Waterproof, portable, powerful – this is the new Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker

xiaomi mi bluetooth speaker 1

A sector that comes alive with moments in company or in any case on vacation is certainly that of wireless audio speakers , which now exist in all shapes and ways . A Chinese brand good at producing such products is Xiaomi , which has launched the new waterproof Mi Bluetooth Speaker on the market, at a very attractive price .

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker is the waterproof wireless speaker, with a lot of autonomy and 16 W audio

xiaomi bluetooth speaker

The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker sound box is very much in line with the current trend (if we think of JBL products, for example), with a reinforced rubber structure but also colored, considering the one in blue finish. All around the speakers there is a fabric covering typical of the speakers.

Looking at the specifications , we start from the speakers of the Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker , which are two 8 W stereo modules, for a total of 16 W. Very good considering also the sound / noise ratio of 70 dB . There is support for Bluetooth 5.0 , while for the battery we have a 2600 mAh module, which allows continuous playback of 13 hours . Charges via USB Type-C .

We said that the Mi Bluetooth Speaker is waterproof, in fact it is IPX7 certified and has a series of 6 keys with various functions: starting a phone call thanks to the integrated microphone , volume, play / pause and all audio functions.

The new Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker wireless audio speaker is already available on AliExpress at the interesting price of 34.69 € , definitely in focus for the specifications it has.