Warner will launch “The Matrix” NFT, buyers can choose to take red and blue pills

For more than two decades, the "The Matrix" series has repeatedly explored the issues of virtuality and reality, freedom and resistance, and subjective self-awareness. There are countless metaphors and symbols.

Recently, "The Matrix 4" is about to be released, and Warner has launched a plan with a "Matrix" temperament. They will cooperate with the NFT platform Nifty's to sell 100,000 NFTs inspired by the Matrix series .

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a digital collection that exists on the blockchain. It can be in various forms, including pictures, audio and video, game equipment, virtual fashion, etc.; it has a unique identification, indivisible and tampered, and bundles real-life ownership, which means that NFT has digital scarcity, thus generating collections and circulation , The meaning of investment and financial management.

The Matrix is ​​not selling digital spiderman statues like "Spiderman". The NFT it sells belongs to another form-"avatar" (avatar, avatar). These NFTs do not come from a certain character in the movie, but make buyers live in a clone of the Matrix "Matrix", which refers to the complex virtual programming world in the Matrix that controls the human mind and body.

▲ Spiderman digital statue NFT.

More specifically, "avatar" can exist on major social media, appearing in the form of avatars; it can also exist in the meta-universe, appearing in the form of three-dimensional characters.

Avatars are issued in limited editions and have a strong overall style. Each is unique. It is generated by algorithms and has different characteristics in clothing, accessories, hairstyles, expressions, etc. The "CryptoPunks" series belongs to avatar.

▲ CryptoPunk with complete elements. Picture from: Twitter @farokh

The Matrix’s NFT avatar will be sold starting from November 30th at a price of $50 each. As mentioned earlier, these NFTs will represent the characters living in the "matrix".

On December 16, all buyers can choose to take "blue pill" or "red pill". The former keeps the clone in the "matrix" and the latter escapes from the "matrix". In the coming months, there will be other challenges and options for buyers to upgrade their NFT or obtain a new NFT.

The NFT on the blockchain can also form a digital world with identities, audiences, and governance.

Therefore, Jeff Marsilio, CEO and co-founder of Nifty's stated:

We really believe that the themes of digital identity, making choices, and owning an identity resonate with the themes in the Matrix series. This is also an opportunity to bring NFT projects into the mainstream.

Since the beginning of this year, Warner has been experimenting with NFTs, previously cooperating with Nifty's to develop a digital collection of "Space Jam" (Space Jam). Pam Lifford, President of Warner Bros. Global Brands and Experience, noted:

NFT may become part of the long-term operation of our global product and experience portfolio. Recall all the ways fans interacted with their favorite characters and stories in 2021—retail stores, theme parks, social media, collectibles, online stores—digital art and collectibles are definitely on the list now. This is another way for fans to participate, as well as another way for us to entertain and provide great content.

▲ Space Jam NFT. Picture from: Niftys.com

In addition, Jeff Marsilio believes that entertainment companies like Warner have slightly different needs in terms of NFTs than digital artists, especially in terms of royalty payment, brand security, and clear ownership of IP. How NFT adapts to the overall digital strategy is the focus.

Unlike traditional fan souvenirs such as posters, T-shirts and hats, blockchain-based NFTs have long-term interactivity, which means that fans can continue to experience updates and value-added features for decades to come. Quartz reporters commented on it as a "lifetime ticket for fan participation and Hollywood revenue."

▲ "Masked Singer".

NFT has become a popular experimental project for IP owners. Lionsgate has released an NFT based on the "Chain Saw" series. Fox has launched the first NFT project related to "Masked Singer" and plans to produce an animated series on the blockchain.

Grapes are not the only fruit.

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