Want to have an Apple Store of your own? Maybe try Lego

When it comes to Lego, many people's first impression is of colorful building blocks, flying dragons, or classic Lego villains. But have you ever thought that Lego can also bring you into the world of Apple?

Yes, you heard it right! A LEGO player named Legotruman created an amazing LEGO version of the Apple Store on the LEGO Ideas platform.

This "Apple Store" is not imitating a specific Apple retail store, but combines the design elements of many famous Apple retail stores.

The entire model adopts an all-glass exterior wall design, showing Apple's consistent simple and modern style. Looking down, it has a large dome shaped like the Turkish Apple Bağdat Caddesi.

On the outside of the store, the author also carefully set up a row of trees, which adds a natural element to the entire store and is often only seen in Vintage D and renovated classic design Apple Stores.

Entering the store, you can see that the interior layout is also very elegant.

The two-story design not only makes the entire model more three-dimensional and richer, but also matches the layout of the actual Apple Store.

The first floor is an area where various Apple products are displayed. The latest iPhone, Mac and Pro Display XDR are displayed on the iconic wooden table.

AirPods Max are hanging on the Avenue corridor, with various accessories placed next to them. All Apple employees in the store wore blue, while customers wore a variety of clothes and fiddled with products.

Here, you can experience various Apple products as if you were in a real Apple Store.

Go to the second floor through the stairs on the side of the store, and you will see a replica of the Forum interactive workshop. This space allows customers to participate in Today at Apple classes and can also be used as a waiting area for the Genius Bar.

On the right side of the Forum interactive workshop, you can see that the author has carefully created a green wall, which makes the store full of vitality. In the actual Apple Store, these green plants will be irrigated using recycled water in the store, which also reflects Apple's environmental values.

In addition to the overall store, Legotruman also designs many classic Apple products. From iMac G5 to iPod, and from AirPods to Vision Pro, every detail has been carefully crafted, as if Apple's product history has been condensed into this small Lego model.

What is particularly worth mentioning is that the parts used to make Legotruman models are all basic Lego building blocks. Being able to use ordinary building blocks to reproduce the appearance and details of these products is enough to demonstrate the author's outstanding creativity and hands-on ability.

If this Apple Store model can get 10,000 backers on LEGO Ideas within six months, it will be eligible for official LEGO review and have the opportunity to become an official set.

Of course, that assumes Apple agrees to such an idea, but that may not be easy.

In fact, using Lego bricks to make Apple-related models is nothing new. Since the birth of the Apple Store, Apple fans have been trying to copy everything about Apple.

In 2022, a player named 603bricks shared a model of Apple's Fifth Avenue retail store on the LEGO Ideas platform.

This piece recreates Apple’s iconic glass cube design on Fifth Avenue, using transparent LEGO bricks to display an almost seamless glass effect that perfectly embodies the aesthetics of the Apple Store.

The interior spiral staircase, custom Apple employee clothing, and exquisite product graphics all make this model look lifelike and breathtaking.

It's a pity that this LEGO model failed to reach its crowdfunding goal, so we can't see this LEGO on the market. However, it is still a classic among fruit fans and LEGO fans.

In addition to the Apple Store, LEGO Ideas creators have also made models of many other Apple products.

Lego player terauma used building blocks to recreate an iMac G3, and he specially made a crystal clear case.

Through the blue transparent shell, you can also vaguely see the fine structure inside the computer, which perfectly reproduces the classic charm of iMac G3.

On the other hand, player Airbricks95 recently made a Vision Pro model.

This model is very complete. Whether it is the weaving details of the headband or the internal lens design, they all show the author's superb production level.

In addition to physical building blocks, Lego is also an active developer on the App. LEGO has developed the "LEGO Build Journey" game on visionOS, iOS and some console platforms. Even if there are no building blocks at hand, players can experience the fun of building Lego blocks in the virtual world.

In the future, we may be able to build a virtual Apple Store using virtual Lego bricks through Vision Pro, and then purchase a virtual Vision Pro inside.

This matryoshka-like experience is quite interesting.

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