development, quality supply and manufacturing to brand sales and services, and has already begun the exploration of AIoT and cross-border systems. For example, Flyme, as the first-tier mobile phone system in the industry, has hundreds of millions of users and has recognized advantages in system experience, interaction design, platform support, and cross-screen linkage.

Xingji Times' strategic investment in Meizu Technology is the most direct recognition of the entire industry chain for Meizu's brand industry status and comprehensive capabilities in the mobile phone industry.

In fact, after the supply chain matures, the threshold for building a smartphone is very low. A workshop with as little as a few dozen people can tinker with a mobile phone of its own brand. After all, most of the work can be outsourced. If you are a little more lazy, you can go to the ODM manufacturer to come up with a plan for OEM to fool it.

However, nowadays, making a mobile phone and making a mobile phone well are polarized things: making a mobile phone is very easy, and making a mobile phone is very difficult.

Obviously, Xingji Times wants to make mobile phones well.

In an interview with Huxiu, Shen Ziyu, vice chairman of Xingji Times and also chairman of Meizu, said that Xingji Times has awe for the mobile phone industry, but the successful and mature system of the complete mobile phone product line is still for us now. a challenge.

It just so happens that what the Xingji era lacked before is exactly what Meizu has. This is "the ability to fully systematize mobile phones."

After understanding this, the questions that everyone cared about before can usher in the answer: Xingji era and Meizu are serious about making mobile phones.

Presumably at this time, many Mei friends will want to ask, will the Meizu brand still exist in the future? When will Meizu 19 come out?

In this regard, Huang Zhipan said:

As an independent brand, Meizu's products will continue to meet with you. In terms of new products after cooperation, the team of Meizu and Xingji Times will combine the needs of the global travel ecology and continue to collide with new sparks, so stay tuned.

As for the Meizu 19, last month, Meizu has launched the Meizu 19 Manager Program, inviting users to participate in discussions and suggestions on the Meizu 19 mobile phone.

▲ Shen Ziyu, Chairman of Meizu Technology

Meizu's imagination is bigger

Although the answer is very official, the sentence "In terms of new products after cooperation, the team of Meizu and Xingji Times will combine the needs of the global travel ecology and continue to collide with new sparks. Please look forward to it." In fact, it also proves that with After the blessing of new resources, there is more room for cooperation between the two parties, and they can spend a little more energy thinking about future matters.

Before that, Flyme was not limited to mobile phones, but Meizu's quirky exploration brand PANDAER and high-end smart home brand lipro have explored AIOT, and Star Age, led by Li Shufu, is naturally motivated to explore consumer electronics Convergence of industrial and automotive industries.

Therefore, at the beginning of the rumors of the strategic investment of Meizu in the Star Age, there were many guesses. At the strategic investment signing site, the chairman of the Star Age, Li Shufu, also said that the new round of technological and industrial revolution has spawned a large number of new formats, The new model, technological innovation and ecological integration of the consumer electronics industry and the automotive industry are imperative. In the future, the track of the two industries of smart cars and smartphones will no longer be monotonous, and the two will no longer go their separate ways, but an integrated relationship of multi-terminal, full-scene, and immersive experience for common users. The layout of the mobile phone business, the deep integration of the consumer electronics industry and the automobile industry, and the creation of a cross-border user ecological chain can achieve super synergy.

In the planning of Xingji Times, high-end smartphones, XR technology products, wearable smart terminal product research and development and ecological construction are all its future businesses, and Meizu will also work together to create in these areas.

Shen Ziyu said:

Xingji Times and Meizu did not choose a single track, but to become the pioneers of a new track for intelligent experience. The ecological integration of the consumer electronics industry and the automotive industry will provide users with a multi-terminal, full-scene, and immersive integration experience.

The accumulation of Meizu Technology in the mobile phone industry for many years will be more fully utilized. Cooperate with the superior technical capabilities of Xingji Times, optimize the user experience scenario of the Internet of Everything, and jointly enhance the competitiveness in the travel technology ecology.

Although at this point, we can't see the future brands of these two brands other than mobile phones, but there is no need to worry, because of the general trend, Meizu has not fallen.

What are the megatrends? New energy and new travel are considered, XR products are also considered, and the integration of smartphones in more fields is also considered. Of course, the Meizu brand may also appear in more scenes, Huang Zhipan said:

In the future, Meizu will become a more imaginative brand. We will connect a wider range of terminal types to meet the needs of users in work, travel, home, entertainment, sports and health, fashion life, etc., to achieve multi-terminal full scene, Smart and smooth immersive fusion experience, continue to strive to lead new technology trends and elegant and trendy lifestyles.

Thanks to Meiyou: Meizu has not changed, Meizu is also changing

We also roughly understand how Meizu will go in the future: the brand is still independent, the mobile phone will continue to do so, and future technology trends will also participate, focusing on XR technology products and active integration into the global travel technology ecosystem.

This is what Huang Zhipan said, Meizu's imagination will be bigger.

Of course, when thinking about the future, on the one hand, we must look up at the stars, and on the other hand, we must keep our feet on the ground.

In the early days, many people expected Flyme to have more new integrations across platforms and terminals. After all, its interactive aesthetics and fluency have been tested by users for many years. When talking about the value of Meizu, Huang Zhipan also highlighted the status of Flyme. Here, Huang Zhipan responded to the expectations of the outside world:

As brother companies, Xingji Times and Meizu will work together to maximize synergy and provide better answers for consumers' ultimate experience. In the future, Meizu will have better smartphones and better Flyme systems.

Below Meizu's official Weibo, there are more than a thousand user comments that are blessings for Meizu's future.

At this moment of great change, at the end of the dialogue, Huang Zhipan also has something to say to his charming friends:

Meizu has been changing and has not changed. What has changed is the era, the product, and the industry trend; what has not changed is the original intention, the love, and the pursuit of dreams.

No charm friends, no charm. Thank you for your enthusiasm and support, which has provided us with the driving force to keep moving forward.

The sea of ​​machines is ups and downs, a century of change, the footsteps of the times are light and heavy. For those who follow the footsteps, it is a rhythm as familiar as their own pulse and breathing. For those who ignore it, it is like a dark cloud crushing the city. of the beast's feet.
For Meizu, the rhythm shift has officially begun.

In the plastic greenhouse of destiny, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too much pesticide once had a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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