We asked ChatGPT to answer questions that Musk didn’t want to answer

Today, an artificial intelligence called ChatGPT has become popular in various group chats in the company.

Everyone is curious, what is the difference between this thing and Siri?

Let it introduce itself first:

Since it is good at answering all kinds of questions, then Mr. Dong Che is not welcome. How about asking a few questions about cars to test it?

But I found that its cognition of the world seems to be still in 2021, and it has no idea what happened afterwards.

But you can't just let it go.

Recently, many hot topics have been related to Tesla, such as factory production reduction, Cybertruck delivery delays, etc. There is also a relatively large controversy about braking. Dong Chejun intends to use these sharp topics to embarrass this Internet celebrity.

After all, Musk and ChatGPT are still somewhat related-OpenAI was founded by Musk and Sam Altman (Sam Altman) and others in 2015, but Musk later quit this institution.

ChatGPT is currently in the free beta stage, many netizens are trying to talk to it, Musk himself also expressed on Twitter

Many people get caught in a crazy ChatGPT loop.

For those questions that Tesla may not want to answer mentioned above, ChatGPT gives its answer.

ChatGPT is really like that

On December 5, Reuters quoted people familiar with the matter as reporting that Tesla's demand for electric vehicles in the Chinese market has not met expectations. The company plans to reduce the production capacity of the Shanghai plant, which may be reduced by about 20%. The production reduction measures will take effect as soon as this week. .

ChatGPT gave its answer decisively: the decline of market demand and the growth of competitors.

In Tesla's Q3 earnings call in 2022, Musk was asked "how to face a long-term economic recession." He said:

Frankly, we're going to hit the ground running, whether it's sunny or rainy. Whether the economy is in recession or not, our production will not be reduced much.

On the same topic, how will ChatGPT answer?

However, ChatGPT is a "foreigner" after all, and it seems to have little understanding of the domestic new energy market.

So, I can only ask other questions.

Regarding the brake problem, ChatGPT gave a lot of suggestions

Some time ago, there were rumors that the appraisal results of the Tesla accident in Chaozhou came out, but then both the family members of the accident owner and Tesla refuted the rumors.

On December 5th, the family member @豪乌比 stated on Weibo that "the cause of the accident is still in the process of identification, because the identification agency, the Institute of Forensic Sciences, applied for a one-month extension." On December 4th, Red Star News reported to Tes When asking for proof, the other party said, "I haven't received the news of the appraisal result, and it will be synchronized as soon as it comes out."

Although ChatGPT can only answer topics related to 2021 or before, the controversy over Tesla brake-related car accidents has been widely circulated in recent years. So how does ChatGPT view this matter?

The above answer is obviously a bit suspicious of the word count, but for ChatGPT, this question is indeed beyond the outline, but it still gives a lot of suggestions.

Cybertruck’s bouncing tickets, ChatGPT did not expect

In the Q3 earnings conference call in October 2022, Tesla said that Cybertruck will be produced at the Austin, Texas plant in mid-2023.

However, in early November, Reuters news showed that Cybertruck has bounced again-it will not be mass-produced until at least the end of 2023, and it will be delivered in 2024 at the earliest.

ChatGPT didn’t seem to expect that Cybertruck’s bounced tickets could jump so wildly.

As for the Roadster 2… Forget it, let's not make things difficult for it.

Alright, that's all for today. If you have any questions and want to ask this "sir", please tell me in the comment area, and I will help you convey them.

*Li Hua also contributed to this article

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