Want to take advantage of the education discount to squeeze a fortune? Choose the doorway of M1 Mac, it’s all here

On July 16, the domestic Apple Summer Back-to-School Education Preferential Campaign officially started.

After the promotion guide came out last week, many small partners left a message in the background asking us to publish a Mac shopping guide. It happened that many friends around me wanted to take advantage of this promotion. This shopping guide must be arranged.

This education discount is aimed at students and teachers, so this article is also based on the needs of these two groups of people, and friends who encounter similar pain points can also be used as a reference.

A brief summary of the conclusion at the beginning: liberal arts students can choose MacBook Air, which can be used for sex, engineering students or students with higher performance needs can choose MacBook Pro 13, remember to add memory; iMac 24 and Mac mini are not suitable for student groups, but more suitable Faculty and staff.

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  • The performance difference between the two M1 MacBooks is small, and there are many small changes
  • Although desktop M1 is strong, it may not be suitable for students
  • Hear what real users say
  • M1's software ecology (with query website)
  • Hidden benefits

Similarities and differences

There are quite a lot of Mac series products covered by this educational discount, and products sold on the official website can participate, including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13/16 inches, iMac 24 (for M1), iMac 21.5/27 inches, Mac Pro, Mac mini and Pro Display XDR.

Moreover, the products you see on the education store page have already displayed discounted prices, and you can also enjoy a discount of 400 yuan (Mac mini) at the minimum, and AirPods are also available, which is also compared with the holiday promotions of third-party e-commerce companies. Unambiguous.

I know you who see these preferential prices are already ready to move, don't be nervous, first set a range for your needs.

Adhering to the principle of buying new and not buying old, we give priority to the series equipped with the M1 chip.

There are so many models mentioned earlier, of which four models use the M1 processor, namely MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13-inch, iMac 24 and Mac mini. We also focus on how to choose these four models.

When the M1 model cannot solve your pain points, consider other models.

Although they all use M1 chips, there are many other configuration items that are dazzling, so let's take a look at what they have in common.

  • 8GB / 16GB running memory
  • Up to 2TB storage space

Yes, up to iMac 24″, down to MacBook Air, the current models with M1 chip only support up to 16GB of memory (even the M1 version of iPad Pro), and there is no way to add it yourself, only an extra 1350 yuan (Education discount price) Add to the matching.

I suggest friends who have the conditions to increase the memory to 16GB.

I have used the "Beggar Edition" MacBook Air for a while, and everything feels good, until I opened Lightroom, because Chrome and other apps are still running in the background, LR ran smoothly in the early stage, but it started to freeze after a few minutes. , It turns out that the memory is in a hurry.

So don’t say that 8GB is enough, we still need to take precautions. After all, if a notebook is bought, it will accompany us for 4 years or even longer to study at every turn. “Enough” is just the threshold. It’s best to do it. It will still be useful after two years.

After I have talked about their few common points, I will talk about their differences. After all, these configurations are the key to our purchase decision. Because there are too many content and the text description is complicated, I will consider the differences. Click to make a table for your reference.

▲ The form is too long, please download the original image to view

In fact, in this generation, there are not many differences between MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13, which both use M1 chips: except for the subtle difference in screen brightness and the optional TouchBar, the biggest advantage of the latter lies in power consumption. In addition, the 61W power adapter means that it has a stronger performance release, so the MacBook Pro 13 also has more active cooling functions.

Therefore, for the student party, the MacBook series is still more recommended. The notebook is more portable and can be used in dormitories, laboratories, libraries and other occasions. Both of them have more than 10 hours of battery life, which is enough to handle a full day. Learning tasks.

As for whether to choose Air or Pro, make a choice based on your budget and the intensity of the software you use daily.

Then there are Mac mini and iMac 24, both of which are desktop models, especially the former. In the later stage, you will need to purchase additional peripheral accessories such as monitors, keyboards and mice. After a calculation, the cost is not low, and the product form is more suitable. A group of teachers in regular offices.

I have asked many friends around me who have bought M1 Mac products, and here are some representative user reviews for your reference:

Friend A, a business graduate student who just came ashore

I am ready to start with MacBook Pro 13. When I received the admission notice, I couldn’t wait to ask my seniors and sisters for advice. We don’t use many large-scale professional software. In most cases, it can be done with Excel and SPSS. Microsoft Worthy of being Apple's best developer, he has done the work of adapting the M1 chip in the first time, and Matlab is occasionally used, but that is needed for more in-depth analysis.

After learning Python and later, MacBook Pro 13 can also be competent. I also thought about buying a Mac mini, but I still need an external monitor and a messy keyboard and mouse, and I need to travel around with my instructor in the future, which is more convenient than a notebook. Mac mini or something, I will consider it after graduation.

This may be the daily routine of many liberal arts students: there is a need for mobile office, occasionally large software is needed, and there are "intermittent high requirements" for performance, then the MacBook Pro 13 is more suitable.

If you are an iPad user, then with the onboard function in the macOS system, turning the iPad into a secondary screen to improve work efficiency is also a good reason to join the Mac camp.

Friend B, a visual designer of a large factory

Our company's development and design departments use all macOS systems, but the machines they are equipped with are still the Intel version. Some time ago, I saw the "colorful version" of iMac released by Apple. I personally liked it very much, so I decided to bring the machine into the group and put the newly bought iMac in the company to use.

The 4.5K resolution screen is very suitable for some fine drawing tasks. I am still used to making illustrations with ProCreate on the iPad Pro, and then importing them into iMac via AirDrop for refinement. After a long time, I am not used to touching the drawing board. In terms of software compatibility, there are currently no major problems. Sketch, Cinema 4D, and Photoshop all have native support for the M1 chip, so visual designers can rest assured to "eat". The only trouble is that there are only four Type-C ports. When you want to add HDMI or expand the hard drive, you must use an adapter or an expansion dock.

In fact, for students, I do not recommend iMac and Mac mini. Although they are very attractive, they can only exist in our work/life scenarios in a "semi-permanent" form.

This is obviously contrary to student life, but don’t forget that the back-to-school discount is not only for students, but also for faculty and staff. iMac is very suitable for middle and high school teachers. College teachers use large-scale professional software more frequently. Also need to consider the software richness of the macOS system as appropriate.

If you, as a student, have higher requirements for processor performance, and you need a fine screen that can count a few cents, so you can give up portability, then iMac 24 is your best choice at this stage, iMac 24 is also Having 6 speakers and stronger low frequency performance is also one of its major advantages.

It is worth mentioning that, I believe that many students in this room have experienced the "devil-like" elective system training. Even some colleges and universities only support the Windows system for the educational administration system. Can students who hold Macs have to swallow the bitterness? In fact, installing an IE plug-in or installing a virtual machine can solve this problem.

M1's software ecology

In addition to the hardware configuration, another deciding factor in choosing a MacBook, or whether to join the Mac camp, mainly depends on the compatibility of commonly used software in the macOS system.

It has been nearly a year since the launch of the M1 chip. What is the software ecosystem?

At present, most commonly used software, such as Adobe Family Bucket, Chrome, WeChat, Office, Da Vinci, Final Cut Pro, have already launched software versions that support the M1 chip, and there is no big problem to meet the needs of ordinary people.

When faced with the software required by your chosen major, it is a different picture. According to the past laws, it can be roughly divided into two situations:

  • Engineering (mechanical, electronic, engineering): Choose Windows platform or Mac dual system (M1 chip version can only run Windows through a virtual machine);
  • Liberal Arts (Sociology, Language, Finance): You can choose Mac, but some professional software still needs to run in the Windows virtual machine environment.

In view of the fact that there are too many professional softwares on the market, it is difficult for us to make a comprehensive statistics on the compatibility of the software required by all disciplines to M1. Fortunately, someone has already done this for us.

The developer named Abdullah Diaa created a website called "Is apple silicon ready?", sorted out most of the current professional software, marked the software adaptation status, and divided it into native support for M1 chips. And can use Rosetta 2 (Rosetta 2) to compile two states.

▲ Compatibility status of some photo software with M1 chip

We will put the website link on the top of the comment area, and friends can check it out before entering the pit.

It should be noted that most of the software included on this website is foreign software. Domestic software such as WeChat, Graphite Documents, Qianniu, WPS, etc. are not included, but most of them can be translated into Rosetta 2 for normal use.

"Hidden" benefits

If you have clarified your needs and compared the compatibility of your commonly used software to M1, you have already decided which Mac series product you want to start with, but don’t rush to place an order. There is another one in the Apple Education Store. "Hidden" benefits.

The Mac camp has a well-known video editing software, the Final Cut Pro (FCP for short) mentioned above. It is highly regarded by Mac users because of its rich functions and simple usage. But a glance at its price is enough for most people. However, even the optional price of the MacBook is 1998 yuan, and it is more expensive to buy it separately.

However, in this back-to-school discount event, Apple packaged FCP with Logic Pro, Motion, Compressor, and MainStage into a "Pro App Education Package", which is priced at 1,298 yuan, which is cheaper than buying a single FCP.

Don't forget to add it to the shopping cart with friends in need.

When you see this, it’s actually not difficult to see that we don’t want to help you make decisions. After all, there are thousands of people and every student’s needs are different. We just want to extract all the influencing factors, spread them out, and let You think more comprehensively, so you can buy the most satisfactory Mac product, and let it accompany you to spend a good time on campus.

Or not, if you are an engineering student.

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